Man, cameland woman

A man and his camel were lost in the desert for months. The man got really horny and decided, what the hell, a camel is better than nothing.

He put the camel in position, climbed behind the camel, and just as he was about to enter the camel, it ran off. He chased the camel down and tried again, but it ran away again.

He tried this five more times before he came across a beautiful woman lying in the desert. She was dehydrated and close to death. He took the woman to a oasis and revived her.

The grateful woman wakes up and says to the man, ‘Thank you for saving my life. I will do anything for you.

The man smiles and replies, ‘Anything? Really?

‘Yes, the woman says, ‘Anything.

‘Well, the man says. ‘Will you hold my camel for me so he stops running away?

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