Be slow Bhayya

A couple went to Indira Park (in Hyderabad) on a Sunday evening and relaxed them selves under thick shady bush and involving in romance. Then they heard the following from the other side of the bush. The voices were of a boy and a girl

Girl: Oh! Bhayya jara dheere… you are hurting me.

Boy: Wait, wait, don’t move.. Raise your leg… yes that’s it.. It is ok… finished.

Girl: Bhayya .. Slow please.. It is paining a lot.. You are poking deep… oh…oh..

Boy: Oh! Veena.. Don’t wriggle..

Girl: Oh…ufff oh Bhayya blood is also coming why don’t you do it slowly.

Boy: it is very deep. If I don’t do properly how will get relief?

Girl: O.K. I’ll bear the pain. But do it quickly.

By listening this talk the couple was shocked. What this boy and girl are doing.. She calls him Bhayya and what the boy is doing to his sister is wrong. It is taboo they thought. The couple got angry and wanted to give slap to them and they moved to the other side. What they saw shocked them.

There was a boy of 10/12 years and a girl 9/10 years old. The girl is reclining back on her palms and her one leg is on the boy’s knee. There is pain in her face and tears in her eyes. The boy gripped the girl’s ankle firmly with his left hand and poking a safety pin in the soul of girl’s leg. “What is going on?” the man shouted angrily.

“A thorn in my sister’s leg… I am trying remove it” replied the boy. / /