Sex with seema

I was free in office with less work that day whiling away my time in the chat rooms when the above message flashed in the Yahoo Messenger window in my PC Monitor. I noted the message came from a girl or lady named Seema.

“Hi..” I sent my message back greeting the person.

“Is that you Sunny”? Another message came.

“That’s right. May I know your ASL (age, sex and location) please?” I wrote back.

I was waiting to receive reply to my query when another question came from her: “Good afternoon Mr. Sunny. But are you the one who wrote those beautiful sex stories published in Kerala Erotica website?”

I replied: “Good afternoon to you too. Yeah, you are right again. And thanks for the kind appreciations”.

“I am very lucky and happy to meet you on the Internet, Mr. Sunny. I think you are from Calcutta. I am Seema, also from Calcutta” she wrote.

“Nice to know you Seema” I replied.

In several instant messages she wrote further: “I am 24 years old, unmarried, living in our own house in the city. I wanted to meet you personally to discuss some things. I think you are an expert in sexology. I have some personal problems with regard to my anatomy and I think you could perhaps help me. Can you come down to my place on coming Thursday morning at 10.00 when I will be alone while other members of my family would be away to watch a one-day cricket match”?

I could guess what she was hinting at.

Yet I politely replied with my messages: “Thanks for your invitation Ms. Seema. But I don’t visit a stranger on the Internet straight away. No, I am not suspecting you have mala fide intentions. And, then, I am not a qualified medical practitioner or sexologist but possess general knowledge through my studies only. I suggest you should better consult a qualified doctor for your problem”.

But she was cleverer than me. She read what was in my mind than what I wrote.

She had beaten me with her reply: “If I am not offending you, sorry to say Sunny, you are suspecting me for no reason. If you can not trust me, then you can bring 3-4 of your friends along to wait outside my house. All I wanted was to discuss something with you. Actually, I was feeling shy and shame to discuss it in presence of my family members. After hearing me, it is up to you if you can help or not”

I reached a cul-de-sac unable to offer any more excuses. I began to believe her when she readily gave me her address and contact number. My mind told me she was not the dirty type. So, I agreed to meet her at her residence on next Thursday at 11.00 in the morning.

In fact such expeditions were not unusual to me. But generally I met a female only after establishing friendship or rapport before. Yet I decided to go alone.

She opened the door almost instantly I pressed the bell. For a minute I curiously watched the tall girl wearing salwar-kameez standing in front of me. She was very lean and thin with pencil like limbs. I considered she might not weigh more than 35 kgs. Though she was average looking, I had difficulty to locate her boobs under her dress not more than the size of small lemons.

We identified each other and shook hands. She welcomed and thanked me for coming. Bolting the front door, she led me to the drawing room. She requested me to sit on the comfortably cushioned sofa. She also expressed her pleasure to meet me personally. I admired her in my mind for the nicest mannerisms she exhibited so far.

Excusing herself, she disappeared inside the house. Later she brought two glasses of cold Cola drinks and offered one to me. I thanked her. I smiled when she offered to bring tea and snacks later.

We talked for a few minutes knowing each other better. She had lost her parents and lived with her brother and his wife. They had no kids as they were married only a few months back. She told about her brother who was an executive in a bank. A quick glance inside the house told me they were rich if not very rich.

Though I could make a faint guess, I straight away went to the subject: “Suppose you tell me about your personal problem”.

She said: “Okay. Since I have read almost all of your stories written in explicit language, I won’t feel any shy or shame to express myself openly. I am 24 years old. Now, you have seen my health and body which do not match to a girl of my age. I don’t have any ailments. I am perfectly fine. All the members in my family were having good physique. In spite of taking all nourishing foods, my health does not improve. I had undergone several medical tests but nothing is wrong with me. A doctor I consulted earlier had opined that my health might improve after marriage but he had not elaborated the details. Though my brother was trying hard to get me married, but no boy likes my body and appearance”.

She paused to take her breath. Looking straight into my eyes, she went on: “My limbs don’t bother me. But, you see, my breasts are too small. Tell me, with this size and shape of my body, will you have agreed to marry me? So, I won’t blame the boys. I have not discussed this with my sister-in-law nor did she ever tell me anything. Some of my friends had told me that with the physical and oral handling of a male, the breasts would begin to grow in size. A few of my married friends emphatically assured me so as they claimed it did happen their cases. Is it true?”

I considered this for a moment. Then I said: “Look, Seema, the physical size and growth of body of a person depend on many factors like heredity, genetic composition, chromosome balance, illness besides other factors such as living conditions, intake of nourishing foods, adequate sleep, physical exercises, environment, peace, satisfaction and happiness in mind, etc. You see, I am telling these based on general information and knowledge and not based on any scientific or medical aspects”

After a pause, I went on: “As regards the growth in size of breasts to be induced by a male’s handling, yes, I too have heard about it but have not met anyone substantiating the claim. Similarly, I too have heard about the improvement in physique and enhancement of breasts in females after marriage and sexual relation. Some sources say it might be due to hormone exchange or balancing and/or wellbeing achieved out of mental satisfaction. Whatever it may be, but in this case, I knew a few ladies whose physical condition improved substantially after marriage or childbirth. Yes, my wife is an example”.

