Awesome fun with Chachi

Hi my name is Vivek (24 yrs) 5.8 feet white complexion. I’m a regular iss reader and what i’m going to tell u is a true event that happened to me. I’m a third year become student living in Delhi but I’m a Punjabi and my parents are settled here. I regularly visit my cousins living in Chandigarh. This story happened to me when i was in first year ( 2 years back). My chachi is a real hot sexy lady. Even though she has two kids aged 16 and 18 yrs she still has the most amazing body for a person of her age. She is 42 yrs with approximately size 38d breasts, white milky skin ,very nice firm and bulging shape boobs and is 5′ 6″ height and lovely round voluptuous bottoms. My chachi has the habit of wearing western dresses as she lives most of the time abroad. Now the actual event happened when i went for my summer vacations in June to chandigarh. My chachi had come there with her family to also spend their vacations. Although she had a sexy figure i had no intentions of getting inside her pants. But the day we arrived she was looking extremely sexy, wearing a tight white shirt and was a little transparent so u could see her white bra through it and tight black trousers that made her panty lines clearly visible. We all met and exchanged pleasantries and when i hugged her i made sure it was long so that i could feel her breast against me. Even she responded well and gave me a kiss on my cheek. That was the trigger i knew i had to get in her pants no matter what. The next few days were normal and nothing happened until finally one day i got the news that all my family was going to hoshiarpur to attend a wedding but my chachi complained she was not feeling well and would stay back and she asked for me to take care of her. First i thought she just wanted me to take care , later i realized what she had in mind. After everyone left in the morning my chachi and i were alone. She was wearing a salwar kameez and after sometime she behaved completely normally. I told her” chachi u are not unwell” to my surprise she replied ” no i didn’t want to go that is why i made up the reason, now don’t tell them what i just said “i said ok “i wont tell”. The rest of the day nothing happened but in the night at about 11pm my chachi came to my room and said” vivek i’m going to sleep” so i got up and said ” ok goodnight” but then my chachi walked up to me and hugged me. She was wearing a red sexy nighty and i could make out her intentions. I also played along and embraced her tightly and moved my hands up and down her silky back. I had a hard on and by dick was bulging against her ,i know she could feel me. Finally she gave me a kiss on my cheek and said” i don’t want to sleep alone cause i get scared so please come and sleep with me” with a sexy smile. I said ok and she went to her room and switched off her lights.

Then i watched tv for some time and in preparation for some action i removed my underwear and went o her room only in a shorts and t shirt. She was awake and i went and laid on the bed next to her. Then we talked for a few minutes and she put her hands on my cheek and said ” vivek i like u, u has grown into a fine young man and young men have lots of energy. I want to feel your energy vivek” now i had a sudden hard on and my dick was completely erect .i said ” chachi i don’t understand” she replied “don’t call me chachi, i’m just prachi ( that’s her name) to you.” then she came over me and kissed me on my lips. I was the sensation of a lifetime. She felt my dick against her thigh and said “oh my god u r excited so fast, have u not done this before”, i replied ” no chachi never”. She said ” wow i’m going to take away you virginity today and make you a man” with a sexy smile that i had never seen before. Then she kissed me again, now we were getting more vigorous. She opened my mouth with her lips and we were feeling our tongues entangled. I was so good. Now my chachi took of her nighty and it was the most beautiful sight in the world. Her lovely size 38 breasts with pink nipples were staring at me and i could see was clean shaven at the pussy. She then took my clothes off like a pro and my size 8” cock was swaying around like a pendulum. She was surprised and said” wow vikram u r so big!!!, i’m really going to enjoy u”. Then she sat on top of me with me lying down and grabbed my manhood, i gave out a cry aaaaahhhhhh!!!!, prraaccchiiiii!!!! And she said “relax vivek i have to help u jack off once otherwise we wont be able to have fun all night long”. Then she started stroking my shaft with her hands and pulled down my foreskin and kept stroking. I couldn’t take it, then she took my shaft in her mouth and started to lick it. I felt her tongue doing amazing things on my shaft. Soon i shot a load of cum into her mouth .i felt as if my dick had exploded, she drank all of my cum. Then she stroked my dick again and i had a completely erect shaft in no time. Now i started fondling her lovely white boobs. I came on top of her and enjoyed her boobs. I sucked her left boob and was feeling her right one. She was in ecstasy. She said” ooonnnnhhhhh!!!! Vivek harder press me herderrrr!!!!” i complied with her. Then i switched boobs and it continued for half an hour . Then she spread her legs and parted her pink pussy lips. Her hole was clearly visible and i stared to suck and tasted her juices. All the time she was moaning” ooohhhhh!!! Aaaaanhh!!! Yyyesssaaaaahhhhh, yes vivek yesss aaaanh!!!!” that excited me further finally she had a violent orgasm and we both lay for some time. Then she stroked me again and spread her legs. She was on her back and i came over her and brought my shaft close to her pussy. I said ” chachi i don’t know where to go”, she smiled and took my shaft in her hand and guided my ditch to the tip of her pussy and said” vivek do it slowly cause u r too big for me”

I said ok and with a small thrust i entered her. It was a lovely sensation, i could feel her warmth all over my dick and she was so soft. Then i stared going deeper and she was moaning, gradually i increased my frequency and she was going” ooohhhhh mmmaaa annnnhhhhh! Slow, slow! Aaaaah, yes yes!!! More mooreeee aaaannnhhh!” i got really excited and put the entire 8 ” shaft into her in one stroke and kept banging her, and she cried in pain and ecstasy” aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh!!!” then we found our rhythm and she also moves her hips to coincide with my thrusts so i could go deeper into her. Finally i could not hold any longer and she was also reaching her climax and i shot all my load into her and her body shook violently at exact same time, and i knew she had also reached orgasm. We then kept kissing and fondling for some time with my inside her. Then i withdrew and we fell to sleep in each others arms. We had sex again in the shower the next day , but our family came back in the evening. I didn’t get a chance to do her again but when ever we were isolated we used to kiss passionately. I left for home at the end of my holiday and have not my chachi since. But i hope to light the fireworks with her when i meet her again and we keep talking over the phone.after that he introduce me to her one of the friend..nw her friend enjoy my love and passion…