Drunk Girls Become Valentines

A warm welcome to Indian sex stories readers, this is Charu a friend of Mihir or killercock29. As he requested me to write up a story as part of the Deception and Careful planning series, here it is….today I thought I would share with you a harrowing experience of how losing a game led to losing my virginity to my roommate Divya.

Let me dive straightaway into the sex story now….


This story has its roots in the December of 2013 though the actual events happened two months later in February 2014. I am Charu, an 18 year old quirky and enthusiastic girl.

After fetching a good rank in IIT advanced and main, I decided to pursue my engineering dream in IIT Bombay or Powai as it is known to many. I choose computer science as my stream but due to its high demand and appeal I found myself the only girl in my class, which was both endearing and challenging.

I am nerdy sort of girl, as you can guess by my affiliations. My parents pressurised me to join an IIT right from my 9th standard. I was smart and meticulous and they saw this as an opportunity to fulfill their dreams which was more of a status symbol for them than me.

Right after my 10th standard they packed me off to Kota and I do not need to reiterate here the struggles experienced by the students there. We were made to work 12-14 hours a day with no holidays. Even I could visit home just for 6 weeks, no more no less.

We had weekly tests and exams which if you failed meant you were a looser. Seeing many people quit was no surprise. Believe me it was hell. I hated that place. Oftentimes I felt maybe a prison life was better. I got up at 4 in the morning and could only sleep at 11 in the night working each day for 17 hours straight.

But in the end I got a college and stream of my choice so I thought I had been gifted for enduring hell. The point of my ranting here was there was not much life in coaching so I thought joining college and the experiences there would bring in some life in me.

Since I was the only girl in computer science I had Divya as a roommate who was from chemical engineering. She took life easy, did not work her ass off and was there due to sheer luck. She was sweet and charming, off course way more beautiful than I. Also much taller and had a perfect figure.

By the looks of it she was the prize many guys had their eyes on. She participated in almost all competitions and was a trophy which our college displayed proudly. She partied hard and almost every other day would end up going to the pub with some guy. She did not have a boyfriend but having ran into her early in the mornings and seen her taking contraceptive pills regularly I was in no doubt that she was a wild bird who had quite a sex life.

We did not spend much time together at all in our first semester. Except for the formal hi and hello we were complete strangers. I did not even know her second name for a long time. Well I spent most of my time in the library or the computer lab finishing assignments and projects.

My idea of a good time was a long walk on the marine drive or catching the sunrise in Juhu beach. I am not exactly conservative but given that all my growing up years I spent in IIT preparation I found the idea of hanging with guys awkward and strenuous as opposed to sitting at the window with my headphones on and reading a Christie novel.

I did try my hand at dating when I joined college but failed miserably so I kept to myself. But I did my fair share of activities. I enjoy running and playing badminton having been a state level player my fitness and flexibility was no secret.


After our first semester finals in early December, I thought of visiting home as it was four months since I had last seen my parents. Just after our finals we had a semester party and the mood was joyous and fun filled as later that month our college was hosting Mood Indigo, the biggest cultural festival in all of Asia.

Thousands of students from all over the country would be visiting and the preparations were in full swing . Many of my batch mates volunteered and so did Divya, which was expected given her extrovert nature. But I refused as I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to go home desperately. So I booked my tickets home on the 3rd December.

My train was early in the evening around 6 pm and after saying goodbyes to all my friends I left college at around 4:30. It was an hours ride to Lokmanya Tilak Terminal (LTT) and upon reaching there I found out to my horror that the train had been delayed by a good 13 hours due to fog and low visibility in north India. I first thought I would wait for the train but upon reconsideration spend all night there was a foolish option so I put my luggage in the cloak room and ran out to catch a taxi to my hostel.

By the time I reached hostel it was already 7pm, I dragged myself to the third floor to my room which wore a deserted look as many had already left for home. Upon seeking my room locked from inside, I thought Divya must be sleeping or reading and knocked on the door a few times.

After getting no response I opened the door walk into a completely dark room. It could hear some Bryan Adam songs in the distant and a soft moaning. I locked the door behind me and reached out to switch on the lights.

What I saw there left me harrowed and bewildered. I saw Divya there on my bed, masturbating, half naked with a cucumber inserted in her pussy.

She was shocked and surprised seeing me there. She froze and got up and stood still covering her hairy pussy with one hand and covering her mouth with the other. She was sweating and was flushed red with embarrassment. It was as if time had frozen. Neither of us spoke or looked at each other. I said a soft sorry and walked out of the room. She thanked silently for having walked out. After pulling on her pants she called me inside.

