Madhavi My Cousin

Hi folks, I am back with another story. This happened during my college days. I had just come back to Delhi and got admission in Dse.I was single and not focused on pretty much anything. I had a cousin sister (Madhavi) who was about a year younger to me. Madhavi, her bro and me used to spend a lot of time together those days. Madhavi was trying to play match maker and was constantly trying to hook me up with one of her friends.

I never liked her or any of her friends because they were extremely loud.. and just not my type. Finally, i met a friend of hers Kavya. Kavya was a typically Mallu gal beautiful. She was working at a young age because of financial compulsions. The responsibility of running the family being on her made her mature faster than some of us. She was quiet and calm and very unlike Madhavi or her friends. So we met at Madhavis birthday and the customary his and hellos. We decided to meet up again. We kept meeting a few times at markets, shopping areas etc.

We ended up roaming around and never managed any conversation really. So we decided to meet at my place as my parents were out on a long trip. She came home wearing a light green salwar-kameez. She looked like an angel. Long hair and beautiful white skin. Lovely eyes and lips and an awesome ass (didnt have much of boobs). We kept talking for some time and then I told her I that I had a gift for her. She said “wow”, i coolly handed out some stuff that I had bought for her. She got real excited. She then told me that she too had a gift for me but I had to close my eyes for it. I agreed.

I was sitting on the bed and I closed my eyes waiting for her to ask me to open my eyes. I kept waiting. I could hear some rustling. She came and pecked me on my lips. Not a good kiss by any stretch of imagination but I was surprised by her boldness. I knew immediately what was going on!. We spent some time together holding and kissing and cuddling each other. I felt her body completely and that’s it. She was too innocent to do anything more. I dropped her home on my scooter. On the way back I saw Madhavi. She had a funny smile on her face.

She asked how was the date alone at home. I said fine and i said, “she did exactly like you told her”. She was shocked and didn’t say anything. I told her, “I know you asked her to kiss me.” She said “how do you know ? did she tell you?”. I said, ” I figured by the lack of her spontaniety and the smile on ur face”. She was smiling again. I offered to drop her home but she wanted to have some coffee. I invited her to my place to have coffee.

We reached my place. She looked at crumpled bed and said,” So is this where the non-spontaneous kiss happened?” I just smiled at her. She wanted to talk about it. I said, ” I wish Kavya was more like you!”. She had a puzzled look on her face. I said, ” I wish Kavya had a mind of her own like you”. She smiled and was twirling her hair with her fingers. She then asked her,” How far did it go”. I said am still high and dry!

We started sipping on the coffee for some time and there was this terrible silence. She got up and went to the kitchen for some water. She came back and sat closer to me on the sofa. I said that next time you should give more detailed instructions it isn’t a good feeling to be left high and dry. She just sipped on her coffee. Then I said your bf is a lucky guy. She didn’t say anything. I knew she was having some trouble with the guy but i didn’t know that bad. I said sorry and pulled her close to me. I was holding her in my arms to comfort her.

I then lifter her face to see if she was crying. I saw that she had closed her eyes. I bent forward and kissed her on her lips. I took her lower lips and sucked on it. Her passiveness was a form of acceptance. I whispered in her ears that she was gorgeous. She smiled and asked more than kavya? I said there is no comparison. She opened her eyes and smile. We kissed again for a long time. She was wearing a red top and jeans. The red looked awesome on her dusky skin. I caressed her hands as we kissed. I slipped my hands inside her top and caressed her back.

I soon found the bra and unhooked it. I cupped her breasts with my palm and caressed it. She moaned. She then broke free. I thought this is it and it will be over. She got up and went into the wash-room. I was cursing my luck on being left high and dry second time in a day. I heard her calling me out. I went to the bedroom to see her lying in the bed. Covered herself with the quilt. I could just see her face which just had a big twinkle in her eyes. I got into bed and entered to quilt. She was completely naked inside. i quickly undressed. We were inside the quilt completely naked.

