Anupama Part 2

Its 6 o clock in the morning and there lies Anupama on the bed with her adopted son, swastik, lying on her body with her blouse open and her nipple his mouth. Upon hearing the alarm Anupama slowly opens her eyes from sleep and to her surprise finds swastik lying on her with both his hands and mouth filled with her boobs. She can even feel something poking in her navel. For a moment Anupama was clueless about whats happening but slowly she recollects the incident from last night about how her son swastik made her had an orgasm merely from sucking her breasts.


Anupama then slowly lifts swastik from her body and puts him on the bed beside and careful enough not to wake him up.Her attention is caught when she sees swastiks penis. No doubt it as erect but this in no way can be compared to a small kid.But then she thinks it must be a morning hardon and theres nothing bad in this and she might as a mother get used to this sight. While taking shower Anupama thinks of the night before and automatically her hand comes to her breasts. With water flowing from her body, she lifts her breasts and can feel slight pain. Upon carefully looking on her breasts she finds marks (love bite) on her breasts around her nipple. She first presses her left breasts and slowly her right one with one hand and her other hand slides down to her vagina and starts rubbing her clitoris. She starts remembering how swastik sucked her breasts and now can feel her pussy getting wet. Slowly she starts rubbing her pussy vigorously and pinching her nipples. Within no time she feels an orgasm building in her body and soon enough her body quivers by the pleasure of the orgasm.


She slowly opens her eyes and to her surprise sees her son swastik standing there completely naked and his penis erect. she suddenly tries to cover her naked body with one hand covering both breasts and other hand covering her vagina. She is stunned by the size of his penis.How can a five-year-old child have such large penis? its size was comparable to even her husband Rahul. She has no idea about how long he was standing there watching her masturbate.”Mommy, Even I want to take bath” says swastik. ” He is a five-year-old kid. He certainly cant understand anything about masturbation. And he will eventually forget everything” thinks Anupama .”Ok. you stand outside and I will make you bath after I complete myself”.”No mommy. I want to take bath with you.”


” No baby, let mummy take bath first and then I will do yours”. “But my earlier mummy used to take bath with me” saying this swastik fills his eyes with tears. “What wrong could happen if a mother takes bath with her son. After all, he is a five-year-old child and wont mind if he sees his mothers naked body .” Thinking this, Anupama decides to take bath with him and removes her hands covering her body. Swastik enters the shower and Anupama makes her sit on the stool. she then starts applying soap on her body. firstly starting with his hands and then his chest and then his stomach. as she moves down, she can see his large penis still erect and thinks of it as a morning boner. She leaves her penis and starts applying soap on her legs and then on rest of his body. Swastik then says,”mommy, you forgot to wash my nunni”. “Such a big thing cannot be a nunni”, thinks Anupama. She then hesitantly applies soap on her hands and touches his erect penis. By her touch, the penis quivers and she reflects her hands away from her penis. She then again moves for the penis and this time holds it slowly with one hand. as soon as she grabs it, swastik suddenly takes one of her nipple in his mouth and starts sucking on it like a baby.


An audible moan leaves her mouth. Anupama cant think of anything but the last night. Her son is sucking her breasts and she is holding his penis.She thinks she should end this soon and get it over with. She then starts to rub his penis wit soap by moving it up and down. Swastik then starts sucking on her breasts vigorously and kneads the other one with his hand. Anupama starts feeling the same sensation that she felt last night. his pussy is now completely wet. She gets so lost in this pleasure that instead of washing her sons genitals, she starts moving her hand up and down.After some time swastik can feel that he is about to come. So he starts sucking the nipples more vigorously and within no time Anupama is at her peak. She can now feel the another orgasm building in her body and starts rubbing his sons penis faster and faster. Ultimately her whole body quivers with the pleasure. Finally, her orgasm subsides and she now slowly understands what is happening around her. Her hand is still holding his penis and she can now feel something slippery on her hands. Anupama cant believe that what is in her hands is what she thinks it is. She cant believe that how can such a small kid ejaculate at such an early age.


She regrets her action that how can a mother masturbate her own kid. But the next words from her sons mouth perishes her regrets.” mommy, I love u. You are the best mother ever”. hearing this she thinks that whatever she did was for her child. It was the love of a mother and it cant be wrong. She then finishes her sons bath and makes him wear new clothes as they were going to visit the circus with her husband Rahul. Little did she knew that on this circus trip I was gonna make her discover the fetishes of her son.