Sister-In-Law And Me Real Incidents

Its not a story, real incidents put together and wrote for sharing with others.

Hi everyone. Let me introduce myself first, I live in Hyderabad. I have been to this site long back and read many of the incest stories, since I like them most when compared to all other sections. Though I have many encounters in my past 15 years of adult age (after my 19th Birthday), I decided to write my incest story.

Well, I got married to beautiful girl at my 26th year and she was at her 22nd. I love her much, since she is very conservative and lovable approach to every one of my family. Well she is not the heroine of the story here, she is only heroine to my life, that’s it.

The heroine is my wife’s younger sister, who was in 11th std at my marriage time. I don’t have any plans of bad intentions towards any girl during my entire life.

It all happened, when I met a cousin in a marriage who revealed that he has 18+ encounters during his life time. Most of them are virgins. He narrated his encounters in very erotic way that I got impressed and decided to get at least one encounter of such. However, all this happened before my marriage and though I decided to try once, but never dared to do in real life.

During college days, I have few friends but never tried to seduce anyone as I believe friendship is more valuable than anything.

Coming to the story, all it happened when my SIL came to my town to take admission in graduation and joined a decent college. My uncle requested me to take care of her staying at the city for time being, till they could search a good PG accommodation / hostel. There is no reason I could say NO to that proposal. I live in decent two bedroom flat with my wife and a kid (By that time, my wife gave birth to a boy, who is one year old by the time my SIL joined us)

I don’t believe in any woman vital statistics for fucking and I don’t even understand why many of the stories start with the woman statistics. Well, if a man wants to fuck a woman, he only needs the passion towards a woman irrespective of age and statistics, that’s my opinion, no matter; if anyone defers it.

I think, enough of introduction, now since she has to fulfill the joining formalities at her college, thus needs my help. So, my wife asked me to help her all along. I took her on my bike to the college and make sure that all arrangements were done properly so that she need not to bother for any sort of help in future. All this was done without any bad intentions, as I felt if I make sure that all proper arrangements were put in place, I can concentrate on my job rather than disturbed by her for silly reasons.

Days passed, my uncle was very happy that his younger daughter is doing very well in studies as she gets lot of time to concentrate on her studies rather than household works. My wife used to take care of all such things.

Anyway, at that time, I am actually disturbed by my SIL in certain situations; I will narrate those in a sequence:

1. She is having a good breast than my wife which can easily popped up if she jump a bit or bend down.

2. She used to wear night dress which doesn’t have ‘pallu’ and reveals her top side breasts a bit at some postures showcases her assets.

3. Thinking as if she is a kid (she is almost 12 years younger to me), I used to avoid in such situations.

4. She used to be very close to me while chit chatting or any other events.

5. One day, while we three were chatting, my wife told to my SIL that, my husband is physically very strong he easily lift me with one hand. For that, my SIL giggled and didn’t make any comment. [While this conversation is going on, I kept silent since I don’t wanna expose myself much.] By seeing silence and no comment from her sister, my wife made challenge with her sister that, my husband can lift both of us at a time. For this, I was dumb struck and my SIL instantly said ‘No’.

But on forcing by my wife, I have to lift both of them at once. On left hand side, my wife and right hand side my SIL; I lift them both. That’s the first time, that I touched my SIL buttocks which are soft and firm. While getting them down, both of their boobs crushed my chest from two sides and got a great feeling.

That’s the time, when actually a thought flashed in my mind to enjoy my SIL (Remember, not to fuck).

During the holidays, my SIL always brings her book to my room and sits on bed along with me and read, while I was busy in news paper. At that, she used to sit with me closely.

[My wife never had seen that in a wrong way and never bothered. Whereas, she used to be very possessive towards me when I actually interact with other woman colleagues. ]

During one of such days, she sat very closely where her thighs are making contact with my thighs. But she was not in any of such mood. She is simply reading, I search for many of times to read her face. Failed to get single bad intention on her face. She is simply reading her book.

One day, I wore a short and very horny on that day which is visible a bulge in my short. Without any noise, my SIL came to my room suddenly and noticed this bulge at the edge of left my left pocket and she felt that I am having something in my pocket. She asked me about that, what is there in your pocket and hiding without showing to me? I said nothing and before I could make a move, she just came very close to me and kept her hand in my pocket. With an intention to catch the product in my pocket, she caught my tool with her hand, which gave 1000 volts to my body. To my surprise, she just left it alone and left the room without making any comment.

