Sucked Into Incest Part XVIII

By : Incestveteran

The mystery aunt left my side unable to bear my thrust on her hole through her bums by my tongue ,leaving me in the lurch with my desires about playing on her body full, being incomplete, and my cock refusing to calm down , thus stood rock hard throbbing with a peculiar sense of burning sensation and my instincts said that it needed hole to sooth.

But where can I get a hole immediately!

Eventhough I had privilege to see lot of cunt holes around me of my sex starved aunties and of my mom’s which I had seen making Jaya aunty husband’s cock dance to its tunes.

I had seen the cunts of my fascinating aunty Indru and of my mom’s dripping the love seeds poured into it by Jaya’s husband. Now it struck my mind that he was pouring his love seeds into their cunts by furious spanking of his cock after immersing it into their cunts.

Since I was feeling that something was full in my nut sack eager to come out, I got an idea to substitute a woman body with a pillow to go over it and to pump onto to it since I wasn’t dare enough to go to any of my aunties around due to the mental barrier and also the consequences of them informing my Mom and fearing that the news may reach my dad.

Also the worst fear was that I may miss them around in future, putting a stop to visual feast on their nudity , which they were unknowingly offering me when they were alone in a group and in a world of their own. I pulled a pillow which was beside me positioned it for me to press my cock on it , beneath my thighs and started to pump furiously on it sometimes rubbing my cock on it My first experiment was a success since I had a cute sensation emanating at my hood tip and suddenly I was dreaming my Indru aunty was beneath me and my cock was in her cunt pumping woh! What a feeling it was and I pumped and pumped on the pillow but the end result was, nothing coming out of now frenzied cock.

After trying for a very long time, got tired and came off the pillow perspiring with my raised cock pointed to the ceiling still being rock hard.

Instinctively my left palm engulfed it and started to play it to and fro and the pleasant sensation made me to continue doing it long enough to doze off finally with my palm still around my cock which I had not realized. Then I was awakened by the voice of my mom who opened the door talking to her cohort stepping a little In , again she went back stating that she wanted to go to wash room and her cohort walked in straight to where I was sleeping and laid down beside me .

She was I suppose in the darkness searching for the pillow when she realized that it was near her legs beside me. While lying she tried to remove the pillow which was half hidden in my rug. She inserted her right hand into the rug and while trying to take it out her hand touched my cock through her back of her palm.

Out of the blue some other woman was substituting the mystery aunty who left mid way and I couldn’t believe my luck since I was fresh after a doze to get satiated by the fresh woman beside me. I was in such a state of sex frenzy and arousal that I wouldn’t have spared any woman beside me including my Mom. And I bothered nothing and suddenly I put my palm lightly on her navel as if making an effort to pull the blanket on me to cover fully.

My palm was testing waters to find out whether it will willfully subjugate to me  No, it wasn’t as her left palm came down to protest and in my arousal state commanded it by holding and pushing mildly to the side where my Mom showed her attendance when the back of my palm touched her upper thigh. It sent a electrical feeling and before I knew my fingers had squeezed the side tyre of the woman beside me.

After a while my Mom was up on her feet and In a few seconds lights came on but was dim due to low voltage, so common in villages. The new woman whom I recognized, was the elder sister-in-law of Jaya , who resided on the otherside of the house separated by a open court yard so normal in the south Indian villages. She was around 25 yrs of age , stout with a toned physique by doing stiff village household chores.

The mastery of my eyes in surveying the woman from head to toe achieved over a period of about six months by seeing my aunties day in and day out, measured her huge round boobs, flat navel region shapely thighs and well rounded bums with prominent lips and the anklets made its presence felt by its tune whenever she moved her legs which made my ears stand straight and my mind dictating to kiss her ankles as well.

But space was so tight that there was no chance for me to move around her as I wished since my mom was on her side. My mom had the expertise to make out what was happening if I erred a bit, what with she having already savoured the cocks of her brother in her teens, than my Dad of whose cock she had proudly stated to her friends to their envy that was a huge one which I have stated earlier and of late Jaya husband’s black fat cock.

Hence I had only about inches to roll around and do whatever possible in the circumstances on the dusky beauty beside me. My mom got ready to undress herself from her silk robes telling her that she was concerned about it getting crumpled and instinctively I was for another voyeur of a woman getting nude conveniently forgetting that she was my mother.

She put her left hand fingers to the saree knot and I felt a lightening pass across my body and finding exit at the tip of my hood and my cock shuddered for a while. The saree fell on the bed and it was disappointing that she stopped at that and my anticipation of seeing my mom’s cunt took a beating, may be she didn’t want it so since a new member( Jaya’s sil ) had intruded into their room.

I felt that I had not seen for ages her cunt eventhough I had seen a couple of days before commanding Jaya husband’s cock to its liking. Such was the visual treat I was having daily of the women around me almost on the daily basis and if I missed a day, it felt like ages. Later, my mom told Jaya’s sil to remove her silk saree for which she replied negatively since she was to leave to her room on the other side as said before after talking about a important matter for which she had come that night.