There was an awkward silence for about five minutes. Then Divya desperate to initiate a conversation asked me why had I returned. I gave vague answers to her trifling questions. We both knew about the elephant in the room that needed immediate attention.

She took my hand in her still looking down and said that it was normal for a girl to masturbate and it was a stress buster. I was in no mood to listen to her and simply nodded. She asked if I had ever tried it to which I grunted my displeasure. Sensing my discomfort she got up said a soft sorry and walked out of her room. I did not see her again till I left for the station the next morning.

Upon reaching home I could not get the picture of her masturbating out of my mind. I had never tried it and according to me it was prude and objectionable. I disgusted me and sent chills down my spine.

I tried my best to read books and spend time with cousins but my distraction was obvious. It was like a struck tape running the same scene over and over again. I need fresh air so I took off for a walk.

But the image and curiosity never left my side all vacation long. I was confused. Should I try it? Was it really a stress buster? What was an orgasm? All these questions kept wandering in my mind as I hugged my parents goodbye at the station before boarding my train back to Mumbai for a new semester.


I took a deep breath as I walked towards my room hoping not the experience the fiasco I had the last time around. There was a certain chill in the Mumbai air. Birds chirped melodiously while a cool draft of air played with the leaves.

I knocked this time loud enough so that Divya might stop whatever she must have been doing. Divya opened the door and hugged me tightly. This was quite odd. I couldnt understand if she was compensating for her guilt.

I smiled and told her that I had got sweets from my home and a pashminah shawl that she had asked for. We both tried our best to forget that night and hoped to resume normalcy at the earliest. We shared random holiday stories trying to break the ice between us.

Our respective classes began the next day and I was quite pleased with myself for having stood second in my class which was quite a big achievement given the competition and quality of students. Our lives got back to normalcy over time, maybe because we immersed ourselves in our routines. I was the same geeky nerd spending time in the library browsing through journals and lab manuals and Divya was the same chilled out party freak.

Now came the month of Cupid-February. Things change suddenly in this month for reasons that baffle me. Suddenly there is romance in the air. The sun shines softly through leaves.

There are lot more blushes and charms all around and IIT Bombay is no different. Cupid had struck his arrow here too. There were grand preparations for the entire love week. Songs sung by desperate romeos strumming their guitars discordantly. Expensive gifts exchanging hands. Hugs and love gestures were the norm now rather than the exception.

On the 14th-the D day- a party was planned were everyone irrespective of rejections or acceptances would have a blast. Divya had volunteered to be in charge of all programs for the Rose day and when she asked if I were interested to help her out I surprised myself by agreeing readily. Maybe I was trying to patch things with her or the love season had caught up with me. It was during these times that we interacted and got to know each other.

I confessed that I had a huge crush on Siddhart, a 3rd year computer science stud. He was about 6 feet with broad shoulders and a good athletic built. Most girls swooned over him given his charismatic personality it was no surprise.

I told Divya that if Siddhart proposed it was a deal I could not refuse. But that seemed like a far fetched fetish. Days went by , we all waited for the big day. I got a proposal from my batch mate, he seemed a nice guy but I was unsure about it and told him that we could hang out but we needed to get to know each other being friends first.

Divya got around 17 proposals, from her seniors as well as batch mates , for which she had a hard time deciding from, she broke many hearts as she said she too was unsure. We had guys singing Devdas and Ashiqui 2 songs for weeks after that. It was hilarious and pathetic.

On the night of 14th, we had a DJ party, with unlimited alcohol which ran late till 2 in the morning. There was dance, music and the miasma of alcohol in the air. I had around 3 bottles of beer but Divya had had just 1.

I was singing at the top of my voice but then felt a soft pat on my shoulder. I turned around to see this gorgeous girl in a pretty black dress. I looked at her and said “sorry babes, if you want to propose, its too late now. But dont worry you will get your chance next year”. Divya looked at me and smirked and said “Oh, thats too bad. At least can I get the honor of walking you up to your room?”.

Then I put my hand around her waist and wobbling around with a beer bottle in the other and said “Take me where ever you want” . Stuttering something inaudible I knew I had one too many drinks.

As we walked into our room I looked up at Divya and said “Hey slut, how many guys did shag(masturbate) for you today?”. I was surprised as was she at my sudden rise in pitch and the obscenity of my comment. She replied calmly “Charu dear, you are drunk its best you sleep tight”. I retorted sharply still in a slur “Hey bitch, when I sleep tight why dont you spread your legs and put stuff in there? “. We both knew where this was coming from.

