My Prostitute Mother Part II

It was a weekend and I was at a party thrown by my uncle. It was at a large hall. Sitting near the bar on a tool, my eyes were stuck to a lady, busy talking to a few mobbing her. She was wearing a silky black saree with dark red lipstick and dyed golden hair. Her hips demonstrated significant curve and breasts we very much uplifted.

She was the most beautiful, attractive, sexy lady in the party. Occupationally, she was a prostitute. The best in the area. I could see how men were praising her body, wishing in their minds to have her in the bed. I feel how lucky they could be if that lady could be theirs. I can see some whispering in her ears, setting up a mating date.

But, let me tell you who she really was. The sexiest slut, she was the love of my life, my secret wife who lives with me in my house and…my biological mother‼ Yes she is my mother, and we have been in physical relation for the past 20 months. We were married after changing our names and moved to this location where we would only be known as couples.

The people in this place are vice. Sexual mates are toggled everyday and every night by everyone. But mom and I were true lovers. And she was the first love of my live. But I still call her mom. I had been away out of town and I am back after 2 and a half months. Its long me and mom made love. We were excited. We gave signs to each other by our eyes. But on that party, something else had happened.

At the party, a beautiful girl comes toward me and introduces herself as Debra. She was tipsy at the time and kept on seducing me with her blouse half open giving me a sight of her deep cleavages. I was turned on by that. Suddenly she pulls my head towards her and whispers in my ear, “want to have a quickie with me in the restroom”

My blood was so hot and dick so hard that there was no way I could say a ‘No’. She grabbed my hand and we walked toward the washroom. I didn’t realize that mom had notice this. In the washroom, I saw many others busy fucking each other. We moved into one of the compartment and sat on the commode. We kissed and the time we were about to strip, suddenly mom knocked on the door yelling “Royden! Out now!”

I was frozen at that moment. Mom did have a problem with me hanging out with other girls. She wanted to be the only lady in my life and I loved her so much that I neither let any other girl enter my life. Guilty faced, I opened the door. Mom gave me an angry look and said. “Let’s go home.” I walked behind her leaving Debra without saying a word

On the way home mom never spoke a word. She was driving. I kept silence too. Finally, I said “Mom. I… I… , I’m sorry” Mom replied with an angry tone “don’tsay—a—word.” When we reached home, mm walked towards her room without even looking at me, and shut the door hard. I stayed in the hall pondering over how big mistake I have committed. After an hour and a half, I slowly walked towards her room, opened the door and found her lying upside down and her face under hidden over a pillow. I slowly walked near her, sat next to her on the bed and put my hand over her hair.

I said “ Mom, I said I am sorry. I just lost control of my mind and, it was off to happen. But mom, its great that you stopped me. “she kept silence. I said” Mom, please,cant you forgive me. I am a human and I can make mistakes too.” suddenly mom turns around. I could see tears in her eyes, and her eyes was red. She was crying all this .

She said “I do consider that a person makes mistakes, but I have realized something. I have realized that you do not love me. You are just using me as you slut for your sexual gratification. You have no love for me and now I believe that you can never, ever fall in love with me just because I am your mother and I am older to you. You want someone young and good-looking, not me. I loved you so much.

I was deeply in love with you. And you give me this in return. I feel so insecure now. I have always been cheated in life. First it was Jack, who gave me so much love and left me. Then it was Matt, who gave me dreams just for a one night stand. Then your father, who used me as a whore to his bosses for his promotions, and at last, he left me too. After a long time, I thought that I have found you as my true love for which I’ve been waiting my entire life.

The love a women’s heart desires, but you turn out to be the same. Why? Why does this happen to me? Is it because I am a prostitute? You know I have to do it just for your future. Our future! I have no interest in sleeping with other men, but situations forces me to. But you…why did you try cheating on me”

She kept weeping. The tears were coming not from the eyes but from the heart. I replied “mom, if there is anyone I love the most in this world, its you. I cannot live without you. There’s no one that can replace you in my heart. The girl at the party had seduced me. I tried controlling myself but I couldn’t. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I cannot live even a second without you. And I promise, that I will not even look upon another girl except you. Trust me. “

She wiped her tears with her hand. Looked at my eyes and said.” I love you so much. Please don’t hurt me anymore”. I pulled her head towards my chest and was patting on her back and replied, “Never, I promise” She said, “Royden. I want to start a family. You, me and our kids. I want to be a mother of your child.” I kept silence and then said “I think that’s a very good idea. It will consolidate our relationship even more.”

