Incested Punjabi Family

By : Raman

Hi this is Raman with a true incest story from Punjab. In order to enjoy full, please note the few Punjabi words and their English equal words.









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The hero of this true story was Kewal. He belonged to a big city in Punjab. You would be surprised when I say “he belonged to” because he is no more in this world. He died last year in 2010. He had requested me to write his story when he was no more because otherwise he would have committed suicide if the world knew about his true story. Other important characters are Jindro(heroine and incestuous wife of Kewal) Jito, Kewals legally wedded wife, Vicky and Sohan (Kewals sons) Preet and Lovee, Kewals incestuous daughters in law.

Kewal was the only son of his parents who had left him a family business. His mother Paro had a sister in Amritsar who had two daughters, Vimmi and Jindro. Kewal was average looking boy who looked at every woman with lust in his eyes. He did not spare his mother even who was fair complexioned buxom middle aged beauty.

Paro had a sex ass and large milk white tits. Paros sister lived in a small vilage where there was no big school to educate her daughters. So she sent Vimmi to Jalandhar where her sister lived in an old locality so that Vimmi could study. Vimmi was a sex bomb and her age was the same as Kewals. She would address Kewal as “Bhaji” older brother. Although Kewal called her “Bhenji” older sister, but his eyes roamed over his cousins sensuous body and he was dying to hold her in his arms. Vimmi had well built body, bog boobs and a firm “Bund” (Ass). Vimmi wore reading glasses.

Kewals father died when he was a young boy and so all responsibility fell on his shoulders at young age. He would drive Vimmi to her school and then to college on his motor bike. He would say,” Bhenji, menu ghut ke phad layo, nahin te dig jayoge (Hold me tight or you will fall)” and Vimmi would cling to his cousin who would feel his cock get erect as his sisters boobs pressed on his back.

Kewal kept enjoying the warmth of incestuous touch of his sisters body. Then one day he made a plan. He made a big hole in the wooden bathroom door. Vimmi used to take a bath at night and Paro used to read holy book at that time. Kewal had some friends, one of them was Jeet who stared at Vimmi openly. One day he said to his friend,” Kewal, yaar teri bhen bahut mast maal hai.

Menu apni bhen fasa len de, tu meri bhen fasa lai(My friend your sister is very hot. Let me seduce your sister and you may seduce my sister)” Kewal got angry, like any punjabi brother,” Bhenchoda, ki keh riha hain? Vimmi meri bhen hai!(Sisterfucker!! what are you saying. Vimmi is my sister!!)” Jeet laughed shamelessly,” Bhenchod te main haan, par main chahnda han ki main teri bhen chod lawan te tu meri.

Vimmi di Bund dekh ussde mammey dekh! Mera te lun khada ho janda hai. Main kehda free mang riha han. Aapni bhen vi tenu de riha han, te oh vi sagi!( Sisterfucker I am, But I want that you fuck my sister and I fuck your sister. Look at Vimmis ass! Her boobs! My cock becomes hard!! And I am not asking this for free! I am offering my own real sister to you!). But Kewal was denuding his sister in his imagination.

Jeets sister was not even a shadow of Vimmi. His sister was a sex goddess! Kewal kept thinking the whole day of what was said between him and his friend. He cut all relations with his friend and concentrated his efforts to seduce Vimmi. At night, he brought a bottle of whiskey and began drinking in his room. Thenhe heard Vimmi call Paro,”Massiji, main nahan chali haan. Tuhanu kuchh chahida hai?

(Aunt, I am going to take a bath. Do you need anything?) Paro said she needed nothing. But Vimmis words aroused Kewals curiosity. He gulped his drink and when he heard the water fall, he went to the bathroom door and fixed his eye to the hole. Vimmi stood all naked, pure white skin, smooth as silk, covered with foam. She had her back to the door, her ass glistening with water. Her buttocks looked white moons, waiting to be touched.

Her hands moved all over her body. Unconsciously she was humming a song”Bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana(Brother, keep your promise to protect me)” But here Kewal was eyeing his sister with lust. If he could, he would love to kiss her ass! Then Vimmi turned towards the door and her front body was revealed to the incestuous brother. Her 36 C boobs with small brown nipples on top, her flat stomach and triangle of black curly bush of pubic hairs, covered with foam!

