I love sex

I have my office with attached room and lat-bath and so many times I came early in office and took shower here. I have maid Chhaya and she sweep and cleaned my office since last five years. Anudha having smiling face, whitish color and slim, she always wear saree in such a way nobody could see anything apart from her hand. I never saw her for any sexual relationship.

One day I came early in the office and was busy in my work on table that time Anudha was cleaning the room, I needed a file which was in drawer above my had. I told Anudha to give me that file. She stood on my table and was trying to open drawer above me, it was far behind approach her and she stretched her body. I just saw above her paluu was flowing and her bare belly was visible and her saree was tied just above the navel, when she tried more then a half deep holed navel was visible to me I got erected and meanwhile she took the file and give it to me but she couldn’t notice my eye.

Now I was eager to have sex with her and was looking for chance. Soon opportunity comes. One day while I came to office my back was paining and I was looking tiered. When she saw my face she asked why I am looking tiered. I told her during sleeping I got muscular pain in my back and because of that I couldn’t sleep proper, she told me you have to take massage and you will get soon relief, I said who will massage because I don’t know anybody here. She said can I massage your back, I said OK. It was 8.00 AM and nobody was there. I sleep in adjoining room on matt and she took oil from the bathroom and told me to remove my shirt. I sleep on my stomach and she started massage on my back.

Her hand was very soft and she was massaging very well. After some time she said are you OK I said if you massage whole my body then I will feel good. She told me to turn on and now she was massaging my chest. I told her to put more pressure then she lifted herself on her knees and tuck her saree on her waist. I can see her stomach and navel now. It was deep holed and very big and sexy navel. She was massaging me carelessly. I just lift my hand and took my finger near to her waist where saree was tucked and she was moving her hand and during movement I slowly put my index on her belly and was rolling towards her navel slowly. She smiled and look at me and stoped for few second and again started massaging me. Now I got courage and move my finger towards her navel, she was snatching her stomach back and my finger riches to her navel ah it was very exciting, my cock get erected she hold my 8 inch long and 4 inch thick cock in her hand and told me control it.

I said now I cant I grab her and started to kissing her lips they were giving me taste like a wine. We both suck each other tongue and now I kiss her neck. My hand reaches to her blouse and she was not wearing bra her nipple were erected. I rolled her nipple in my index and thumb. I removed her saree and she was in now peticot and blouse. She has very biig boobs and very sexy figure. She told me that for the first time she is getting such kind of sensation her husband is not capable so he never touched her. I become mad with the smell of her sweat. And was licking her body. She asked me why you were erected to see my navel. I said this is the most sexy part in your body and I love it. She was smiling and said whatever you want to do with me you can.

She hug me very tightly and I too. Very slowly she removed my all clothes and her also. I don’t know when my cock reached near her pussy. She took my cokc in her hand and gave direction towards her pussy. Oh it was terrific. Her pussy was like a mouth of small child when I penetrate her she was moaning oh aaaaaaaah finally I was inside her. She said I am in heaven rub my boobs. I rub them with lot of pressure and simultaneously I was giving thrust in her. I was kissing her licking her and biting and she was enjoying. After five minute from the stem of my cock I felt a row of ant is moving up and she said go ahead. I started frequency of frictions and finally I showered my cum inside her and she also gain the climax that time. She took my hair in her hand and shouted stop it but I gave her five six more friction. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I cant explain the joy. We remain nude on bed as it condition and after some time we both wear our clothes.