Later, she neither gave any awkward comment on this nor any expression. I was really blank, how to go ahead.

Me and my wife were used to go to bed early (9pm) in 2nd bedroom and my SIL is used to watch tv and sleep in the Hall itself.

2nd bedroom didn’t have the attached toilet facility and if required we have to pass the hall to use the washroom connected to hall.

After this incident, whenever I woke up in the night and while passing the washroom, I used stare my SIL boobs which are partially visible and tempting me.

Days passed, I decided to take a positive move without leaving any clue to my wife.

One such night, I sat on her bed and kept my hand on her waist. It gave me very good sensation to my body and felt very happy to touch her.

I just proceeded my hand to till her belly button, after noticing no movement from her. She is deep sleep. This continued for few days. I don’t want to advance much, since I don’t want to mess the things.

One night, I laid myself beside of my SIL and trying to touch my entire body with her while placing my hand on her tommy. Here I have to say, I love to tough her tommy rather than her other assets because it gave me more happiness than others. My SIL woke up and asked why I was sleeping there. I said, I couldn’t get proper place in bedroom and slept here. She gave me good place and again slept.

I don’t know, how to respond. I just laid down for few minutes and left to bedroom.

For next one week, I didn’t go to her. I have observed that, she used to wake up early in the morning and read. This time, I took chance boldly and when she was reading, I went there as if I woke up and in still in sleepy mood.

She was reading (at 5 am) by sitting on her bed only hanging her legs and holding her book in her beautiful two hand near to her breast. I went there and laid down beside her and turning to her I kept my hand on her tommy, She resisted for this and removed my hand. I said, I want to sleep more and if I wont keep my hand, I will not get sleep.

She didn’t say anything and I kept my hand again, I closed my eyes. While enjoying the touch of tommy on her clothes it self, I just tried to push my hand upwards towards her breasts now.

She didn’t say anything till my hand reaches to the bottom of the breast.

She placed her hand on my hand and pushed to down. It all continued till 6:15 am when I get a sound of my wife waking up. I just left to washroom.

Next incident happened a night, when we forgotten to close our bedroom door and my wife is riding me while blanket is on. She was in nighty and just lifted it and riding me and suddenly door opened. My SIL entered, we dumb struck. But fortunately, my SIL didn’t notice that my wife is riding me. She thought that, my wife is making some fun with me by sitting on me, and asked what is going on. (I think, my SIL might not know this, as she is very younger and came from a village background) for which my wife responded in a cool voice that, we are making fun of each other. SIL took a blanket and left the room, closing the door.

The next day, my SIL opened up a bit and asked me why you are keeping your hand on tommy. I said, I love the sensation when I touch your belly button and it gives me a immense pleasure which I never across.

Next day, when I woke up early at 5 am, I observed that my SIL is still sleeping. Today, I would like to advance further, thus, just bolted the door of my bedroom and approached to my SIL where she is sleeping.

First, I placed myself beside her in a good position by which I can touch her without much disturbance. Shared her blanket and I just moved the cloth (part of her night dress) away from her tommy. Placed my hand on her belly and touched the entire area rubbing with my palm. I slowly shifted my hand towards her lower breasts. Here our position is, she is facing towards the wall and resting on her right hand. Me too resting same and facing her kept my left hand on her.

When I was close to reach them, noticed that she is not wearing anything inside. Wow, what a feeling. I first touched her left boob. Guys, I can confirm any one that, they were not touched by any one earlier. Fresh, firm and the nipple is not open, closed like a blossom.

With soft hands, I pressed it and found no reaction / response. Now, I wanna poke with my tool to her buttocks. I just placed my tool in between of her cheeks and slightly pressed. She just moved and nothing happened.

Now I got some scary thing in my mind and left from there as time was 5:45 am.

Day passed with no special incidents and I was waiting for the moon to come and wish me hai. Same thing repeated next day, but this time, my SIL is sleeping facing opposite to wall, by which I can hug her. But I scared to do so. And this position is not so comfortable to touch her breasts or tommy. I just kept my lips on her soft lips and on her face, spend some time and moved from there.

Next night, I had a session with my wife and my wife was very much satisfied with the session and went in to deep sleep. This time, I wanted to take a chance, so after one hour (in fact I slept for one hour and kept alarm in my mobile), I woke up with alarm sound (low sound) and kept the door bolted from outside and moved to my SIL.