Ohhhhh bhenchod, ki maal hai meri bhen! (Ohhh damn what a hot stuff is my sister!) uttered Kewal. His cock was hard and he took it out and began to stroke it. Vimmi was throwing water over her soaped body. She would be out soon. The horny brother hurried out and resumed his drinking. The scene of his bathing sister never left his mind or memory. Waking or asleep Vimmi was there, naked and waiting to beg her brother to fuck her!

In three months time, Vimmi had completed her studies and was getting married to an NRI in USA. Kewal was furious. How could he let an NRI break his sisters seal! He made a decision a day before her wedding. He went to her bed drunk at night while others were sleeping in other rooms. Vimmi was dreaming of her husband who would fuck her for the first time. Her hand on her cunt, her tits hard and her nipps erect.

She wore a thin cotton kurti and nothing else. She had taken her salwar off so that she could finger her cunt easily. Vimmi looked beautiful like a flower in her sleep. But the incested brother had planned to deflower his sister. He had a handkerchief doused in chloroform ready to send his sister into unconsciousness and then fuck her. He pressed the cloth on her face. She tried to struggle but he was too strong fer her.

Once she was unconscious, he removed her kurti from her pussy and took out his cock. He rubbed it on her cunt feverishly trying to push it inside the forbidden cunt. His lust was so strong that he ejaculated on her cunt and thighs. Next day Vimmi was puzzled at the dried cum on her private parts. Kewal cursed himself as he returned to his bed. His face red with shame of having tried to rape his sister and at the fact of having ejaculated before even entering that pussy.

Vimmi married and moved to USA to her husband. Kewal was sad, lonely and frustrated at the loss of his sister Vimmi. He was desperate to get laid and masturbated three even four times a day.”Biji, mera viyah kara devo. Tuhadi vi madad ho jayegi kam kaj vich(Mother, get me married. It will also help you in house work).Paro found the daughter of her friend. The girl was Jito, a dark complexioned beauty with big tits.

The day Kewal married his other younger cousin Jindro came to study in the city and began to live with her aunts family. Jindro was even more sexy than her sister Vimmi. Jindro had a round swaying ass and beautiful boobs which were not extra large but very firm and she was in her 10th class. She wore short frocks and jeans. Kewal saw her and his cock hardened at once. In a weeks time Kewal was to marry but he now resented his decision to marry as he only wanted Jindro and no one else.

Jindro was very young and vulnerable and innocent. She would jump into her Kewal Bhajis lap and would put her arms around his neck. Her rising tits would be pressed against his hairy chest and she was unaware of the effect her closeness had on her brother.” Bhaji, menu kuchh chubda hai chitadan te”Brother something pokes at my buttocks)” Jindro complained to him. Kewal blushed but his mind was in a turmoil.”I want you little sis. I want my cock to poke into your cunt and not your ass. Jindro, my sister I want to fuck you!

His mind cried. Kewal married Jito and was dying to fuck her. Jindro danced at the wedding and he almost fainted at the sight of his sisters swaying butt. At 10 pm he got a chance to take his wife to bed. Jindro had the adjoining room. The walls were thin. Kewal began undressing his wife the moment he had locked the door. His cock was tenting his pajamas.

Jito smiled inwardly at the size of his cock although she resisted,Ki gal hai? Kahli kiss cheez dee hai? Main kite ja te nahin rahi(What is the matter? Why is the hurry? I am not running away)” But he had torn her clothes away, his eyes seeing her naked breasts and a bush of black hairs which covered her treasure. Before she could say anything, he had her legs spread and was pushing his cock into the cunt of his wife.

She was not ready and he forced his cock into the cunt. She felt a pain which went deep in her body. She tried to get him off her but he wanted to be inside her. A little juice f her pussy helped him enter her, breaking her seal and blood began to flow from her cunt. She was in tears as he began to hump. But his cock erupted its lava before he began to really fuck his wife. He woke at midnight and pounced at Jito again. She did not want to but what could she say?

She recalled the words of her sister,” Jito, jijja ji jadon vi chodna chahan, chod len deyin. Mard fuddi da bhukha hunda hai. Jina chodu una hi maza deyu, te sada tera ho jayu(Jito, let your husband fuck you whenever he wants. Man is fond of pussy. He will give pleasure as he fucks you and will become yours forever)” But Jito did not feel the “Pleasure” in his act. When he pushed his cock the second time, he was slow and wanted it to last.

