Maid servant

Hey girls. Bedroom Basher is in the house. This is my second story, and I hope you have enjoyed my last experience titled ‘Gym Receptionist’. I am against fiction; hence, my stories are based on real life events.

As some of you know already, I am from Bangladesh, 5’ 9”, and quite a horny bastard. The incident I am about to narrate happened three years ago. By then, I had fucked and fondled a few maids, and almost got caught seducing one. We had employed a new maid in Dhaka (capital city), Nasrin (25 – 28), who resembled similar features very much that of Kareena Kapoor, but was very dark in complexion unlike the actress. Though Kareena is considered pretty, Nasrin was no less with her 36B-30-36 assets and standing 5’5 1/2” – she was somewhat on the bulkier side. Anyway, the incident took place when Nasrin had been employed in our house well over six months, and at the time, I was abusing drugs 24/7. On that day, I had smoked a couple of joints and was high off my ass. As some of you know, when you are high or drunk, you tend to be 100x hornier than you would have been sober – the animal within had only awaken.

Everyone had gone to a party while I stayed back – I was antisocial during that phase. Still growing you know? I was left with Nasrin and the other maidservants in the house. It was only that day I realized how much this object (Nasrin) was fuck-able. I made no waste of time and began devising a scheme of how I was going to nail this bitch. I had already made a sketch but just needed to add the colors to my ingenious plan. As I was high, I had the bold courage of asking Nasrin to come on the terrace (on the pretext of something very important I had to tell her). Little did she know her pussy would be torn that night? She humbly complied with my order. While I waited for her on the terrace impatiently, my heart began to pound thrice as fast as I was mixed with emotions – emotions of guilt and sorrow for this poor helpless village girl, but at the same time, lust and frustration from the beast within.

It was pitch dark under the starry night, and I saw a figure standing at the door. It was Nasrin. As she walked slowly towards me, I said to myself, ‘now or never!’ and waited for her to come closer, and closer, and closer. When she was close enough, I played naive by acting shy. At one instant, I let out my immediate feelings to her in rage, ‘I don’t know if I should tell you this but I fear you’ll share with the other servants and get me into deep shit’, to which she replied, ‘Please tell me, I won’t tell anyone’, as predicted. Plan was going above expectation. Now was time to move from square one. I stepped closer and told her I liked her a lot. She misunderstood and thought I was in love with her (a common problem with all village girls). I knew what she understood but was reluctant to change it since I had to bang her that night! The moment was not hours away but minutes now. I held her hand and guided her inside the hall, which was adjacent to the terrace. She was dumbfounded and did not realize what was about to happen.

I put my hands around her shoulders and put pressure down so she would lie on the floor making it easy for me to fuck her in missionary style. I was also worried about the other servants since them, from time to time, made random visits on the terrace sometimes to smoke or get fresh air. I had to be quick, meaning, a super fast but hard fuck! I told her to just take off the pajama she was wearing because there would be no time for foreplay. She was struck by awe but, nevertheless, reluctantly complied. Bitch must have thought, ‘What kind of love is this? Why does he want to fuck me the same day he’s proposing?’ to herself. I spread her legs wide as they could be stretched apart, tilting them back, holding the sole of her feet with my fingers, and brought the head of my 6” cock near her hairy pussy (she started shaving her pussy later after our sessions became a daily ritual). She tried covering her love hole but I moved her hands away in a mad fright, and without much effort, buried all 6” deep inside her dark canal – bitch was wet and swampy already from my sweet talk, and thereafter, began my unending massive and violent thrusts.

At one point, I changed position by resting her long legs over my shoulders and began fucking her mercilessly while she kept moaning and begging, ‘Mmm… Oh! Ah! Ah! Mmm… betha lage, please asthe den! (It hurts, please go slow!)’, but who was to listen? Not me. Interestingly, when I started pumping her harder due to the insufficient time, her pain started to wear away, and she gradually began enjoying my supersonic thrusts. There would be cooperation from her as she would, during intercourse, encourage my sexual assault by lifting up her hips so I could better penetrate. Within minutes, Nasrin got her first orgasm in lifetime, but I wouldn’t stop till I filled her uterus with my seed.

Finally, after 15 minutes, I cummed profusely into her uterus hitting all the inner walls in her pussy, and got up immediately holding my cock as it continued to drain out cum from my testicles. I knew there was no time for another round and told her to get dressed quickly. She realized only then, I was just interested in banging her – there was no love attached. It was too late. She had come now too far to turn around from this new world (womanhood) she had stepped into. Now I was her master and she, my sex slave for the next few months. Overtime, we had several sessions – sometimes on the sofa, ironing table, kitchen floor, while other times on the bed, toilet and places you can only imagine. She would just come back for more even though, at times, I would have unloaded my balls the very day in other pussies five or six times already.

We fucked a few times in my sister’s room where Nasrin slept (on the floor) – it would be hard at times to sneak in and wake her (Nasrin) by not waking up others. She got so horny at times that when no one would be around, she’d feel my cock with her hands in the course of her household chores; rub her fingers over in a to-and-fro motion for quick preparation. At the end, she told me she wanted to leave since she could not get along with the other servants in the house, but was too addicted to my cock – hence, it was a hard decision for her to make. I did not know what to say but encouraged her to go since I needed to taste the other pussies (of servants) in my house, as these servants tend to be jealous of one another I learned. I did not want to raise a ruckus, but at the same time, keep everyone satisfied.

One day, when I came back from a party with friends, I heard the girl went back to her village and never returned. I was so relieved since this bitch was starting to fall in love with me at the end. However, I was sad that I would not have the joy of fucking another Kareena Kapoor in the form of a helpless maid. Bedroom Basher Girls in Bangladesh, I can be reached at / / – love you all!

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