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Hi to all the readers of ISS !! I am Ansh, 22, from Delhi. I am in college and will finish my graduation this year. Let me describe myself, I am 5.11” and have an athletic build. I don’t like to brag about myself but I am quite good looking and attractive and girls find my eyes (hazel !!) and voice very sexy apart from my torso.

I would like to receive your comments after you have read the story. My email ID is / / . Well, coming to the incident, it happened two months back. Back in school, I had this junior, Devika, who had a crush in me (though I didn’t know at that time). After I left school I wasn’t in contact with her until one day I saw her on Orkut, so I scrapped her and got a reply the next day. I came to know that she was doing her graduation from Singapore. We chatted for some days and exchanged numbers but still we did voice chat most of the time. Slowly I got to know her and told her about myself. Though she was not that open in the beginning but gradually I eased her up quite a bit and she also told me that she had a big time crush on me. This further encouraged me and one day just out of the blue, I asked her what she thought of pre marital sex, and she was like totally against it. But as time went by (almost 3 months) I enlightened her on the pleasures and benefits of sex and slowly and gradually she started falling for me. She told me that she has no problems getting physical but won’t go for intercourse. She was about to come to India for her holidays and since she was also from Delhi, I had the opportunity to meet her so I planned our meeting.

We met at a coffee shop for the first time and I made her quite comfortable so she was quite frank and open with me in the first meeting itself. Eventually the conversation veered towards sex and I could see that she got quite excited (she was still a virgin).

After that to my amazement, she suggested that we go to some place private. Since I stayed with my parents I couldn’t take her to my place but I had this friend’s guest house which belonged to his dad’s company and I had used it on quite a few occasion so we went there.

We were just lying on the bed and looking into each other’s eyes that suddenly she came close to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a smooch on my lips. I was taken aback but got excited at the same time. So I started kissing her back and our kiss got really hot and passionate with our tongues fighting !! It went on for like 10 minutes and all this while my hands were exploring her body. Well let me describer her, she is quite beautiful and her figure is voluptuous and curvaceous. Her figure is 34B-28-36 and her assets are really stunning !! And apart from that she has really nice eyes.

Well let’s move back to what was happening between us, so while we were kissing, she also started exploring my body and unbuttoned my shirt and started kissing my chest. I was enjoying every bit of it ! After that she moved down and started kissing my waist and I stopped her, came on top of her pinning her down to the bed and started kissing her neck sensuously. I could see that see was ecstatic and was breathing heavily. I then pulled out her t -shirt and there were those huge boobs covered with just a black half-cup bra, in fact one nipple was popping out ! I started kissing near her boobs, her navel, and her tummy licking it like a child licks candy. I even fucked her belly button with my tongue and she let out a sexy moan. She was pulling my hair all this time and then she brought me up and started smooching me wildly. While we were kissing, I moved my left hand behind her and unhooked her bra in a snap, she didn’t even realize it. So finally my hands were free to explore her round and soft boobs and explore they did. I can tell you they were really very soft and sensitive, as even if I pinched her nipples slightly, she moaned loudly “oooohhhhh !!” I took off her bra then and was cupping both her boobs with my hands and pressing and squeezing them and all this while I was kissing her, she was going crazy. She then unbuttoned the remaining buttons of my shirt and removed it quickly. I slowly moved down and stared circling around her boobs with my tongue and teasing her. She could not take it anymore and held me by my hair and directed my mouth towards her boobs and nipples. So I started slowly licking her nipples and areola and gradually increased my pace and intensity moving on to biting her nipples and sucking her boobs real hard, almost taking all of them in my mouth and trust me, every time I did that she just went wild screaming “aaaaaahhhhhhh !!”

Then all of a sudden her hands moved towards my jeans and she unbuttoned it and with a swift motion grabbed my 7” dick, which was in a semi erect state. She started giving me a hand job, but as my jeans and underwear were still on, so I helped her a bit and pulled them off. I was lying totally naked in front of her with she playing with my dick and at the same time I was sucking her boobies. Then she went down on me and stared at my dick in amazement as it was the first time she had seen a full grown dick for real. She then licked the tip of my dick, which had pre cum on it and then slowly took almost all of my dick in her mouth; it felt so warm, her tongue working on my dick. Then she got super excited all of a sudden and started sucking my dick like a wild cat, pausing for brief moments and staring at my dick and then again with a jerk, taking it in her mouth. She went on for quite sometime and as I was coming, I moaned “ am coming, am coming….” And I finally came but I pulled my dick out before ejaculating and came on her tits. My cum was dripping from her nipples. That was one of the best blowjobs of my life and I told her so and was really happy to hear that.