Divya got irked and said in a harsh tone that I was jealous of her popularity and her perfect figure and that my small breasts made me insecure and unwanted thus I had called her a slut. I was in no mode to give up, I got up and stumbling went to her bed and sat next to her. This was the first time I looked at her tonight closely. She was wearing a single piece black dress, which exaggerated her cleavage. She had left her hair flow and used pink blush and slight mascara to adorn her already pretty face.

I was there in my white shirt and blue jeans looking like a dork. I was no comparison in beauty to her but I knew I made that up with enough intelligence. I whispered in her ears “Hey whore I know what a cunt you are. With perfect breasts like yours even Siddhart would shag for you….” . I did not know if it was jealousy or the alcohol that was doing the talking and before I could complete the sentence I felt a hand on my cheek. I realized after some moments that Divya had slapped me.

I dont know from where the tears came, they rushed out like water flowing from a broken dam. I am a very strong girl. I endured Kota. Till now I had never broken down, not even when people insulted me. Suddenly I felt lost, vulnerable I hated myself for seeing tears in my eyes. Divya put her hand around me realizing this had gone too far apologizing repeatedly. My tears seemed uncontrollable like they had a mind of their own. I dug my head in Divyas shoulder and wept. Divya consoled me and hugged me tightly.

Then suddenly I felt a tug on my shirt and while Divya was hugging me I felt her hand on my ass feeling me up. My mind was blurred I was blinded by my tears. Divya said softly “What a tight ass there, Charu. Let me give you a roommates gift for Valentines day. Charu will you be my valentine?” .

I stood there shocked like a pole not knowing how to respond or comprehend what was happening. But I too gave in easily and said it would be my pleasure to be her valentine. Then my hands too began pressing her ass. It was firm and fluffy. I slowly moved my hands up to her shoulders and then in 1 move removed her strap. Her dress fell off effortlessly gracing her beautiful body on its way down.

There stood a beauty, a piece of art with perfect breasts that were firm and a face pretty enough to pass as model. Her breasts were big enough the sup them in my hands. Her dark brown nipples were already erect belying her composure. I was cupping and squeezing her breasts with both my hands involuntarily. Even in that drunk state I could feel time slow down and as if every moment was now an eternity.

She looked surprised at me eagerness and asked me to take it slow and relaxed. Then she began tugging at my shirt and I gave in. She pulled off my shirt along with my sports bra. My breasts were much smaller as compared to hers. But my nipples were already pointed. I blushed with embarrassment.

As her hands were cupping them and pulling hard on my nipples I felt a surge run down my pussy. I knew I had experienced an orgasm for the first time. I felt guilty as I could feel me wet my panty. Then she moved her head towards mine and our lips met. Both were wet with expectation and pleasure. It was my first kiss.

Her soft lips on mine felt like haven. We kissed deeply and passionately with our tongues occasionally intertwining. It was a feeling like no other that I had experienced. I was lost in the moment only to realize that Divyas hands had expertly unbuttoned my jeans and lowered them enough for her to softly rub her palm on my pussy.

It felt eccentric and elaborate as she teased my wet pussy through my panty using her skillful fingers. I began slowly sweating behind my ears with all the excitement.

Suddenly Divya pushed me onto the bed and in one move pulled of my jeans and my panty. I felt naked and exposed and a bit shy too. But the cocktail of feelings in my thighs were making my giddy with expectation.

I had not shaved my pussy for the past two months and the short tufts of pubic hair now warm and fuzzy with all the touching and excitement did a good job in concealing my pussy lips. I whispered “this is not fair Divya, why dont you take off yours as well?” but Divya relented. She asked me to breathe slowly and not make any noise. She spread my legs now to get a full view of my pussy . She said it looked unkempt but thats what added to its appeal. She slowly pushed her palm and rubbed my pussy.

I felt a tingling feeling run down my spine. Her expert touch made me want more of it. She brought her tongue and slowly kissed my clit. I could not take it anymore and began to breathe heavily. When she ran her fingers pressing and playing with my clit I began to moan softly and without warning she put her index finger deep down my pussy. I felt a sharp pain in my thighs and could feel a muscle tear.

She slowly pulled her finger out and a few drops of blood trickled down.

When she again put her finger in I screeched loud enough to surprise us both and pushed her down. The pain was horrible and unnatural. Divya knew I would not relent with her plan and got up and picked up a belt and her famous companion a cucumber.