My mom while lying down called my queen (fascination then!) Indru and said that Vanaja was here with her and would talk later to them for which my fantasy queen said ok. While my Mom laid down on bed switching off the light to give her adequate space, Vanaja moved closer to me while my Mom said to share the blanket with me since the other she used was a single blanket Vanaja conveniently came into my blanket and since the three of us sharing the double single mattress on the floor it was tight for three of us and her right side was in total symphony with my left side from head to toe. And within a matter of seconds my right palm was on to her navel in its full glory and caressing started with impunity and I was the happiest person in the world.

It was cold with continous drizzle outside and the ambience was a perfect setting for the foreplay and I started with full dexterity. Her sweated armpit was hitting my nose and I initiated to savour it by slightly licking it on her blouse for which there was mild resistance. I licked once, paused, then licked twice paused and later took right armpit in full into my mouth for which she responded acknowledging by pressing my cock with her left palm which I had brought forcefully to salute my cock.

It was a go ahead signal I started licking while in symphony she played on my cock by fingering, made me shudder when she pulled the hood full by drawing the foreskin back. I responded instinctively by kneading her navel hard as she cooed aaahhhh! With her index finger started drawing line from hood tip to bottom of the length and intermittently holding it with her index finger tip kissing the tip of my hood.

It was electrifying.Her nubile fingers played on and on , often cupping my nut sack it was sensational my cock throbbed , hitting her wrist , then she would draw her palm up with her fingers holding my cock at the base and sliding up to form funnel at tip where my hood would sit pretty.

The game was on and on unable to bear further, slide my right palm on her left waist nudging her to turn to my side I could feel that her torso slightly turned to my side but with her neck twisting to left , may be wary about my Mom beside her and to make sure that my Mom was ignorant of what was happening beside her , with her teen son already at fore play with a matured woman , which she wouldn’t expected in her wild dreams too. Later, I lifted my face slightly and crashed my lips on her upper right mound of the breast just above the rim of her blouse, licked .Got it inbetween my jaws and started sucking it.

She immediately pushed my face away and whispered, No dear it gets marked red and it will not go for a week and others can notice .She teased, do you need all these at your so young age.

(baeda mma kempgae guruthag guttae amael ondh waara hoegoella , beare yaurgae gotta gu ttae. choetoddha idhiya ning idhaella baeka) I replied sis, I am not able to bear my cock has roused and stood.

(Akka thadiyaak aagthailla ,thunnae yeaed ninth bittidhae ) Later she started a conversation about Jaya aunty not coming to their house because of the differences with her husband and Bil, when my Mom initiated the matter. She spoke her family problems while she played with me , not giving a scent about what was happening to my Mom.

My Mom, responded that her friend Jaya was too depressed by the way they treated her and she was trying to convince and had succeeded in convincing Jaya to patch up with, after a frank discussion with her brothers the next day after marriage and hence she would join here in our room by the night along with the bride.

She had convinced her friend that it was not a good thing to be adamant when a happy occasion of her sister getting married was underway and it would be a gossip matter for the villagers if she showed her displeasure during the ceremony and after all they were her blood relation they being her brothers hence she had a family responsibility to safeguard the family honour.

Now, Vanaja had peaked her play with my cock and I was getting bolder and bolder and my right palm was already probing her assets at the chest When I pressed her boobs she involuntarily left out a huge breath sighing loud and my Mom asked her what happened.

She immediately replied that the safety pin on her saree knot was open which pricked her.

She nudged on my cheek indicating to be carefull with her right palm which had come around by her hand being below my neck which was like a pillow to me.

Now, I realized that I had lot of ground work to do from her top to bottom where her treasure was and as yet knew only little about experiencing it what with my aunty who initiating me to sex, held the leash , not giving me full freedom on the cunt to explore myself , what I had seen many cocks doing to the cunts around me which I have told in the earlier episodes.

I continued and brought my fingers on the clips of her blouse and unclipped the top two and inserted by hand with my fingers finding the way to her left teat.

Her teat welcomed me by being erect and tight and my fingers smiled by fondling at the tip.

She, aaahhh came the coo and she smothered the sound by pressing her lips on my left cheek.

She  yeigh, don’t remove all , it will be difficult to clip them again .Your Mom is just beside me (yeaella thaegi baeda , mattae haakolloek kashta aguttae.nim amma pak dhallae idharoe).

But I cared less and removed the rest , pulled her bra to the top of her boobs near to her neck, and gobbled her huge right boob into my mouth while my left palm made its way to her other peak and pressed.

Her breast made a thrust towards my face and her boob slid further into my mouth and my tongue took over with my fingers on the other, kneading it further tight. She, oooooh,aaaahh, yeiiiiiiiigh,yeigh naughty, all these my hubby has not done it to me !,he just comes ,lifts my petticoat,before I release my juices, forces his cock in, rubs a bit and without giving time for my cunt to rage, he leaks out, bloody drunkard.

(She, oooooh , aaaaaaaaaahh yeiiiiiiiigh, thoooo poli , idhaella nan ganda maadae ill valloe.bari barthanae , lunga yetti ,nan thull rasa bidoek munchaenae thunnae sigsi, swalpat ujji nan thull kerallak time koedhenae kaars bidthannae, kuduk nan maga.) She continue, yeigh dear , don’t learn to consume alcohol , it hurts women , will not be satisfied on bed .When I come to the city I will teach everything on bed but you should study well.

