Fucked During House Warming Ceremony

Hello, Indian sex stories readers. I am Roshan (name changed) from Mysore. I am a big fan of ISS. Now I got a chance to tell my first story.How I got introduced to gay sex and how I lost my virginity.

Coming to the story, I was in class 10 at that time when we had our house warming ceremony. Every in my house was busy due to the preparations and decorations for the house warming ceremony. We had our cook called Suresh(name changed).

He used to cook for any celebrations held in our family. So we had called him to cook for that function. Until that day I did not have any kind of sexual attraction towards him as I was straight. He had come 2 days before the function and we had given a top floor empty room for him to stay.

Everyone was busy with their own work. Every time he sees me he used to see in a very friendly manner, but since the day when he came to our house, he started looking at me in a weird way which I sensed something fishy. So here comes the time. It was a day before the function he spoke to me in a weird manner. And he said he has brought some gift for me. So I said what?. He said that hell give it to me. If I come with him to his room after 7:30 when he finishes his work. I said ok.

By 7 he finished his work. And showed some action telling to come to the top floor when he stayed. And he walked forward climbing the stairs. I followed him and went behind him. When we reached 2nd floor he stopped. I asked what? He did not speak a word but lifted me in his hand. I asked what happened. He just took me to his room and put me down to open the door. He opened the door and told me to go inside.

As soon as I went inside he locked the door. I asked where is my gift. He said let’s talk for some time and later hell give me the gift. And we started speaking.

He asked me about my school stuff and as he was speaking he slid his hand on my shorts and rubbing my bare thighs. He said what is there inside the shorts I want to see. So I said no uncle its dirty. He said nothing is dirty. I will see. So I said no uncle I feel shy. So he said you just stand and I will see for myself. I said ok and stood in front of him.First, he said to remove my shirt. I did so. He started pinching my nipples. I said aah!(a soft moan) in pain. He was shivering with excitement.

He then started to unhook my shorts. And lowered my zip. And he removed my shorts fully. I was in my underwear now. He then massaged my little cock above underwear. Then he slowly lowered my underwear to knee level and I was embarrassed to stand in front of him like that. I had a milkish skin tone. He started fondling my balls. I felt a current flowing inside my body. I just closed my eyes.

Suddenly I felt a warmth on my penis. When I looked down he had put my cock in his mouth. I was feeling good. As the time went my cock got bulged. He said how are you feeling. I said it was good. Then he said to lay on my stomach at the corner of the bed in such a way that my foot touches the ground. I did so. He came from behind me with a vaseline and removed his shorts and his 7-inch cock sprang out from his shorts.

He came upon the bed and told me to do to his cock as he did to me. And I said ok and put his cock in my mouth and started moving back and forth and he separated my ass cheeks and was touching my asshole. After some time he came behind and started to lick my asshole and shaking my cock. I felt really good and after some time he applied vaseline to my ass hole.

I asked what he is doing so he just gave my underwear and said to put it in my mouth and bite it. I did so. He started to rub his cock in my ass hole and at once he gave a hard thrust and entered my ass and I was in a hell pain and tears rolled down my cheeks only half of his cock had gone. He removed his cock and I saw blood on his cock which came from my ass. He said everything will be alright and again positioned his cock on my asshole and this time he put more pressure and his full 7-inch cock was inside me. He started to ram back and forth. After some time even I felt good and went with him in a rhythm.

After some time he said to lay on my back and again inserted his cock and started to fuck me. He slightly bent down and planted a kiss on my lips and we lip locked for 10 mins. And after fucking me for about 45 mins he came inside me. I could feel a warm fluid inside me. He fell on me exhausted and after some time, he told to suck his cock and clean it fully I did so. After that, he told me to put on my clothes and told me not to tell anyone about this. And I said ok and left from there.

Next day was the house warming ceremony and I was totally busy by evening everything was over and people in the house had a get-together and drinks party. Everyone was busy, by that time Suresh finished all his work and came and sat beside me and signaled me to come to his room and I said him to wait. And he went to his room after 10 mins I went to his room. The door was open and as soon as I entered he hugged me from behind and kissed me like anything.

Within no time, he made me nude and started sucking my nipples and fingering my ass. And he told me to stand like a dog. I did so and this time he entered me easily and he fucked me for half an hour and filled his beautiful juice in me. And we did this same for next 2 days and after that, he left.

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