She considered it for a minute. To my query, she said she had regular menstrual cycle of 26 days with bleeding for four days.

Then to my utter surprise and disbelief, she told: “Regardless of what people said was correct or not, what is the harm in our testing what we discussed just now? If you don’t mind it, can we do it now?”

Without waiting for my answer, she stood up and went to draw the curtains so that nobody could see us from outside. Sitting back on the sofa, she unhesitatingly lifted her cotton kameez up revealing her bare bosom without bras.

I felt a jolt and took a few seconds to absorb the situation when she added: “Should I simply lift my kameez up or remove it”?

As I still sat confused, she said: “Jai, now come and inspect my boobs for yourself”.

Though I could not appreciate her bold exhibition yet I could not notice any desire or lust in her eyes. I went near her and bent my head to watch her bosom. I could see her thin body and two small pieces of flesh which she called her breasts. They were not more than the size of two lemons; hence I could not notice them in spite of her not wearing bras. Naturally there was no cleavage between the boobs. She had light brown aureoles and very small nipples similar to that of males. No doubt, her boobs were much smaller in size compared to her age.

I made a close inspection of the boobs. Then I placed my hands on her both boobs. She kept her face expressionless. I ran my hands in circular motions in a massaging way for several times. Slowly, I pressed her boobs lightly. Then I increased my pressure of squeezing. I think she felt a little pain now. With difficulty, I took her almost non-existent small nipples between my two fingers and tweaked them softly. “Eerrr….” I thought she released a small sound of moan. After sometime, I noticed her boobs became a little hard and I could faintly notice her erected little nipples, now a little hard.

She removed her kameez as keeping it lifted up was giving inconvenience. I sat on the sofa by her side and made her body relaxed resting on the back-rest. I bent forward. She was watching me curiously what I was going to do next. Slowly I brought my mouth over her left boob. I took my tongue out and ran it licking her entire boob several times. “Ahh…” Now I could hear her distinct moan. I licked her right boob too.

Then I took her left boob into my mouth and began to suck it. As it was very small, almost the entire boob went inside my mouth. While I sucked her boob, I squeezed her right boob with my hand. “Aaahhh….Jai, this is giving me pleasures” she told. I continued my sucking for nearly four minutes. Then I sucked her other boob also. While sucking her right boob, I slid my hand into her panty and touched her pussy. “Ooouuuccchhhhhhh……” She screamed.

“Jai, are you sure you know what you are doing to me? It is giving me titillations and I am becoming hot now” she told in pleasure than a complaint.

I was pleased to know my action was making her hot. But I did not tell her that.

My hand on her pussy began to work. I rubbed the entire love triangle, which was more bony than fleshy, up and down several times. While still sucking her boob, I carefully spread her pussy lips with my two fingers and one finger rubbed her clitoris.

“Ooooiiiiiiiiiiii……” She hooted.

I continued to do so for nearly five minutes. Then I inserted my middle finger into her pussy hole. I had difficulty to insert it as her pussy was very tight. I considered she was a virgin alright as the opening on her hymen was very small for my finger to pass through. She writhed in pain now. I knew it was bad to continue to give her pain for longer. So, I made a sudden heavy push shooting my finger into her pussy tunnel forcibly. “Oouuucccchhhhh….” She screamed.

Luckily, it did not cause any bleeding in her pussy. Slowly I manipulated my finger inside her pussy stretching her pussy tissues. Then I started to finger-fuck her while I continued to suck her right boob. After a minute or so, I found her pussy becoming wet lubricating her tunnel.

“Jai, this is exactly the way I masturbate. The only thing is when I did it with my thin finger; I did not feel any pain. But with your big thick finger inside me, I am feeling pleasures and a little pain too” she said a little happily.

I did not answer but continued with my sucking and finger-fucking. My aim was to make her climax. After another two minutes or so, arched her body and released a wild shrill. Then she collapsed to the sofa. I knew she attained orgasm.

I took my finger out and inspected it. There was no cum from her pussy smeared on it. Immediately, I opened her salwar and together with her panty I pulled them down up to her knees adjusting her body. I spread her legs and thighs as much possible and inspected her pussy. Her pussy was small and narrow. In fact, her buttocks and hips were very lean and thin. I wondered it would give her would-be husband a tough time fucking her as his cock would ram no muscles but bones only.

I found no discharge at all from her pussy. However, it was not unusual in some ladies. Then I observed her boobs to see the effect on them after my sucking. I found them hardened a little and I could see her nipples now erected.

She woke up from her slumber now and exclaimed happily: “Jai, your finger-fucking made me climax. I derived a lot of pleasures. Thank you very much”.

