Difference And Similarity

One day the humorous class teacher came to the class and shoots some funny questions for the class. A talented boy naturally answered like this………

Q1. What is the difference between a cycle and a girl?

Ans1—-in a cycle you need to pump before you jump and to a girl you need to jump and only then you can pump.

Q2. What is the similarity between a boat and a woman?

Ans2—- The lower portion of both these two always remains wet.

Q3. What is the difference between a condom and a parachute?

Ans3—if condom tears human borns and if a parachute tears human dies.

Q4. How can you give protection to a condom and you will confirm to your partner that you are doing a safe sex?

Ans4—for that you need to put on two condoms at a time, after putting on first condom apply hot chilli souch rubbing on the condom covering your hard on length, then put on next one and go for wild sex, it will give auto warning to male if first inner condom rapture and the female if 2nd one does but if both of u do jump getting hot joke then you have torn both. But if you can make it silent and violent sex then you have done a safe sex….

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