Step Father Sins Part VI

MacIntyre Symms rolled onto his back and Melinda began to kiss his broad muscular belly lightly. She was kneeling between his parted thighs, kissing her way ever-so-slowly down the front of his body. MacIntyre knew that the little black haired teenagers hot mouth was on a crooked trek toward his cock. He knew that she wanted to be fucked in the ass she would force him to get another erection or else. Melinda was going to fuck his balls and his prick until he couldnt help but swell into a raging boner.

Melinda kissed his hard belly and buried her nose in his thick blonde pubic patch for a second. She then walked backward on her knees and elbows until her head was between his thick parted thighs. She could feel her legs moving off the edge of the blanket into the cool grass atop the lovers lane hill. She began to kiss lightly at his inner thighs, looking at his cock which was slumped onto his inner thigh. She kept her eyes on his prick looking for signs of life. Her ass was tingling very badly.

She was in a hurry and she wanted MacIntyre to get another boner immediately so she would not have to be patient She could smell the scent of her own pussy on his cock and she placed her fingertips beneath his balls so she could lift them. She bobbed his testicles up and down on her fingertips and smiled when her let out a soft groan. He began to stir his hips, which — Melinda knew — was another good sign that her caresses were getting to him.

She parted her lips and placed the tip of her tongue on his scrotum — flicking back and forth lightly. She used the flat part of her tongue to lick his sack until the whole thing was wet and slippery. Using the thumb and forefinger on her left hand she lifted his cock, grabbing it at the base of the glands, and set it in his belly, so she could stroke the underside from, base to tip with the fleshy part of arched fingertips. His moans got louder and Melindas smile got broader as she felt his cock begin to throb and grow on his belly.

She could see the blue veins on the underside of his prick becoming engorged as his cock tip moved past his navel. She flicked the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of his cock as she lifted the tip upward toward the cloudless night sky with delicate fingers. She rolled her tongue lazily over the head of his cock. “God, that feels good. You have a magic mouth,” MacIntyre said. Melinda thanked her handsome lover for the compliment by popping the now semi-erect cock in her mouth and starting to suck.

She could feel the cock head growing to full size against the insides of her cheeks and her lips, keeping her tongue busy against the tip. She squeezed him rhythmically even as she sucked and licked. In a matter of seconds the boy was fully engorged and ready to fuck. Melinda could feel her sphincter muscle pulsating maddeningly. Her asshole wanted to be stretched gaping open by his cock head. She stopped sucking and allowed his cock to fall back onto his belly. “Are you ready?” Melinda asked, her breath catching a bit.

Her hot bowels felt as if they were filled with hornets.”Am I ever!” the handsome blonde quarterback exclaimed. The pretty black haired girl moved to her hands and knees. MacIntyre got up and his knees and. moved to her rear. He could see the little girl moving her knees very far apart. She kept her head low, her elbows bent, and arched her back. She raised her ass up in the air until her anus was at the appropriate height for savage anal penetration. The boy grabbed both cheeks of her ass in his hands.

She used the heels of his palms to separate the buttocks. She whimpered as she felt cool air on her bung hole. “Fuck me until I beg you to stop!” Melinda called out. MacIntyre could feel his testicles starting to swell. He was surprised to find that his scrotal sack still felt as if it were filled to the brim with come. He knew that he had plenty of spunk left over to shoot his third wad of the night deep inside her ass. The boy moved the head of his cock between her parted ass cheeks, and slid the tip up and down the crack.

He could feel her whole body jerk and she grunted loudly each time his glands touched her rectum flesh. “Please dont tease me!” Melinda whined frustrated. The boy moved the head of his cock to her tight asshole. He held it in place with a guiding right hand and tensed the muscles in his own tiny buttocks, preparing for his savage forward thrust. The boy could feel his piss hole pressing against the center of her nether eye as he pushed forward with his slim, yet powerful hips using a steady pressure.

