Long Desire Of Having Cousin Sister Came True Part I

Hello Everybody… I am a fan of ISS… but it took a long time to narrate my own story which is 100 percent real and not even a single word would be false. This is one of those golden times that I am going to narrate in my first real story.

My name is Rahul 29 years old and this happened 8 years back. After my 12th standard due to some financial problems in my home I dropped my studies for few years. Later my cousin Sister suggested coming to Ahmedabad and doing a job and simultaneously continuing the studies. As a result of that I came to Ahmedabad from Andhra Pradesh. She is well settled in Ahmedabad with her husband and two children. Elder one is of 5 years and younger one is not even a year old. I, her mother in law, husband and two children used to reside in a three bedroom flat.
Describing my sister, she is 34 damn sexy with huge boobs and buttocks. She normally used to wear low neck nighties with buttons so that she can milk feed her kid easily. I started my Job in night shift (Call Centre) and during day time I use to sleep in the master bedroom so that no one disturbs me. She is very open type and never cared about showing of her assets in front of me (she never closes the buttons of the nighty). I never leave any chance to see those two big melons and the cleavage of my sexy sister. But in front of her husband she behaves normally and have some duppatta on her melons.

This created doubt in my mind and to check that, one day when I was sleeping in the afternoon , ( I use to wear Shorts in home) I pulled out my 7inch Cock and hold it in my hand and it was rock hard. I pretended to sleep and waited for my sister to come in, as she comes in the bedroom in afternoon to read books. As she came in she saw my rock hard cock and I can see that she was stunned. I was peeping through my eyes. I thought she might go out of the room, she will not sit there. But the opposite happened. She sat exactly opposite to my cock and started to stare it. She was not reading books, her face turned red I can watch it. She sat there for almost two hour till the kids waked up.

From that day, I got to know that she loves my cock and this turned out into a habit and routine. She started to breast feed the kid in front of me. When no one is nearby us, then she used to breast feed in front of me. Once I Saw she intentionally laid down facing me, opened the buttons of the nighty, the hook of the bra where already opened and she pulled out the right boob first and placed in kids mouth and then she pulled out the other boob and left as it is open. Kid was playing with nipples of the left one while sucking the right one. I was not able to control and the fact that she was intentionally doing it made me crazy and mad. Even after the kid slept she did not closed it. This became a routine. Every time I get a chance to show my rock hard cock I use to do that and she enjoys that and vice versa.

One afternoon even I rode my fingers over her stomach and boobs felt the softness of the boobs. She pretended to sleep. We both don’t avoid any chance to brush her 38D sized boobs and my 7inch tool. Just once she touched my tool before our first sex that was while we went out for a function in a bike. She was wearing a saree and sat one sided in the bike. She took hold of my stomach while driving and slowly she kept hand on my tool. I was in heaven at that time. I waited for the right day that came almost after a year, by this time I was uncontrollable. I needed her at any cost. On that final day my Jiju went for a business tour and I her mother in law went to her daughter’s house. That day I had my night shift job but I was in critical situation if I take a leave then what she might think about me.

But she took the step forward, when I was in my break time in the office, I got a call from sister that she is afraid to sleep alone. I was very happy to take permission and go back to home.
Oh my Godddd.. She opened the door after the calling bell rang.. She just had a bath and the smell of the perfume was oozing out. She was wearing a silky nighty with all the buttons opened and I can see the netted bra and the boobs popping out of the bra. I can see the water droplets towards the cleavage of my beautiful sexy sister.

I use to sleep in the hall, where there is a single bed. She brought me dinner and I was into shorts very soon. She bent down completely to give me a full view of the huge soft bulgy boobs. I was not able to control. I was like a hungry dog waited for this chance. Before me finishing the dinner she lied down on my single bed in the hall. I can see her nighty gone up to her knees and almost the boobs popped out of the bra. I went near to her and lay down near to her. She turned on the other side facing back to me. I slowly rubbed my hard dick on her big ass and kept my hand on the stomach. She took my hands and started sucking the fingers… I started kissing on her back neck below the hairs and gave a gentle massage to the soft boobs. I can see the nerves on the boobs turned green, it was softest thing I have ever touched. I gently licked her ear lobes; my hand was running through the cleavage. I inserted my finger in the gap between the boobs and touched the left nipple. Gently I massaged her nipples and all of a sudden she stood up on knees and removed her night wear. She pulled out both the boobs from the bra and started kissing my lips. I squeezed her tongue into my mouth and the sound of tongue and lips made me crazy. She turned upside and laid down on me and placed her both the big boobs on my face, I licked all over the boobs and with her one hand she pulled out my cock, without wasting time she slowly kissed my penis all over then she swallowed it completely. Her big boobs was touching my under balls while sucking my cock. I made her lie down and spread her legs. Took my face close to her pussy and kissed on the petals of the pussy with juices of pussy sticking to my lips. Then i played with my tongue on the clitoris for which she moaned ahhhhhhhhhhhh…hmmmmmmmm.. I slowly inserted my tongue into the vagina, mean while she herslef licked the boobs and i came down ran my tongue into the ass hole. She started screaming with pleasure….. To be continued..