She said softly in my ears that the pain was temporary and would soon vanish. I refused to trust her but had no choice. She tied both my hands with the belt and tugged the belt tightly in a fishermans knot to the foot board of bed. Now I lay there in front of her immovable feeling vulnerable like a slave.

She kissed my pussy again and began teasing my pussy lips with her fingers. Then suddenly she jumped up and sat on my face. I laid there with her panty right near my nose. She asked me to lick it and make her ready for some action. Her panty was already wet by then and I asked her to remove it so that I could suck her clit as she had done mine earlier.

She obliged and pulled down her panty. She was clean shaven this time around not the same hairy pussy that I remembered from December. Her clit was more pronounced and elongated which was a testimonial to all her sex escapades. Her pussy looked beautiful as she sat on my face. I slowly took my tongue out and began kissing her pussy lips. She began to moan slowly enjoying every time I inserted my tongue down there or bit her clit.

Then suddenly I felt a rush of liquid on my face. Divya had cum on my face. She smirked again and asked me to drink it up. Truth be told it was actually tasteless.

Now she got off me and told me that I was going to experience what intercourse felt like. She got down and picked up her panty and rubbed it around her pussy to clean herself up of the flowing juices and came up to me and asked me to open my mouth to stuff her panty inside. I couldnt breathe as she gagged me with her panty.

She slowly moved down and pulled my legs apart. She was now sitting on my pussy and she slowly pulled my one leg over hers such that we sat intertwined in a crisscross position with a pussy lips and clits touching each other.

She slowly began thrusting herself forward and backward making sure our pussies were rubbing. The feeling was electric and sensual. The feeling of my clit brushing against hers was from a different world. I felt an uncontrollable surge start from my thighs and rush to my pussy.

Then in one moment I squirted out my juices on her pussy. She smiled slyly. Her scissoring got intense and her moaning became louder. She kept rubbing her pussy against mine with increased speed and clinching her breasts with closed eyes as we both were nearing our second orgasm.

Then all of a sudden it felt time had stood still as there was intense pleasure and we both ejaculated almost simultaneously.

Divya slowly lifted her leg over mine and we untangled our legs. She ran her hands on both our pussies as if to ensure we were moist enough for insertion. Having convinced herself she picked up the cucumber which was quite large almost 20 inches and effortlessly pushed it in her pussy. It was no surprise to me as I had seen her to it earlier too.

She took some of it in and began moving the cucumber in and out of her pussy as if it were a dildo. After a few moments she stuck it in her.

She looked like a weird sex doll with a fat green 10 inch penis. I was unsure what she had in mind as she moved towards me.

She then used her fingers to spread my pussy lips wider and without warning thrusted the other end of the cucumber in me. The pain was unbearable as tears rolled down my eyes. I wanted to scream my lungs out but couldnt as she had gagged me with her panty. I shivered vigorously as she slowly began moving her cucumber penis in and out of me.

After some time like a flip switch the pain vanished and was replaced my pure pleasure. She kept on forcing the cucumber deeper and deeper within me with the other end in her pussy.

We both knew this could not last for long and we had climaxed. We were now breathing at a frantic pace and in one jerk came all over the cucumber. I took a deep breath and smiled at her as she removed her panty from my mouth and kissed my passionately.

She removed the cucumber and said it was a secrete best friend of every girl with a smug. She untied my hands and we lay naked there with our legs entangled kissing each other passionately and cupping and squeezing each others breasts. This was an experience I will take to my grave. It was the best valentine gift ever.

We both lay in each others arms still hung-over from yesterday’s party remembering what a wild evening we had had. We both smiled at each other with a tear of joy in both our eyes.


After that wild day Divya began spending more time in the room and I spent less time in the library. We were now best girl friends. We even used to bunk classes and stay back to have fun in the room. There was a common rule that we must sleep without our panty and must at all times keep a clean shaved pussy.

We tried a lot of kinky stuff as well as erotic stuff. I gifted a dildo on Divyas birthday and she said her gift to me on my birthday was a surprise.

I thought she too must have got some sex toy. On my birthday we were doing the usual routine of cunnilingus where both were fully naked and licking each other’s clit.

Suddenly someone from outside opened the door and entered our room without knocking. I was frozen with shock to see Siddhart there. Divya said softly in my ears “hey babes, here is your birthday gift. Happy birthday”.

I know this is a rather long sex story and you need patience to read it but it is worth one’s time. I once again thank Mihir for allowing me to share my experience. If you want to read mine and mihirs story in Ohio it is available here at ISS under the title deception and careful planning. If you have any feedback mail me at / / . All suggestions and recommendations are welcome.