Dream Come True Part 1

Hi this is Sam, (name changed) this a true incident which happened between me & my elder sister. We are a family of 4. We stay in Hyderabad. I am working in Dubai, from the past 2 years. My sister is 3 years elder to me, I am 28 now. I always had a sexual desire for my sis and it always has been my dream. She is a hot bomb with sexy curves. I never used to miss a chance to see her cleavage while working. Earlier I used to peep through key holes to watch her change clothes or while bathing.
I always used to touch her whenever we pass by. Whenever she sleeps, I used to sit beside and touch her breast gently. This has been going for a long time. I never had courage to tell it frankly. I got a chance, once my sis and parents decided to send her to dubai for job. I have arranged visa and a sharing room with other girls for her in our dubai area. Soon she found a job as its not an issue for girls to find a job.

In the second month of her job, we found a single room with attached bathroom and kitchen for both of us. We adjusted a double bed and the required household. And staying together, it was getting very hard for me to control my feelings. I never missed a chance to show her my body. I never locked the bathroom door so that she would directly walk in and see me naked, it happened twice.  On bed at night I used to get close to her and place my hand or leg on her. This continued for few days as she didnt respond. I then started pressing her boobs slowly and kissing her. Once I was doing the same and she got up and I pretended to sleep. She just kept my hand aside and slept. I continued the same for two three days.

She was just wearing her night suit and that night I too just slept on a 3/4th. My sleep broke at around 3am I was unable to sleep as I was getting hot inside seeing my sis. I again started pressing her boobs and kissed her. I then thought to try her pussy, so I started rubbing her pussy from her pants. After a while I just lowered her pants and inserted my hand and kept rubbing her pussy. It was slightly wet and my rod was hard to its fullest. I then continued the same and she just got up and I was caught.

Sis: what the hell are u doing?

Me: hmm nothing.

Sis: I will just inform parents and get your ass kicked.

I just started to apologise and begged her not to let anyone know about this.

She said she will leave this room and find a separate accommodation for her self. I begged her not to do so.

After a while,

Sis: what and why did you do all that?

Me: silent

Sis: speak up you idiot.

Me: because I love u

Sis: what the heck are u talking?

Me I am serious I really love u.

Sis: love me or my body?

Me: both you and your body. I am crazy about your body since many years.

Sis: thats y u were happy when I was coming to Dubai.

Me: yes, as I knew I could get a chance to do this.

I tried to convince her and later on she got convinced for kiss and foreplay. My sis was very much away from all such things so I had to show her some videos for kissing. Then I kissed her for couple of times that night. And slept hugging her. Once we got up in morning I again kissed her and then got ready and left for work. Once back in the evening while sleeping I again kissed her and pressed her boobs. Then asked her not to wear her inner from tomorrow.

This continued for a week and on weekend I thought to take a step forward and then once back home we just ordered our dinner as I didnt wanted her to get tired. After dinner I again started kissing and opened her top and removed it. That was the first time I saw her breast. I kissed licked and sucked her boobs to the fullest and kept kissing her all the time. Later I switched off the lights and under minimal light I started fingering her, at first she stopped me and then cooperated with me. I kept fingering and then removed her pants. And started kissing and licking her pussy. She was getting hot and she was already wet down. Sis didnt have much hair and I like pussy to be clean. I just dont like hairy pussies. I kept on fingering her. She then had her orgasm, she was moaning so loud. I then licked all her juices and cleaned her pussy with my tongue. Then I made her sit on and asked her to undo my shorts. My rod was up and I just placed it in her hand. She started playing, it was sticky with my precum. I asked her to kiss it and lick it. She didnt like the taste and I didnt force her for a blow job. We continued the foreplay and it was already too late so I suggested her to sleep naked, we hugged each other and slept. We got up late morning. Both were still in the same blanket. I saw her awake and asked her:

Me: when did you get up?

Sis: silent

Me: whats wrong?

Sis: its wrong

Me whats wrong?

Sis: whats has happened last night

Me: no it isnt, you also need it and me too

Sis: whatever its wrong

Me: see, now or then, you need a male and I am starving for a female.

I tried to explain and convince her and after a long long discussion she agreed. I was relaxed and we kissed again. I asked her I want to see you naked. She said no, though she was naked beside me I didnt want to force her and hurt her. She then wrapped herself in blanket and ran towards the bathroom leaving me naked on bed. She didnt allow me to get her completely, this continued for few days. She then got used to and even addicted to all this, which was going on in dim lights on her request we started that in full lights. I used to undress her daily as soon as we are at home after work. We started staying naked at room and started bathing together. We were very much attracted to each other that we used to roam around at malls like a couple. It was a nice feeling for me.

I always had condoms with me and she got the pack from my office bag. She started asking whats this and she even had doubt that I might be involved in sex with others. I convinced her that it was bought to be used with her. She was then silent and after dinner and normal foreplay while we were about to sleep she just handed me a condom. I got the point and asked her to put the condom. Once it was put, I just went up and placed my penis head on her pussy. I started rubbing it and slowly pushing it inside. And after a while with a full force in a single push my penis was full into her and she was crying with pain. I just kept it that way for 5 mins and then started the to and fro motion. I did that slowly until she relaxed, then I increased the pace. I then did this for 15mins and brought her up and I was down. She even started cooperating and was liking it. It was just 10 to 15 mins max in each position as I wanted to try everything on the first night. Then we slept and it was cum and her pussy juices all over our bodies and the bedsheet. I was still asleep and I felt something on my cock. Once my sleep broke it was my sis licking it and kissing it all over. We then kissed each other and used a new condom and had a good morning session.

We both had bath together and had a nice time. We both had good sex session that night and every night since then.
Now I am on vacation to Hyderabad for twenty five days and both are burning for sex. Any ladies or girls from Hyderabad like to contact me just mail me at / / you liked my story, and apologies if you felt it boring.