“Oh, baby, I can feel myself opening up for you. Tear my asshole open with your thick prick!” she screamed. The boy could feel her opening too, and then he heard a popping noise as the head of his cock moved inside the hole. All of the puckers in the sphincter muscle were smoothed as the asshole stretched grossly to grip the ring of scar tissue at the base of his cock head. He did not stop pressing forward and soon he could feel the tip of his pole pushing past the tube of muscle into the softer — more elastic — flesh of her bowels.

“Deeper! Deeper inside my butt!” Melinda called out, her voice becoming shrill with her rising pleasure. She knew that she had the ability to actually orgasm inside her ass if she were fucked in that hole properly. Melinda could tell that MacIntyre had all of the skills necessary to get her anal rocks off hard and good. The boy pressed forward feeling her asshole sliding toward the base of his cock, and soon he could feel his thick patch of blonde pubic hair pressing against the top of the crack of her ass.

He rammed the huge rod all the way home, stretching the little girls asshole and bowels quite painfully. It always took Melinda a few seconds to relax enough to grip a thick cock comfortably, but she knew that her pain was temporary. Once her internal ass muscles did relax she would be able to take him fucking as hard as he wanted and feel nothing but bliss. Once his cock was all the way inside her asshole he released his grip on her ass cheeks and ran his large hands under her body so he could clutch tightly at both of her breasts.

He pressed her tits together and held her there firmly — using her body as leverage to aid his hip movements. Since her asshole did not lubricate itself naturally like her cunt he would have to fuck her dry until his cock picked up some of her slippery bowel mucous. “Your ass is so fucking tight. I can feel it gripping hard at my whole prick, Mindy!” MacIntyre said excitedly. He continued to press forward steadily even though her asshole was already gripping at the base of his shaft.

The little black haired girl could feel his balls dangling and rubbing against her swollen pussy flesh at that point. MacIntyre moved his hips in a slow sensuous circle so he would stretch her bowels and sphincter in all directions. Only then did he begin to withdraw so he could begin his brutally savage in-and-out fucking motion. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her ass before he rammed it back inside and Melinda could feel a jolt of sexual electricity rippling up and down her spine.

She knew that the handsome blonde boy would not have to ream her asshole in that manner too many times before her dull, slightly painful bowel orgasm would fill her lower torso with womanly pleasure. As the boy began to fuck her asshole he could feel her sphincter being pulled far out and pushed far in by the motion of his dong. She could feel him stabbing deep into her bowels, finding her deepest, darkest, smelliest core with the tip of his lance.

This was the biggest cock that Melinda had ever had in her ass so the tip was touching her in places that no other boy could reach. Mactyre released his grip on her tits so he could get her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He pinched at her erect nipples hard enough to hurt her a little bit, but those sharp twinges only enhanced the physical joy she felt down below inside her bowels. The boy could feel her ass muscles getting increasingly looser so he could move in and out of her butt with ease. He used the entire length of his prick as he balled her rear, always coming very close to allowing his cock head to slip out of the hole before stopping the withdrawal and beginning the forward stab.

He rammed his tool in as hard as he could and Melinda let out a shrill scream of pleasure as her anal orgasm began. She could feel her bowels spasm. Her colon was out of control. Her asshole felt like boiling jelly. The boy only fucked harder as she came. He tugged on her nipples until the skin all around those rosebuds was very tight, and her tits were pointy. The force of gravity made her tits hang low beneath her chest anyway. When he tugged the nipples he stretched her tits almost all the way down to the blanket in spite of the fact that she had lifted her head and shoulders with her bliss

He decided to play with her clit as he fucked her ass to see if he could make her come twice at the same time. With two orgasm already under his belt — if he had been. wearing a belt — the boy knew he would be able to fuck her tight rear for a long time before he would have to worry about ending the ream by spilling his seed in her straining aching bowels. The boy could hear her asshole making funny farting noises as he forced gas out of the back-door hole with his pole. He rolled his fingers down under her belly and through her pubic patch to the top of her pussy slit.