She seemed disappointed as I did not reply her to that.

Instead, I said: “Seema, do you mind to remove your salwar and panty too”?

That surprised her a little. “Not at all Jai. My pleasure”. With this, she removed her clothes and sat fully nude now. I felt pity to see her skeleton body relaxing on the sofa now. I sat on the floor between her legs. I spread her thighs to make her pussy more visible. I brought her buttocks to the edge of the sofa so that her pussy was close to my face. With my hands I separated her pussy lips showing the slightly reddish pussy hole.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see her mixed reaction when I brought my mouth on her pussy. I extended my tongue out and ran it up and down licking her entire pussy. “Hhhaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii” she moaned. I licked her entire pussy several times. I could smell and taste urine. I did not bother it.

With difficulty, I took her clitoris into my mouth and sucked it hard for nearly three minutes. “Jai….what are you doing? You are lifting me to Heavens now”.

Later, I tried to penetrate my tongue into her pussy hole. But I could not succeed. So, I pressed my mouth on her hole and began to suck it. I think I sucked for another three minutes.

“Jai……it is too much for me to absorb….I just can’t believe you are sucking my pussy. Do men suck females’ pussies? I did not know. You are marvelous. I think I am going to climax for the second time soon………….” She screamed.

Before she could complete her sentence, she released another wild moan, arched her body again and attained orgasm. I noticed there was no cum discharged from her pussy.

I stood up and asked her to dress up. She did so.

Sitting on another sofa, I told her: “Seema, I could not find any deficiency, of course, in your behavioural characteristics while applying erotic stimulations. You are normal, absolutely normal like any other lady. But, yes, you need to consult a good gynaecologist and carry out some tests to assess the oestrogen level in your body. The doctor would advise you the course of treatment required”.

After a pause I went on: “Even if it does not help, you have other options to go for a plastic or cosmetic surgery of implantation of silica or other suitable methods to enhance the size of your boobs. But you must go it after consulting your doctor only”.

She expressed her happiness to hear my advice. After a silence of one minute, she told me: “One of my married friends had told me that consuming male’s cum (ejaculation) is also a good way. She claimed to have acquired enlargement of her boobs size”

I said: “No, I don’t think it is correct. May be the size of your friend’s boobs became bigger for other reasons. The seminal fluid, after consuming by a female, gets digested with various enzymes in the alimentary canal. As far as my knowledge goes, there is no scientific or medical proof to substantiate consuming seminal fluid by a female enhances her boobs size”

She considered this for a minute and said: “But then, what is the harm in trying that Jai. If you don’t mind, can I suck your cock and consume your cum?”

I watched her face intently. Yet I could not notice any urge for sex in her. I thought she was an odd person who would not hesitate to do anything and everything for her objectives.

I said okay if she so desired.

She came near me and sat on the floor between my legs. I smiled when she asked me to open my clothes. I unhooked my pants and pulled it down with the underwear up to my knees. She watched my non-erect cock curiously for a few seconds. I asked her to lick my cock for sometime to help erect it. She did so happily running her tongue on its entire length. Naturally with the oral touch of a girl, my cock began to erect soon.

She gasped and said with wide eyes: “Oh Jai, your cock has become very large now. How could this go inside the small narrow pussy of a girl to fuck”?

I said: “Seema, nature has made female’ pussy in such a way to give easy passage and the elastic nature of pussy tissues stretch back to accommodate any size of human penis”.

Then she took the head of my cock into her small mouth and began to suck it. I took it out from her mouth, drew back its outer skin revealing its red head with the orifice and thrust it back into her mouth. She sucked it gladly, holding its shaft at the bottom with her right hand. I think she sucked for nearly three minutes with her eyes closed. I admit I got pleasures while she sucked. At last, I exploded reaching climax. My cock spurted out jets of warm thick cum into her mouth. She gulped them down her throat. After the flow was over, she licked my cock and ensured there was no cum left on it.

She stood up and said: “Jai, if you don’t mind, can I tell something? Do you want to fuck me?”

I looked deep into her eyes and examined every word she uttered with microscopic precision. I knew it is not a word that matters but the way it was uttered and the meaning it was intended to carry that matters. I knew she meant that I had a desire and wanted to fuck her, it was okay with her. But she had not expressed her own desire to fuck.

I wore back my clothes, stood up and said: “Thank you Seema. You as well as I know any man would jump to accept an offer to fuck a willing girl. But I am different and not an opportunist primarily because you don’t show that urge and lust. No, I have no intention to deflower you. It is my desire you enter your bridal night with your would-be husband as a virgin. I wish you all the best in life. May all your cherished dreams come true”.

She thanked me a lot. Also she admired and appreciated profusely for my decent character.

Disregarding her request for tea, I extended my hands to shake hands with her in a gesture of goodbye.

“Thanks a lot” both of us uttered it at the same time before I left her house.

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