Met In Train Fucked At Home Part II

Hello guys and gals hope you are doing well. In the last story I told you that how I met a lady and how we come closer to each other and how we went to her home while her hubby was away for tour. Now I will tell you how we cherished each other bodies to fullest. As we moved to her bedroom we started smooching like mad and enjoying each other. I was kissing her badly and she was responding fully to me. I entered my tongue into her. We were exchanging each other saliva. It was so sweet. I kissed her forehead, cheeks. I moved to her earlobe. As I kissed her there she got shocked her breathing very fast. I was pressing her boobs over her blouse she was moaning very hard.

Aaaahhh uiiii ha or karoooo; she was in blouse and petticoat as I have already removed her saree. She has maintained her body like anything. It seems that god had given ample time to create her. Nothing was less nothing was more. Everything at each and every place was perfect. Slowly she started unbuttoning my t-shirt I helped her to do so. Now I was in jeans my upper portion was naked. She saw my chest and started to kiss there (I am not having any athletic body just like normal guys). She pinched my nipples with her teeth I moaned ahh aahh suck it baby. She kissed me there for some time meanwhile I was caressing her body and pressing her boobs at the same time. I asked her to stand as it was the time to move further. I started unbuttoning her sky blouse slowly she was cooperating fully by raising her hands. Her armpits area over her blouse were wet due to her sweat the aroma of her sweaty armpits were making me crazy I licked her both underarms before removing her blouse making her armpits more wet with my tongue. I removed her blouse completely.

Now she was in her sky blue lace bra. (It seems that she had worn everything in matching sky blue saree, sky blue blouse, and sky blue petticoat). I asked her to raise her armpits, oh my god her armpits were so hairy and the sweat and my saliva were making it glowing. I went near her armpits and inhaled the smelly. Her sweat smell was heavenly. Believe me guys no other smell in the world is more erotic then women sweaty fragrance. I stared to lick her armpits. I licked both her armpits clean with my tongue. I was just yummy. She was in some other world moaning very hard. I was licking her armpits and pressing her boobs over the sky blue lace bra with one hand and was rubbing her groin area till her pussy over the petticoat with another hand. She was rubbing my dick over my pants. I loosened the knot of her petticoat. Her petticoat slipped to the floor. Whoa she was in her bra and panties only (both sky blue) and looking very hot. She asked me

Sheena- you have made me half nude and you are still wearing cloths.
Me- I am all yours darling do whatever you want to do.
She started to unbuckling my belt and my removed my jeans fully. Now I was only in my underwear and she was in bra and panties only. I hugged her again and turned around. Her back was in front of me her back was glistening like snow. I kissed her back rubbing her boobs and pussy simultaneously. She was playing with my dick with her hand. Slowly I unhooked her lace bra and turned her around. Her boobs were glowing. Her boobs were perfect round shaped with dark nipples; nipples were hard due to continuous pressing. She pressed my head towards her boobs. I was sucking, licking her right boobs and pressing left one.

Sheena- kha jao inhe pura kha jao.
Me- ha janeman pura kah jauga. Tumhara size kya h janu?
Sheena- 36 D
She was moaning ahhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh khaaaaa jaaaooooooo Inheeeee
After giving full attention to her both boobs I reached to her groin area and started licking her navel. She was not in control slowly moved to her inner thighs she was moaning uuuummmnnnn aaaahhhhhhh aaaammmmmmm. Her panties were very wet I think she had got one orgasm till now. I licked her pussy over her panties. I removed her panties she helped me by raising her legs. Her pussy was very hairy. The opening of her pussy was hidden due to dense forest of her pubic hairs. Drops of her love juice were glowing like pearls over her pubic hairs. I asked her
Me- kitne din huye jhantho ko saf nhi kia h?
Sheena- pichle 5 salo se kisi ne mujhe chua bhi nhi h kiske liye saf karti? Tumhe pasand nhi h kya?
Me- I love this jungle baby. I can’t wait anymore
I kept my head there and smelled her pussy the smell was most intoxicating after inhaling the smell as much as I can I keep my tongue on her pussy she got shivered. I was licking her inner thighs, her pussy till her asshole. She was uncontrollable and pressing my head in her pussy. I licked her and finger fucked her first one finger then two then three. I ejaculated a load and lying peacefully she had got another orgasm. After some time of resting she caressed my dick over my underwear and said
Sheena- tumhara lund bahar ane ko machal rha h.
Me- to bahar nikalo na meri jaan.
Sheena- lagta h bahut mota taja h.
Me- nikal ke dekh lo pata chal jayega.
She removed my underwear and was shocked to see my rock hard 8 inches long dick. She told me
Sheena- waw tumhara to mere pati se bahut mota or bada h.
Me- aaj se ye tumhara hi hai darling. Ise muh me lo.

She happily took my dick in her mouth and started to suck. She was licking my balls too. After some time we can to 69. She was sucking my dick and I was enjoying her hairy pussy. She told me- ab chod do mujhe ab or nhi rha jata. Hearing this from her I make her lye on the bed and tried to enter her pussy. Her pussy was tight as she was not fucked for last 5 years. As the top of my dick entered she shouted and was crying. I stopped for a while and kissing her boobs then I locked her lips with mine and with a sudden jerk entered her fully. She was crying slowly I was fucking her with a rhythm, her pain was subsidized and she was enjoying with moving her ass with my every push. She was moaning very hard ahhhhhh hhhhh hhhaaan chhhoodoo mujheee, fad do meri chut. Khub chodo mujhe. All these words of her were making me horny and I was fucking her with full speed. She has reached climax two times. The love juice from her pussy was making it easy and sound of phuch phuch was there. I fucked her continuously for 20-25min and was about to cum. I asked
Me- I am about to cum. She was in flow and asked me to cum inside. With the final jerk we both climaxed at same time. We were damn tried after this session and rested for some time. We had 3 more round that night. We slept at 4 am hugging each other.

So guys and gals this is my story about losing my virginity. Hope you liked it. Any comment and suggestions are welcome at- Please give me suggestions so that I can tell you how I fucked her virgin ass hole in the next part. Any girls, women (age not a matter) want the secret relationship can contact me at the same id. Privacy full guaranteed.
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