My Sweet Sexperience

I am married to pooja two years back. I want to share my sexperience with my Father-in-law[poojas father]with the readers. I used to call him uncle. My father-in-law is a widower and is of 46 yrs age and he looks very manly & sexy like Malayalam superstar Mammootty. As he stays alone in a village near Vijayawada looking after his fields, pooja being his only daughter, we used to visit him frequently.This incident happened almost one year after my marriage. When we went to the village for sankranti this happened. Sankranti being a big festival in south we had to take head bath and wear new clothes.I was getting ready to take bath, it being a village there was no bathrooms and a roofless partitions were made as a bathroom. I was in my towel and going to the so called bathroom as I am in the habit of taking bath complete nakedly. My father-in-law told I should apply oil to the body before taking bath. As pooja went to temple, he asked whether he can apply the oil to me. I said OK and sat on a stool before him half naked wearing a towel only. I removed my underwear also before putting my towel on. He started applying oil on my head and started a slow massage on my head. Oil was dripping over my shoulders, my hairy chest to my navel. He then started a slow massage of my shoulders which was giving relaxation. His fingers are touching my nipples as his hand is getting slipped from my shoulder to chest. I was getting aroused as his fingers are grazing my black nipples. My nipples are getting erect and my cock in the towel started pushing my towel up as it was getting engorged and becoming a rod. He came in front of me and started massaging my hands and I noticed a huge bulge in front of his lungi. I wanted to touch the bulge and feeling awkward to hide my erection as my penis head started peeking from my towel. He slowly sat before me and parted my towel, I was sitting before my father-in-law fully exposing my erect 8 inch black penis, huge hairy balls covered with a forest of pubic hair. He slowly lowered his head and took my penis into his mouth and parted my thighs and held my balls in his hand and started fondling them. I was in heaven as in my 24 yrs of my age this was the first time somebody has tasted my penis and it was my dream come true as pooja never sucked my cock but restricted herself to only kissing on my private parts.

My father-in-law took my penis inch by inch into his wet & warm mouth and started sucking it. He threw my towel away and pulled me on to the floor. I was fully under his control and submitting me to him. He came over me and started sucking my erect black nipples covered with oil. I started pulling his head towards me as I was getting aroused because of his actions. I pulled away his lungi he was wearing a blue colour VIP frenchie underwear. I pulled his underwear down a Huge anaconda like penis jumped out of its confines. His black penis was almost 9 inches long and thick, his balls are huge hanging like tennis balls in the sac. His pubic hair was a mixture of white and black hairs covered his prized possessions. His thighs were white & hairy. He is looking like a athlete because of the hard work he does in the fields. He kissed on my lips and came between my thighs and started sucking my penis while playing with my balls. I was holding his penis in my hand as we were in 69 position and started licking his cock head which was leaking his pre cum. He increased his sucking and I could not hold any longer as I shot my cum load after load into his waiting mouth. He drank my cum fully and cleaned my cock head with his tongue. I took his cock into my mouth and it was my first taste of a mans meat. It was not bad at all I started liking it as I started a slow suck of my father-in-laws dick and increased my pace. He also shot his load into my mouth I drank the warm & salty cum of my father-in-law. He came and kissed over my lips tasting his own cum and told he dreamt of this since my marriage with his daughter. He confessed he used to watch us having sex through window holes whenever we went to his village and Many a times wanted to pull his daughter away and wanted to have my penis in his ass hole and suck my penis till I cummed. He further told me that many times whenever I used to take bath naked he used to observe me and masturbated in the backyard. Once when he heard my pleading his daughter to suck my cock, his desire towards me became double and wanted to fulfill my desire and indeed gave me a biggest festival gift of my life. Since then whenever I come to this village I am having this sweet sexperiences with my father in law.