We hugged and let our bodies feel each other. It was heavenly. Between the hard breathing from both of us her moans were being lost. I grabbed her ass and I said I have been wanting to have this for a long time. All she could say was, ” All yours”. I pulled out the quilt and wanted to see her. In the low light of the room her dusky body seemed to glisten like gold. Her nipples were aroused and hard. I spent some time admiring her. She liked the way I was looking at her body. I kissed her again. I kissed her all along her neck line and reached her shoulder. I kissed her all over her shoulder.

She was enjoying it. I kissed her in between her boobs. I kissed the base of her boobs. I ran the tip of my tongue in circles around her boobs. Teasing the nipple. Waiting for the nipple to be hard. She was getting aroused. She grabbed my dick and squeezed. i continued teasing her nipple. She begged me to suck it. I blew on it and when she least expected it i took it in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. She screamed with pleasure. I sucked it till it was sore till the black nipple almost turned red. As I moved my attention to the other nipple i placed my hand on her pussy and started playing.

She was wet like a dam. (she obviously had been fucked before and knew it all). I pushed my middle finger into her pussy and she screamed again. I looked into her eyes and said, ” this is going to be the best fuck of your life babe”. I continued to suck her nipple and finger fuck her pussy till she had an orgasm. She came beautifully. Jerking around uncontrollably and screaming my name like she was going to die. I let her settle down. I moved my head to be along her legs. Incidentally, my legs were close to her face. I kissed her all along her legs. She was over the first orgasm and ready for more. As I was kissing her legs, my dick was banging her ribs.

She grabbed it and played with it. Stroking it, jerking it. She touched my balls and ran her long nails on the side of balls. I was in heaven. I screamed in pleasure. She just realized that she found my spot. She continued to play. I was kissing her legs and reached her thighs. I gently bit her on the thigh. I said i going to leave my mark here. I gave her a love bite on her thigh. I big one at that. She was busy playing with my dick. I spread her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy. She squeezed. Almost at the same time she bent and took my dick in her mouth. Voila…. 69.

We continued like that for some time. I could feel the wetness rising. I bit her pussy a little. She was about to cum again. She let go of my dick because she wanted to enjoy her orgasm. I made myself comfortable on her pussy. I place my feet on her boobs and pressed her nipple between my toes. She screamed again. I sucked her some more. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it hard. She didn’t react. I figured her g spot was her cunt. So I focused on her cunt and she was screaming again. In no time she came again. This orgasm was bigger than the first… and also louder.. and with some profanities.

She was tired. She got up to drink some water. She walked naked to kitchen to have some water. i went behind her and held her from behind. She thrust out her ass. I reached her pussy from behind. My dick was hard and wet and shining. I pushed my dick in. She was in pleasure again. She was standing and was holding the kitchen counter. I kept fucking her. I drew my cock out and tried going anal. But she wouldn’t listen. She couldn’t stand any longer. She went and lay down on the bed. I literally pounced on her. With on stroke my dick was in her pussy.

Her legs wrapped around me. I just kept driving into her not thrusting just driving and grinding into her. She was in great pleasure and so was I. We stayed like that for some time. And then the animal in my took over. The next few minutes were an almost black-out. Blinded by passion and lust. I kept pumping her and ever time I moved in she would thrust her hips. It was amazing. We were fucking like wild animals and making noises like wilder animals. I kissed her full and pinched her nipples real hard. She was creaming in pleasure and pain. Finally, we both exploded.

Me inside her pussy and she on my cock. We exploded and fell. It was a great orgasm. She quickly got dressed and I dropped her home. That was the first time I fucked her. That was about 18 years ago. She got married about 10 years back. Our fucking never stopped. She now has two kids and one kid looks a lot like me. I suspect it but she never tells me. She now lives in Europe. We meet about a couple of times a year and have fun without fail. Please do write to me at / /