Mom Sis And A Lusty Brother

Hello to all my friends. This is Naresh here to share you my real life experience, note that this is not a fantasize or a story; this is my real life experience and I feel I am the luckiest person on this earth because I had fucked my own mother as it is very rare in India where most of the mothers are traditional. Even my mother is traditional but I somehow have made her to sleep with me. About my mother she is 5.3 white and fair, with a shining skin. She is stout but not that bulky and has a good flesh all over the body especially the boobs and the buttocks .She has got very big boobs but they were not hanging down. They were solid even now and good to taste. I am sorry that i dont know the sizes as my mother doesnt wear any bra or even underwear.

During vacation, i go to my Babai (father’s brother) house, to enjoy my vacation. This was a stunning vacation and that changed my life. My Babai was 40 years old who was married to an angel. She was 36 years old but she looks as if she was 25 with a good figure and the most amazing part is her boobs they were big and i thought that they were bulged due to hard pressing of my Babai they had two girls of age 15, 14 even they are beautiful and good to fuck. I went there to stay for 15 days. My Babai was a govt. employ as he goes early at morning and comes only at evening and his wife is a housewife .Three days passed away i enjoyed by playing with my sisters . As it is summer it is very hot and it is very unusual to me and due to sunstroke i became sick, even got fever. I was taking rest the whole day. The next day morning is the luckiest day in my life. As i was feeling restless i didnt wake up in morning as usual my Babai went to office and my sisters went to their friends home.

I was sleeping in the bedroom then my see goddess (Babai wife) just finished her bathing and came to the bedroom and was covered only with a towel which was partially covering her boobs and thighs as i pretended that i was i sleeping was sleeping it was my first experience to see a girl half nude .While she was combing her hair suddenly the towel fell down as the door was locked she didn’t she didn’t mind that but she didn’t know that i was peeping at her under the blanket and that was the sight which i could never forgot in my life naked women body i was having a clear view of her back from my bed her buttocks looked like two mountains having a narrow passage in the middle .The white massive thighs were even more attracting me . For the first time in my life i masturbated now i hardly wanted to sleep on her and squeeze her massive boobs and i want to lick and bite those mangoes i want to press them with both the hands and drink the milk from the milk those tankers but i can’t do anything just to watch and enjoy .The next day also i didn’t wake up and was waiting for my queen to come nude but disappointingly she went into another room. And after that i didn’t get a chance to see her nude. I can only fell her boobs over a blouse.

After that i came to my house and now i hardly want to see a woman in nude. But to my luck there were two ladies in my house my mom, my sis .My sis is 4 years elder than me fair and thin and has minimum sized boobs i want to see them nude at any cost. Then i put a video camera in our bedroom .My guess was correct she came into the bedroom covering with a towel. I was eagerly waiting outside the room and i was also little worried as she might see the camera. But to my luck she came out naturally then i slowly went into the room took out the camera and ran to the terrace. Then i began to play it my mom came with towel in to the room and then removed it and suddenly two milk parts were ejected like two mountains. They were huge and bulky like two fruit mangoes with dark nipples and i can see her clean pussy without any hair . She is more hot, sexy than my queen (Babai wife) . After that my sis also came after bath but she was not that attractive as she is thin and has got small boobs with dark nipples and not that sexy as my mom.

Days passed away i even kept vid cam in our bathroom so that i can see them nude while bathing. I masturbated many times watching those videos for several days. And now i want to do anything in live i can no more control my feelings i really want to suck those boobs and squeeze that nipples. But i can’t do anything as i was scared too.

This is it friends , and this is not the end i will tell you what happened after this that how i convinced her to fuck me and i am sure that will be more interesting . Thank you for reading this and please…Please give me the reply