Indian Wife Fucks A Young Boy Part II

Hi, I am back with part 2 of Indian wife fucks a young boy. my wife was still so turned on with touching the boys cock that she wanted to do more when hes awake. We formulated a plan, i would go out for an hour or so meanwhile my wife would have fun with the boy. After a half hour or so i left but i didnt plan on going anywhere i was going to watch through the cupboard. My wife wore a skirt which was 5 inches above the knee to hook the guy. As soon as the boy entered the room was my wife sitting on the edge of the bed with her upper thighs showing. The boy couldnt take his eyes off her legs and he started having an erection in front of my wife….my wife pretended not to notice and keep doing what she was doing. The boy tried to hide it behind his hands and in a shaky voice asked “Can i get you anything…anything at all.”

We knew he wanted to stay in the room and keep staring like a hungry animal….thinking about how my wifes thighs would feel to the touch and her big boobs too. My wife said thank you and you can sit in the room if you want and well talk so you can tell me more about you. The boy made sure that he sat right in front of my wife where he could maybe see her panties. What he didnt remember was that he wasnt wearing anything under his shorts. My wife looked at him to ask him something and saw his erect cock from the shorts side……she paused for a moment to make the boy think that she knew what he was doing……Then my wife got up and went to the bathroom.

The laptop was still on the bed and the boy tried to look and saw that my wife had a porn site which had big black african cocks fucking women hard. The boy sat there transfixed and put his hand on his cock slowly stroking it.

Just then my wife came out from the bathroom as planned and looked at him stroking his cock and said “Yeh kya ker rahe ho ???” mera laptop kyon dekha.

Sorry didi jaan bujh ker nahin kiya.

Dekhte hain. Waise kya dekh rahe the.

Mein yeh dekh raha tha ki yeh safed ladkiyon itna bada aur kala lund kaise le leti hain….baap re bahut bada hai.

Haan jo African hote hain unke aise he bade ghode jaise hote hain…..dekha hai na ghode ka lund….

Isme to bahut maza aata hoga ladkiyon ko…

Haan tabhi to sabko kala bada lund he pasand hota hai…..waise sirf kala lund bhi chalega….mujhe to yehi kale lund pasand hain…

Mazaa aaya na…..

Haan ji….

Accha ek baat bataa kya tune kisi ladki to choda hai….

Nahin didi bahut time se koshish ker raha hoon per koi ladki na to haath lagane deti hai na lund pakadti hai…..muth maar ke kaam chalana parhta hai…Accha kitni baar marte ho tum muth aur kya soch ker….Kuch din se na aapko nanga soch ker aapke momme ko muh mein le ker der tak choosta rahon.

Who bhi dekhte hain……mere pass aa ja bed per and mil ker dekhte hain…..

The boy climbed beside my wife and made sure that his elbows were touching my wife’s boobs…..

Dekh is kale lund ko saala 18 inch ka hai….mere pure baazo se bhi lamba…..

Toh isko ander kaise daalte hain…..

Inko aadat hoti hai…..

Ek kaam ker and jo mein kahungi sirf utna her karna nahin to rok ker bahaar nikaal dungi….

Theek hai didi…..bus thoda sa aapne app ko dekha do…..

After listening to the boy my wife made sure that her skirt was hiked to her waist and she had a long pair of stilletos on.

Baap re didi aap to bahut he sunder ho aur aapki kya legs hain….man karta hai ke saara din haath lagata rahoo….

Ek kaam ker chal aapna haath meri thighs per rakh aur halke se ragad.

The boy took his hand and placed in on my wife’s thighs and started stroking like theres no tomorrow.

Bas ker ab ek kaam ker aapna short utaar de and mujhe aapna lund dekha mujhe lagta hai tera bhi kale rang ka hoga….

Within a second the boy took off his clothes and sat there with his cock erect and looking at my wife..

Abe k kaam ker dheere dheere se aapna lund hila aur pichkari maarne se pahele ruk jana….

The guy started stroking his cock and my wife took her hands down to her pussy and started rubbing it and moaning. The guy started masturbating very fast seeing my wife like this and my wife said bola than a nahin karma.

Sorry didi kya karoon app itne sexy ho ki aapne aap he paani jhad gaya…..Ek kaam ker ab tu meri tangon ko hawa mein seedha ker ke mere chut ke pass aa jaa.

The boy took his cock and raised my wife’s legs in the air and kept the dick head on my wife’s pussy over her panties….Ab ragadna shuru ker aapne lund ko meri chut per

The boy was mad by now and he started doing it with the intention of putting it into her pussy through her panties…..Bas ker aur ek kaam ker mere paas aa ja aur apna loda mujhe de de haath mein.

The boy came running and gave the cock in my wife’s hand……my wife started stroking his cock at a speed and the boy came again in a few seconds….Arre dubara paani chod diya…..Ab tu na poora mere up aa jaa…jaise us picture mein tha per kuch mat karna jab tak mein na kahon….

The boy was about the height of my wife’s shoulders and seemed as if a midget was fucking my wife….Ab lund ko chut per rakh and wahin per rahane dena bina hilaye.Mera to paani choot gaya yeh dekh ker….Ab meri panty ke uper se dhakke marna shuru ker de…..

The boy stated moving his cock in and out like a piston over the panties of my wife and soon he came again…..Kahan jaa raha hai….dubara khada ker , hearing that the boy came up again and started fucking with longer and harder strokes than before making the bed shake….Haan aise he zor zor se kutte ke tarah ander bahaar ker apne lung ko…..this time the boy came right on her panties….

Then she told him to go and do some work she wanted her done….

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