He spread her legs wide, touched her pussy with soft hands, felt her cunt juices flow at his fingers and then guided his meat in. Jito felt her cunt stretch itself as it swallowed his cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he began to pump slowly. His hands clasped her buttocks and his lips kissed her heaving tits. She loved the sensations that spread throughout her being as he rammed his cock in and out of her pussy which was getting wetter.

Jito began to enjoy the new fuck sensations as she lifted her buttocks to meet Kewals thrusts.”Ahhhh ooooo aaaggggggrrrhhhh haaaaan oooohhh! She muttered not knowing what to say. Kewals balls slapped on her raised butt as he plunged deeper into her wet flesh. Then she felt urgency in his movements. Kewals cock moved like a railway piston in her wet cunt and he sucked her boobs like a small boy.

Her cunt was being churned by his massive cock. He was really taking her to new heights of sexual pleasure. Something began to rise from her cunt depth as she felt the pounding cock raid her depths.  Ohhhh Jito main gaya main gaya mera lun gaya mera ras nikal gaya! (Oh Jito, I am gone. I have cum my cock has cum!) Kewal began to shoot hi sload into his brides cunt who was cumming like a river too.

Jito conceived on her wedding night. Their fuck sessions became more exciting every day. They fucked like rabbits. In three months time Jito was having a big tummy. Jindro was surprised at the sounds that had begun to come from the newly wedded couples room. She discussed with her best friend,” Baljit yaar Bhaji de kamre vichon ajib awazan aandian hun (Baljit, strange sounds come from brothers room)”

Baljit who was more experienced said” Yaar tere bhaji teri bhabi di chudayi karde han. Aapna lun usski fuddi vich pa ke chodade hun!!(Friend, your brother fucks yoyr sister in law. He inserts his cock in her cunt!) Jindro wanted to know more and Baljit gave her a book written by Mast Ram, a porn writer which contained nasty incest stories. At night, Jindro masturbated fir the first time as she read the stories.

The poor girl was being pulled into the world of incest. She fingered her pussy and loved when she came on her fingers. One Sunday in June Jindro lay in bed as she heard Kewals door open and shut. Chal tenu ghodi bana ke chodan da man hai Jito. Menu teri bud bahut sohni lagadi hai. Mere dostan ne menu sharab pila diti see te hun mera lun nahin baith riha! (Let me fuck you doggie fashion. I love your ass.

Friends made me drink and now my cock does not sit down!)” Jindro heard through the wall and was excited beyond all limits. Was Bhaji really going to fuck his wife? Like a horse? Jindro wanted to see this fuck. There was a nail in the wall. She moved it and it came out, creating a hole big enough to see the bed. With her hand touching her already wet cunt, Jindro glued her eye to the small hole.

Kewal stood there with his pajamas down to his ankles, his cock protruding dangerously from his pubic hairs. Jito was staring at her naked husband while her salwar had been undone. Just as she was going to bend like a dog, Kewal placed his cock on her lips. Jito looked puzzled as she did not know what to do or say.”Chung mera lun, har janani lun chungadi hai, teri bund kion fatadi hai iss nu chungan vich!

(Suck my cock. Every woman sucks cock. What problem do you have?) Jito blushed as she said.Eh gandi cheez hai, hor jo kaho ge karangi, please! (It is dirty. I will do what other thing you say!) But to Jindro, her brothers cock looked delicious. It was the most beautiful cock in the world! Kewal made Jito bend like a bitch and entered her from behind as her boobs hung loosely from her chest. Jindro wanted to replace her Bhabi witrh herself.”Ohh Kewal bhaji menu kaho apna lun chusan layi..

Tuhadi behan chudsdi hai tuhada lun. Apna lun menu diyo bhaji! Chod layo apni Jindro nu. Dekho apni bhen di fuddi kinni garam ho gayi hai tuhade lun de layi iss kutti nu chhad diyo apni kutti bhen no chod layo, mere bhaji! (Oh brother let me suck your cock tell your sister to suck your cock your sister will suck your cock give me your cock brother leave this bitch alone fuck your bitch sister my brother!)

Her heart cried out to her brother. But Kewal had accepted that his wife won’t suck his cock as whore susked cocks in blue films. Yes he was wrong. His bitch whore os a sister was dying to suck his cock! Jindro watched as Kewals cock went in and out of Jitos cunt. It shone with her juices, her bhabi was pushing her ass onto Kewals cock. Jindro watched awestruck, her fingers burried deep in her virgin pussy.