To my luck she is in deep sleep, and the cloths on her a bit disturbed. Today, she is wearing black night dress (skin tight lower and a top). I could easily sense her big thighs from outside only which are provoking me to touch, lick etc.

I slowly opened her top to upwards and saw her melons in bed light. They were very soft in nature and provoking me to kiss. I kissed on her right boob nipple. Though I am bold enough to making moves, I was nervous that I can be caught at any time.

Now I kissed her on left boob, n desperate to suck them all along. I looked at her face, is she in deep sleep. I don’t think so, wanna try bold again. Took the melon in my mouth and sucked it. She just moved and gave me comfortness in placing my body beside her.

This took for 10 mins to such her left boob, and its turn of right booby. I intentionally doesn’t suck it and placed my lips on her belly button and reached her lips thereafter. I could sense her desperation to get sucked with other boob. She is moving a bit and not letting me any other things else the right boob. I took it in my mouth and sucked it for 15 minutes. I didn’t dare to reach her pussy, since I knew she is a virgin and residing in my house. If she get pregnancy, I will hold the responsible. Thinking this, I just played with her top only.

This continued every night and after a week or so, one night she asked me in low voice that, jijoo last night you did something unusual with my body (other than enjoying the top body) and I couldn’t recollect it. Please tell me what you did to me?

I said, nothing dear. She insisted to tell me.

Then a thought flash in my brain, she might have dreamed advance things and expecting same with me. Thinking this, I thought I should use this opportunity and said to her, I will do the same thing tonight and it need be expressed verbally. We can enjoy the same again. She smiled back again.

That night, after all went to sleep, I woke up at 12 in the mid night and approached to my SIL. She is not sleeping, she is also waiting for me. Welcomed me by adjusting place in her bed. We had a long kiss for 10 to 12 mins (I should tell here that, her lower lip is a bit bigger than the upper one), I love to kiss her. Even now also.

After that, she offered me her boobs to such. I think she might be enjoying when I such her boobs. Since, today I wanted to advance more, I just placed my hands on her buttocks and pressed them which also lead her to push towards my body. My tool touched her vagina for which she got some sensation. I hugged her for the first time, till that day, I only enjoyed her boobs and tummy. She shivered once and adjusted herself to the situation.

I came on her top and pressed her boobs with my two hands at once to which she closed her eyes and bit her lips with teeth.

I pressed my entire body to her and intentionally placed my tool in between her thighs. She immediately moved away and told not to touch there.

This act of touching her continued two to three times and I kept on trying to touch there while I was driving her top body with lips and hands.

Then, I asked her you wanted to know what I did last night na?

Yes, jiju?

Then you should let me to do whatever, I wanted. Then only I will show what I did last night.

No, jiju, I cannot allow you to do everything with my body, as I am scared of pregnancy.

No problem, I will not do till the end.

Ok, jiju, but be careful.

Then, I just slide my hands on her buttocks from inside of her night pant. I could sense her panty, which is very soft. Again, I advanced by placing my hands inside her panty and wow what a feeling of touching the good soft buttocks.

Slowly pushed my left index finger in between of the cracks and reached the ass. What a nice ass. I just pushed from there towards her pussy. I could reach the pussy crack from ass position rounding my hand from back side of her. I could touch her lower pussy area, very wet and she couldn’t hold much soon I touched there, she held me tight and I sensed that her nails poked me deep.

I opened my lower and showed her how it looks when it grows in to full size. She hold it with her left hand and pressed it for few minutes and left. I asked her to lower her night pant, for which she was not ready and asked not to do. Then, I just lowered a bit of her night pant by which I could see and feel her hair on pussy.

I kept my tool on her pussy and told by this you will not get pregnant. I tried to insert it, but since she was virgin, its not possible to insert so easily with the kind of space she provided me. Half open pant and not separated legs. I don’t want to hurt her, so, I kept rubbing my tool there only in her crossed legs which also showing like as a pussy hole, but from out side. I took the opportunity to clear my thirst for that night, I inserted there (from outside fucking) and fucked it. In next 10 minutes, I was about ejaculate, I took my tool outside and placed on her belly button and ejaculated.

This happened for few more times, even when my wife was not at home (went to temple), she never allowed me to real fuck.

She got married later and now having two kids, but never behaved as if something happened in between us. And she is living happily with her husband. I too don’t want to disturb her married life, kept silent.

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