Naturally, her clitoris was swollen and easy to find. He did not bother being subtle with his vaginal caress. He pressed the tip of his forefinger hard against her love button. He never stopped his rhythm humping of her rear end as he diddled her clitoris as hard and fast as he could.”ca! ca! coming! oh god!” she called out and he could feel her bowels once again spasm wildly around both the shaft and the head of his dick. He knew that he had pulled it off. He was making her come in her pussy and her ass at the same time. The boy felt proud of himself for being such a good lover.

But as her ass gripped his prick he could feel the tickle forming at the base of his pole, where the shaft met the scrotal sack, and he knew that he was on his third come of the night. He continued to fuck prick as his come swirled testicles. He could feel his sexual tension reaching the saturation point. MacIntyre could feel her ass sucking at his prick. Finally he plunged his cock all the way inside her ass so the tip was deep inside her hot abdomen. She could feel his cock actually getting longer and thicker as his piss hole opened to shoot his spunk.

She could feel herself coming one last time, which meant that they once again would come together. She sucked his cream right out of his balls and the nights passion was through. He arched his back as he shot his wad and threw back his head so that he was facing the cloudless sky. When all of his come was inside her he pulled his prick out of her hole. She could tell that her asshole was going to be a little sore for a couple of days. Now that her sexual arousal was faded she was aware of the damage he had done with his prick.

But she didnt care. She kind of liked walking through life with a sore asshole, especially when she got it from a handsome guy like MacIntyre. That soreness would be no more to Melinda than a pleasant reminder of the fun she had had while being buggered by the hung teenager. “I think its getting late,” MacIntyre said as he pulled his semi-erect prick out of her nether eye. “I think that it is getting chilly too,” Melinda said, the night breeze feeling cold on her sweat soaked olive complexioned skin. “I have baseball practice in the morning,” MacIntyre said. “Is it okay with you if I take you home now?”

“Sure. You fucked me three times. I think that you have every right to call it a night,” Melinda said. They stood naked in the moonlight facing one another. She got up on her toes and tilted her chin upward. He stooped his head and shoulders and held her at the small of her back. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders and ran then up to the nape of his neck where she intertwined her fingers. He pulled her loins against his and they kissed passionately, their tongues touching before their lips.

MacIntyre noticed how chilly the night breeze had become also at this point and cut the passionate kiss short so the two could put their clothes on. They got in the car. The radio was still blasting rock and roll music, although the two had hardly been aware of it while fucking. He drove her home and they kissed for a few minutes in the front seat of his car before Melinda hopped out and ran up to the front door of her new big house on top of the hill in the town of Caledonia.

She was very quiet as she entered the house. She knew that her new step-father, Bernard, could be very cranky when she made too much noise coming in after he was asleep. Neither of Micheles daughters fully understood the relationship between their mother and their new step-father. They didnt like him. He was arrogant and Mindy thought he was a real prick. But they would have both been shocked if they had known the man had transformed Michele into his sex slave.

Melinda took off her shoes and tip-toed up the stairs to her room. She hoped that Marlene was still awake. Melinda did not feel like going to sleep just yet and wanted someone to talk to. Melinda was curious about how Marlenes date had turned out. She was rooting for her baby sister to smarten up and start fucking guys. Melinda could see a crack of light under the door and smiled, realizing that -Marlene had not gone to sleep yet.

As the black haired girl entered the room Marlene looked up startled, wearing only a mini-nightie. The younger girl was sitting at the desk scribbling something into her diary. “Hi, Mindy!” Marlene said in a loud whisper. “Hi, Marlene,” Mindy said closing the door securely behind her. Once the door was shut they could speak in normal voices and not have to worry about their conversation being overheard. Bernard and Michele slept at the end of the hall and couldnt hear the teenagers unless they were making a racket.

How did your date go?” Melinda asked Marlene as she crossed the room and jumped onto her bed on her belly, bouncing up and down a couple of times before coming to a rest with her arms folded beneath her head. “Oh, Harold got all grabby and I made him take me home,” Marlene said. “You are an idiot,” Mindy said with a groan of disappointment. “But that isnt even the most important part of my night.” “Why? What happened?” Mindy said, rolling onto her back.