(Leigh maga kudiyoed kalli baeda ,hengsgae himsae agguttae,haasgae maellae thrupti nu sigalla.nan benglurgae bandhaaga ning yaella kalisthini.aadhrae nin chennag hoed beaku).

Her preaching about alcohol abuse made such an impression that ,to this day , I have not taken much of hot drinks but only beer ,also my sex tool except on a very few occasions, which I have said in the past and also will tell more about its usage by me in the future.

My Mom continued that it was not good to sleep with the saree on,with a pin and asked her to remove,for which she replied with her shivering voice making an attempt to hide my deeds on her ,that she would do so but told her concern that she was wary of wearing the saree again at due point of time,when she wanted to go to her room. I suddenly recalled that I should invade her other assest beneath her boobs which was under

My full control and my right palm went down to realize the suggestion my Mom had given to her and fingers started finding the head of the safety pin while her left palm came half heartedly to stop my fingers.

I pushed her palm found the pin head , unclipped it , removed . pulled the knot , and by the experience I had with my mystery aunt who had just faded away earlier from being my side found the petticoat knot right and pulled the string which gave away the barricade she had to her cunt and inserted my palm sliding it down through her bush filled cunt mound teasingly , making me easier with no lingerie present, taking more time than required , and my right index finger landed at her cunt hole and she responded by turning towards me further and pressing her thighs towards mine with her fingers pinching my cock.

I spread my fingers on her cunt mound contracted it teasing it with a slight contact for which her response was to hold my left earlobe and bite it with her mouth and her saliva drenching it full It was a new welcome experience since I was doing on my own unlike with other unknown as yet aunty who had come to my bed previous two nights and she would play on me as she liked with full control on me.

I immediately responded by pulling her pubic hairs which was quite grown and her mouth engulfed my left earlobe in full.

She released it after a few minutes when my mother rekindled the conversation Vanaja replied that what the males did to their sister was wrong and she had repeatedly pleaded with them not to hurt the feeling of their sisters as it was not a good omen to their household and for its future.

Her husband being a drunkard was not responding positively and of late he had come to understand the gravity of the situation when her daughter fell sick with no proper medical reason he being superstious was convinced it was happening so because he had hurt his sisters.

He was now ready to placate his sisters and she was happy about My Mom replied it was good and asked about Vanaja ‘s efforts to bring him around to cede the drinking habit she replied that she was repeatedly pleading with him for whom he replied positively in the morning but by night he was doing the same repeating every day.

My Mom replied by advising her not to cooperate with him on the bed and to control him. My Mom I felt was showing more interest than usual in knowing about her sex life and may be she liked to discuss the same as she was used to ,with her friends` She replied that wouldn’t happen since he hardly came to her and even when he came it was matter of seconds and since being so desperate since it would happen with long intervals she craved for it.

As she said my index finger slid down her cunt hole drawing a deep sigh with her breath hitting the edge of my lips on the left side.I started grounding it inside again and again while her ghee grew from inside lubricating my finger and the finger asked for the assistance of its fellow ring finger and the latter joined into the hole to enjoy the feast.

By now, she had turned completely turned to my side, turned on she brought her palm up and caressed my chest pinching my both the teats to her wont It caused chuckles and I smooched her face at will making her face wet with my saliva would suck her lower lip that releasing it would paint her lips with my tongue and she enjoyed it she started lovingly giving pecks on my cheeks and it was a brand new experience. Now, I turned towards my left and my mouth went and hit the bull’s eye when it landed on her left boob.I bit it hard.

I then started making concentric circles around the tits came on to it held it by my lips and started sucking it. Then taking a break from her cunt my right palm made a brief and calculated journey on to her face and with my fingers started to caress it tenderly and her palm on my cock slid down to my nut sack and started doing the same. I measured her face , it was round and a smooth face , her eye brows were thick her eye lashes long and eye sockets big

Later slid my index finger down the nose with her nose ring giving its attendance and ultimately to her lips which I felt was big and wide. She had closed her lips and I pressed the switch on, that is her teat in my mouth, in response her lips opened a bit with a very light hiss I grabbed this chance to insert my finger into her mouth .The mouth was wet and warm and her tongue started licking the finger and eventually her lips locked my finger in.

Her left hand came around my waist and pulled me to her body and my cock was pressed into her cunt , just above the hole and into the wild bush. She slightly jerked her pelvic which resulted in pressing my cock by her cunt mound and her bush started making its presence felt since my hood started paining a bit when the bush wired around it. My fingers went to challenge her blouse out of her skin but my luck ended since she suddenly withdrew when her Mil.

And her daughter that is the bride entered the room. She in a shock and confused state held her petticoat and the unplaited saree around the waist by the hand and in darkness fled into the far end single room and the timing was perfect since her Mil had not seen her in the mode she was in. She put the lights on and it was like a five star hotel room lighting dim and diffused.They both came in between me and my Mom and sat on the bed. The old woman started the conversation with my Mom that, Continue.