I pulled her head and kissed her on her lips. She caught my neck and pressed against.. Our lips were just caressing. She closed her eyes relieving her painful heart with the romantic moment. She paused and said “ I love you so much baby” An this time we began smooching. We smooched and smooched till out salvias were dripping out from our mouths. She kept on inserting her tongue in my mouth and I sucked it.

My penis was tingling. My hands were under her armpits and hers around my neck when we continued our smooches. She pulled her head back giving me her neck. I caressed them with my lips. She was moaning with her eyes closed. I moved my hands towards her back and massaged them and she ran her fingers through my hair..

Suddenly she took support and sat over my lap, elevating her and continues. I planted tiny sweet kisses on her large breasts over the thin silky black blouse. She moaned “oh baaayyybaayyy”. I licked her blouse and shifted my hands around her hips. I could feel so much love within the room. I see that the way she loves me is like never before. She was never as passionate as she is today.

I grabbed her around my body and slowly got her laid on the bed. She was smiling looking passionately into my eyes. I placed myself over her and removed my shirt. Then I laid flat over her and removed the sari aside covering the top portion of her body. I placed my hand on her breasts over the blouse. I pressed the right one. Grabbed my back and was scratching it. I kept on pressing the breast.

She was now taking in heavy breaths. I pulled my pants off and even the underwear. I was giving her a look of my penis for a second and laid on top of her again. Her silky saree was touching my hard penis made me feel great. She told me to give it to her. So I moved towards her and sat over her breasts offering my penis to her. She grabbed the testicle with the right hand and massaged it round and round.

She did this for a minute or two and them began giving me strokes, but very lightly. I moved my penis a little closer to her mouth. The tip was slightly wet with my precum. She placed her tongue and licked it. She commented “Salty!” and gave a devilish grin. She took the whole of my scrot into her mouth. I felt great. My balls were very warm. She removed it and said smilingly “has this produced enough love juices to give me. Haha.

My tiny little kids are inside.She looked at my balls and said, “don’t worry kid. Mommas going to give birth to you soon.” Her words turned me on even more and now I could feel that my penis pulsating more and the balls were pumping at a faster rate. Mom licked the penis tip once again more of pre/cum dripped down my cock.

I could wait no more. I got up and told her to stand. I had to get rid of her saree. I was totally naked and she wasn’t made me a little more excited. I turned her and removed her saree and dropped it on the bed. She had the blouse and petticoat. Her stomach region was exposed. I immediately poked her naval with my penis tip. She kept looking at what I was doing. It wasn’t much fun, anyway. Stripped her from her blouse.

She had a thin, pink cotton bra. It had those wet patched on my saliva as I had kissed. I pulled the string of her petticoat and it dropped. The panties were white. It seemed the bra and the panties were not a pair. I pushed her on the bed again and she fell over the silky sari. I stood between her legs. She took hold of her own breasts and spread the legs apart inviting me to get inside.

But not so quickly! I needed to show the the heaven, so I have to tease her with the foreplay. I sat in Between her legs and placed my palm over her genital. The underwear was very thin so I could feel the opening of her pussy. It seemed that there was a lot of hair. I massaged it. I looked at her, she was sucking her own nipple. I was wondering if girls like sucking their own nipples. I continued massaging the genital region. Then she made a very nice move. She pressed my cock with both her feet. It was incredibly amusing.

The pressure was increasing. The blood pumped my penis making it damn fat. It seemed it would burst off any second. I separated her legs and within seconds I pulled off her panties. I was right. Her pussy was hairy. It seems she did not shave it the time I was away from the town. The vagina entrance was hidden behind the jungle of her pubic hair. I parted the hair and saw her greasy, pink vagina.

The pink color was beautifully exposed in between the black hairI placed the pad of my index finger on her clitoris. She let out a quiet, but very long moan. Then I rolled her clitoris with my index and thumb. I placed both my thumbs inside the entrance and opened it wide. The dark hole excited me a lot. I penis was throbbing to go through this tunnel but I had patience. I inserted my tongue instead.

This time she moaned a little louder. The pussy was as usual very soft. I kissed it. Then I smooched the vagina too like it was a some girl’s mouth. I kept on kissing the spot for a long time. She kept on oozing. And all her pussy cream was all over my mouth dripping from my chin. I stood up and immediately a lot of my precum ejected from my penis like a long thread, just like a spider web and fell over her belly. Mom was moaning very loudly just like a cow. Now I slept parallel to her.