We just lied down for sometime and rested. After sometime, I slipped my hand in her jeans and panty and I could feel her pussy was really wet. I started massaging her pussy slowly and she was moaning softly “ ooooohhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhh, yeah baby I like I !!” Then I inserted one finger in her cunt very slowly and she was in sweet pain already. Her cunt was very tight so I was finding it difficult to insert my finger but eventually it went totally in. I explored the inside of her cunt with my one finger and she just loved it. So I moved further and pulled it out a bit and slowly started finger fucking her. Immediately she grabbed my dick and started giving me a hand job. My dick was erect again !! I then came on top of her and pulled out her jeans and then panties. She was feeling a bit shy but I told her its okay and her cunt was beautiful ! and it was shaved too which I just loved ! I then spread her legs wide and started licking her pubic area but ignoring her pussy. That really got her all wild and hot and even wetter. I was teasing her and she was liking every bit of it. I moved down and kissed her fine, shapely and super smooth legs. I went down till here ankle and foot and as I licked and kissed there, I could make out that she was loving it more than anything. I kissed the inside of her knee joint and that got her all the more excited. Then I came back to her pussy and started kissing and licking it slowly. The moment I touched her pussy with my tongue she started pulling my hair and shouting and screaming, “suck it Ansh, lick it harder !!” I was more than happy to obey. So I kissed, sucked and licked her pussy till she could take into more, and after that I inserted my tongue in her wet, pink pussy and she went wild with passion. I introduced her to what I like to call “Tongue Tornado”, I inserted my tongue all the way in her tight cunt and started tongue fucking her and at the same time I was squeezing both her boobs very forcefully. The expression on her face said it all…. how much she was enjoying it. She was enjoying what was being done to her but also wanted to pleasure me so I suggested 69 and she readily agreed. I lied down on the bed and brought her on top of me making her suck my dick and at the same time I had a full view of her nice ass and vertical lips !! Her cunt had become very wet by that time and I again started licking her pussy as she sucked my dick hard and fast. I had to slow her down after sometime as she was bringing me closer to orgasm. So after 10 minutes of sucking and licking we stopped and just lay on the bed.

After 5 minutes or so I proceeded towards the closet where I had kept the condoms and took them and came back to the bed. She got a bit worried then and told me that she does not want to have sex and that she was not ready for it. Then I had to explain her that there was nothing wrong in having sex and that it was a basic need of the human body. So after 10 minutes of coaxing, she finally gave in and as we were lying side by side, she gave my dick a “how-am-I-gonna-take-that-thing-in-my-pussy” look. I calmed her and told her that it will be all right and I will be very gentle. So I made her lie on the bed comfortably and put a pillow under her butts so as to make penetration deeper and easy. I then put on the condom and kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips gently and with a gentle thrust tried to insert my dick in her cunt but it wasn’t going in as her cunt as very tight. Every time I tried to enter her pussy, my dick just rubbed off her cunt and wasn’t going in. she got a bit worried and asked me to stop as she thought that she wont be able to take my dick but I reassured her and after trying for 5 minutes, I finally managed to get my dick totally insider her pussy. The feeling was amazing…and more so for her. She was almost in tears as it was paining badly but I was very slow and gentle and after thrusting my dick in her completely, I stayed still for sometime to give her time to recover. Soon she started liking it and I started thrusting very slowly. She was on cloud nine and I could see that. She grabbed my butt cheeks and pressed me against her body so that I could penetrate her more deeply. She was making quite some noise in between letting out moans and suddenly she exclaimed, “ Ansh, FUCK ME HARDER AND FASTER BABY, I want your dick all inside me, give it to me baby, fuck me !!” Who was I to refuse such a request so I gave her what she wanted. I started thrusting even more faster and deeper. I could see that she was in pain also but was enjoying it…. sweet pain !! The expression on her face was priceless…..

So after 20 minutes of wild fucking and thrusting I felt that I was about to come. As I came nearer to orgasm, I told her, “ I am gonna come baby, am gonna come soon.” And she reciprocated, “ even am coming baby….aaaaaahhhhhh !!” my thrusts became more intense and faster as I neared orgasm and with a sudden jolt, I ejaculated but still managed those last few thrusts and then collapsed on her boobs all sweaty, but still inside her. The look on her face told me that she had a mind-blowing orgasm and indeed, she did have one as she told me, “I really had a rocking orgasm and I came just before you did honey, you are simply amazing, mind-fucking-blowing !!” as I was lying on her body, she suddenly asked me to get my dick out of her cunt, I asked why but she had already taken it out and then I realized that she was worried about me cumming in her pussy so I told her pointing towards the condom, “ here is all the sperm baby, you don’t need to worry, you wont get pregnant” and she was relieved totally.

We just lay on the bed for sometime and talked about what has just happened. It was the third time that I had had sex with a virgin and believe me guys, she was the best among them, very enthusiastic and eager to try out new stuff, the two things I liked most in bed. She was really impressed with my abilities and stamina and later complimented me and said that, “ thanks for making my first time so very special, I will never forget it….”. That compliment was more than enough to inflate my ego and why shouldn’t it, after all I had earned it. Later we went out for dinner and I dropped her home. After that we met everyday till the time she was in India and tried loads of new stuff. Each day she got better in bed and the sex was getting better too !! She left for Singapore after 20 days and I am already looking forward to September when she’ll be back in India !!

I love traveling (even right now, I am in Raipur) and have had quite a few sexual encounters in many cities. I have this liking for older women and there have been a couple of occasions where I got the chance to make out with an unsatisfied aunty too. But I love girls of my age too as they are wild and not afraid to try out new stuff.

So any girls, aunties and bhabhies who are not satisfied with their sex lives and want to spice it up can contact me at / / . Confidentiality is assured and expected. And to all the readers of ISS, do mail me your comment, feedbacks and suggestions. I would really appreciate that.

And a word of advice to all the girls and ladies,


P.S. Names have been changed for discretion.

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