“I masturbated!!!” Marlene exclaimed excitedly. “Did you come?” Melinda asked, jerking up to a sitting position. Her almond shaped brown eyes went very wide as she asked the question. “Oh yes!” Marlene said, her mouth turning into a proud smile. “How did it feel? Did you like it?” Melinda asked. “Oh, Mindy! It was wonderful. Better than I could ever have dreamed.” What have I been telling you? I told you it felt good.”

“I guess I. had to find out for myself,” Marlene said. Melinda got up and walked over to the desk to give her light haired baby sister a congratulations kiss on the cheek. Mindy could smell the scent of sex on Marlene was thought it odd that she found it slightly sexy. “I hope you are done teasing the boys now,” Melinda said, taking Marlenes hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. “I dont know,” Marlene said, looking into Mindys eyes.”What do you mean you dont know?” Melinda asked.

Melinda was astonished at how stubborn her sister was on the subject.”I still get scared when I think about being touched.””But you touched yourself, and that doesnt even feel as good.””I know. I know. Its just that—” Marlene had trouble finishing her sentence.”Tell me, love. I want to help you,” Mindy said sweetly.”I trust myself. I felt safe touching my own pussy.””Sometimes I think you are hopeless,” Mindy said.

“Dont scold me. Its not like Im hurting anyone.””You are hurting yourself by being so shy,” Mindy said.”I wish there was a way that I could learn how to be touched by another without having to get all butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it,” Marlene said. She felt sad again. She was starting to think that she was a freak of nature, and would never make love like normal people. A strange idea occurred to Melinda as she looked into Marlenes eyes and clutched her sisters hand.

She knew that it was a naughty idea, and that Marlene might think she was weird, but she wanted to help.”What if I touch you, Marlene? You trust me.” Melindas eyes were still wide — almost hopeful. Melinda was starting to feel horny at the thought of teaching her virgin sister the joys of being caressed sensuously. “Thats silly,” Marlene said, thinking it was a joke. “Whats so silly about it?” Melinda asked.

The black haired girl made it obvious from the tone of her voice that she did not consider it a laughing matter.”Sisters arent supposed to do that stuff,” Marlene said.”Says who?” Melinda said, staring into Marlenes green eyes intensely. Marlene thought about this for a second and shrugged.”There you go! It can be our little secret,” Melinda said.”I dont know—” Marlene said, looking away. She glanced down at her diary where she had been writing about what her first orgasm had been like.

“We are sisters. We are best friends. It seems perfectly natural that we should be lovers. Now I cant scare you. I dont have a cock. I cant pop your cherry. I wont hurt you. I wont do anything that doesnt feel wonderful. I promise.” Marlene was starting to get all hot and bothered, which upset her since she never thought about her sister in that way before. All of a sudden the two girls were looking at each other in a new light.

The pretty teenagers saw each other as sexual animals. “Okay!” Marlene said abruptly, deciding that she was sick and tired of saying no all of the time. She had to admit that it was a good idea. She could sort of practice with her sister so that she wouldnt be so scared when the real thing came around. It was true that Marlene feared the pleasure she would receive from sex just as much as she feared the pain — maybe more. “Kiss me,” Melinda said.

Marlene giggled.”This is going to be fun,” Marlene said.”I think so too, lover,” Melinda said. Melinda took both of Marlenes hands in hers and the little girl rose to her feet so they could hug tightly at the foot of Melindas bed. They pressed their loins and their breasts together and moved their head so that their puffy lips were only a fraction of an inch apart. They could feel each others moist hot breath and this made both shiver with a growing sexual arousal. They felt their lesbian urges growing quickly.

The fact that their new sexual relationship was to be incestuous only added to their mounting hominess. They kissed with only their lips for a second. Then they brushed the tips of their tongues together. The room seemed to crackle with sexual electricity. In seconds the two they were roiling their tongues together passionately, quaffing deeply of each others hot saliva. to be continued …. That is the story . Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me on / /