The erotic scene made her promise “I can do anything to take Jito Bhabis place in Kewal Bhajis bed. Ohhh! make my brother fuck me! Make me his wife!Ohh Rabba ooh! Now was time to plan ousting her Bhabi from Bhajis life!! As luck would have it, Jito went to her parentss house to deliver her baby! Leaving her Kewal Bhaji alone with his whore sister who was out to seduce him.

First thing Jindro did was leave her porn stories book on the table where Kewal could see it. He saw it and first story he read was of a brother fucking his sister. He was aroused and began to fist his cock. Jindro saw the effect the book had on her brother. Iron was hot!! Time to hit the hammer! She walked into her room and pretended shocked,” Oh Bhaji!!! Eh ki!! Tusi ki kar rahe ho!

Ohhh Bhaji tuhada kina vadda Oh Rabba Bhaji tusi muth mar rahe ho? (Ohh brother what is this!!1 what are you doing! Ohh Brother how big is yours! Ohh you are fisting your cock!)” Jindro was wearing a very revealing blouse and a very short skirt which reached her mid thighs. Kewal made no attempt to cover his throbbing cock. He made up his mind he had to fuck this hot sister of his.

Hos hot sister was ripe to be fucked. In fact she was begging to be fucked the bitch read porn stories incest stories she need an incest cock in her incest cunt. If I did not fuck her, someone else would! Jindro, meri behan, eh kitab teri hai tu padhaiti hai? Badi garam hai teri tarah Jad ton tu aayi hain mera lun khada hi rehnda hai. Tenu chode bina mainu chain nahin milna.

Aja meri bhene chod len de apne Bhaji nu, jidan iss kahani vich bhen chudwandi hai apne bhara kolon phad mera lun khol apne kapde!(Jindro, my sister is this book yours? Do you read it? It is so hot! Just like you, my cock has been hard since you came I won’t rest in peace unless I fuck you come my sister let me fuck you just as sister lets her brother fuck her in this story hold my cock undress yourself!)

Jindro smiled at her victory. Her brothers cock had fallen in her lap like a ripe fruit all by itself! She began to undo her blouse and skirts, her eyes never leaving her Bhajis hard cock! Kewals heart skipped a beat as her juicy boobs sprang free from her bra cups. He almost came as she stepped out of her panties. The whore sister had shaved her pussy only in the morning! He watched her ass sway as she hung her clothes on the hook.

His breathing was becoming difficult. His sister was a witch!! She moved slowly and then bent forward to hold his throbbing dick.  Bhaji tuhanu apni bhen di jawani nazar nahin aaayi? Jindro di fuddi di garami mehsoos nahin hoyi? Apni bhen nu chhad ke meri sautan nu chod rahe see tusi? Bhaji main tuhadi patni han! Asali patni!1 Tuhade bachian dee maa!!(Brother did ypou not see your sisters beauty?

Did you not feel heat of Jindros cunt? You were fucking my rival and leavingme alone? Brother, I am your wife your real wife mother of your children!) Jindro bent down to kiss his cock. He almost died of pleasure. Jindro had seen a blue film at her friends house in which a middle aged woman sukced a young mans cock. Jindro copied what that old whore had done in the movie.

She caught Kewals hot cock in her trembling hands and ran her tongue over its pink silky head. The forbidden pleasure made Kewal shut his eyes in ecstasy as he pressed his sisters head to his groin. Jindro had learnt from the blue film how to suck a cock. She swallowed the entire cock in her mouth and lickd it. Then she brought it almost all the way out of her mouth and slurped on its head and played with her brothers balls.

Kewal was going crazy with lust. He had never felt anything like this before. the idea that his sister was doing all this was turning him totally out of control. She was a real whore. He wondered where she had learnt all this from. Who had taught her these trick. He had to fuck this younf slutty sister. He drank in the her naked beauty as his hands cupped her young tits and fondled them roughly.

Jindro reminded him of Vimmi. Jindro meri bhene, bas kar. Mera chhut jayu ga jaldi hi. Main teri fuddi vich chhutna chahnda han! Aapni bhen di fuddi vich lun pa ke chodna chahnda han. Tu te Vimmi nalon vi garam hain. Meri bhen te kissi gashti vaang lun chungadi hai! ( Stop it Jindro, my sister. I will cum soon I want to cum in your pussy want to ram my cock in my sisters pussy. You are even hotter than Vimmi my sister sucks cock like a whore!)