She hugged me and we began kissing while my penis tip was at the entrance o her vagina.

She kept on kissing me. Then she wrapped me around her legs. I took my penis with my right hand and played with it at her entrance. I just let the penis cap in and moved it up and down vertically. The pressure at which she was smooching me was high. I kept on teasing her without inserting it inside.

With great difficulty and in between her heavy breaths and moans, she managed to whisper in my ear, “oh! oH! Insert it no.! oH! ahh! “ I didn’t. I kept teasing her entrance only. She repeated “go-in-nowww! ahhhhhh” i still didn’t. this time she yelled at me with her eyes closed. “ohhhhhhh! baassttaaarrrdd put it inside now. “

I slowly shoved it inside. I felt really good. It was the first time I put my penis in her vagina without a condom. The sensation was really great. I was completely inside but I still tried thrusting in deeper. I withdrew after a few seconds. I trusted once again. She was moaning with a rhythmic pattern of my thrusts. I was now fucking her at a speed of 1 stroke per 5 seconds. She was scratching my back with her nails.

It hurt but it was compensated with the pleasure that her hole was giving me. As I was wrapped by her legs, she tightened them making my thrusts more powerful. I increased my pace. She moaned. I fucked her at this constant rate for the next 3 to 4 minutes. I got faster and this time her hole was fucked at a speed of 1 stroke per second. She said “ohh ! ahhh! Ohh ! oh God! Ohh ! ohh honey! Ahhhhhhh! Oh! Yea baby fuck me! Ahhh! Fuck you mothers tiny little vagina! Ahhh! hhhh! Ah you gorilla! Ahh! Fuckkkk! Ahhh! Ohhh my baby…ahh…mate with me…ahhh! Ohhyea I like that baby…ahhh…”

Her words made me more excited and I paced up. She continued her dirty evil words and I continued mating with her. She said “ Breed me my son. Breed me! OHhhh! Breeed me.! Oh give you your semen. My egg is waiting. Ohhhh! I am going to cum. Oh. Oh ! Ah! I am gonna..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..uh .uh.uh.uh! Her vagina contracted a lot as she got her orgasm. She relaxed taking heavy breaths and said with a soft tone “Son, I can’t wait to be a mother again.

Please give me your baby. Fertilize me! Fertilize my egg. Now my speed was 3 strokes per second. I could ejaculate in any minute but tried making it longer. The semen accumulated in my balls would explode my testicles itself. I quickly need a relief. So I thought of releasing all of my semen in her vagina. It time to make babied and become a father. So I looked in her eyes gave her a kiss and gave her a final fuck thrust and let the semen lava explode out inside her womb.

I pushed inside as deep as I could. I could barely open my eyes as I was Cumming and she still did not regain her stamina. I let out a minimum of 14 ejections each with thick creamy semen carrying my tiny little babies. I hid not have the energy to even move my penis out of her vagina. I collapsed completely there without any movements. After 5 minutes, I kissed her and said “I love you mom. I love you so much.

I can’t even imagine my life without you.” She replied “ I love you too baby. My sweetheart.! Thank you for the fun you gave me! No one gave me such a good time in bed. You are always the best man I’ve ever slept with?  Hugging each other and still with my penis inside her vagina, we fell asleep, very much tired and exhausted. She was the best. The next day, she made me fuck her 6 times.

She said that she needs more and more sperms of mine to get pregnant. She wore a maxi so I could easily lift in and fuck her. We fucked most of the time in the kitchen. We fucked and fucked and fucked like we have no any other job to do. Day and night just fucking and fucking and fucking. What’s different was that all the time we were mating was without any precaution or condoms.


2 months passed and she was vomiting all morning. We visited the doctor and guess what. It was positive. 7 months and we are going to be parents. She was so happy. She kept on dreaming how enjoyable our life is going to be. Me , her and our sweet little baby. She kept on talking that we will all go to park, take our baby to Disney land, give the baby everything needed.

After all, this is the family that she ever wanted. Months passed and she delivered. Here comes our sweet little baby. It is a baby boy. And thereafter, we lived happily ever after as the happiest couple and the happiest parents. She tell me” don’t you think we should have another baby. I wasn’t a baby girl this time.”I replied to her “Mom! Spread you legs now. You got it‼”

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