“Bhaji, menu vi bhabi vang bistar te pa ke chod layo Jindro aj apne Bhaji ton chudwana chahandi hai. Meri fuddi tuhade lun layi hi bani hai, Bhaji menu chod chod ke maar deo, Bhaji (brother, fuck me like you fuck your wife Jindro wants to be fucked by her brother my pussy is only for you, brother fuck me to death, Brother! ) She gave up the cock which was shinning with her saliva as she invited her brother to fuck her.

Kewal lifted his sister and placed her on the bed. She lay there looking at her brother. Her eyes were inviting him. Urgency to fuck his horny sister made him mad. Kewal spread her legs and bent to kiss the petals of her cunt lips, Veera!(Brother) bas kar, bhenchoda teri bhen tadap rahi hai te tu ussdi fuddi chat riha hai? Chod mere Veera, chod menu! ( Stop uff you sisterfucker, your sister is dying to get fucked and you are licking her!)

Kewal lay alongside his sister and ran his hands over her silky flesh, cupped her tits and kissed her passionately. The brothers cock was trying to enter the forbidden hole. Jindros cunt was wetter than it had ever been. She brought her hand to his throbbing rod and guided it into her burning cunt,” Veera dhak de pa de mere andar apna lun oooh bhen dia yaara pa de lun meri fuddi vich vad riha hai hai maa mar gayi panda reh veera mereya ( brother, push it in push your

Rod in ooohh brother put it in my cunt ohh it is going in! ohh mother I am dying keep pushing it in my brother!!) He inserted it slowly. He did not want to hurt his sister. His massive cock stretched her cunt opened it, helped by lubrication and lust. The horny brother held her by ass and pushed it further in oohhhhhhhh Jindro meri bhen kinni tight hai teri fuddi! Apne veer nu swarg dikha ditta tun meri bhen.

Tere veer da lun vad giya hai pura tere andar meri bhen oooh Kewal bheneod hun chod riha hai tenu bhene!(Ooohhhhhhhh Jindro how tight is your cunt, sister! You have taken me to heaven, sister! Your brothers cock is all the way in your cunt! Kewal, the sisterfucker is fucking his sister!) The hot blooded sister tasted the taste of her first fuck and that too with her brother asthe more experioenced married brother pumped her deep into his sisters cunt.

He bent down to kiss her nipples which were hard now, his fingers gripping her asscheeks. The incested brother and sister were bathed in sweat. Their bodies slapped against each other with thudding sounds mixed with lustful screams and moans. Kewals mother Paro heard these screams and groans and wondered what thay were. She moved to see what was happening. When she saw her son fucking her niece, Paro froze!!Not with shock, but with lust!!

Her son was riding her niece and Paro saw the young cunt filled with juice ooozing juices which ran down her lovely thighs. Paro missed her regular fucking since her husbands death. She had burried her passions into holy books but they were not really burried. They came up with a stronger force. Her hand went to her mature cunt and touched it to wetness.

The incested couple was fucking as if there is no tomorrow. Her sons cock fucked like a piston, in and out. Paro was mesmerized by the sight of his cock. She began to fingerfuck herself as she watched the lewd sight of her son fucking her niece. Paro inserted two and then four fingers in her cunt. She was wet and ready to cum in no time. Kewal and Jindro had built a rythme and were nearing their huge climax.

Bhaaaji jo nal chodo phad dio meri phuddi ooooh maachod jor nal main gayi meri fuddi gayi aaaai Rabba! (Brother harder fiuck me harder tear me apart oooh motherfucker harder. I am cumming ooohh!) Screamed Jindro Main vee gaya, Jindro, meri bhen meri bas ho gayi ooooh Rabba!(I am also cumming sister I am cumming Ohh God!). They came together and the horny widow mother also came on her fingers.

Just as she was tying up her salwar cord, she heard her son Jindro, main behnchod te ban giya haan tu menu maaachod kion keh rahi see?(Jindro, I have become a sisterfucker but why were you callimg me motherfucker?) The shamless sister laughed,” Mere pyare bhaaji, jad bhen chod layi hai Fri maa no chodan vich ki vadi gal hai. Massi nu vee te massad de baad lun di zarurat hai apni maa nu vee chod ke ghar vich khushian bhar dio na! ( My lovely brother, when you have fucked your sister, what is the big deal in fucking your mother? After you fathers death, aunt is missing a cock fuck your mother and fill the household with joy!)