Sex With Three Guys In The Same Evening Part 1

Hi, guys, its Neil again. I posted my last story over two and a half years ago, but Im back and I might post with more frequency again, talking about my sexcapades. Email me your suggestions/ comments at / / (realized I hadnt posted my email in my last story). Anyway, this story is from over a year ago and since it involves three guys Ill tell it in three parts.

So a little bit about myself: Im a Delhi guy, a little over 61″ tall, 7″ dick, and an average-to-semi-muscular body frame. Im not fat or fit. This story is from the summer of 2014 when I was 19 years old and I had nothing to do all day except sit on Grindr and PR and talk to other horny gay guys. One night this cute 29 years old (lets call him Shashank) messaged me and we started chatting about what we were looking for, our preferences in bed, etc. At the same time, I had been talking to another guy (lets call him Madhav) for over a week and he said he would finally have a place in his hostel room to host me the following afternoon. Excited, I said yes to the latter (who was another 19-year-old student like me). Shashank at the same time said he would love to have me over after his work was over. In my excitement, I said yes to both.

The next day, at around 2 pm I left my house and took an auto to Madhavs college, where he gave me instructions on how to reach his hostel. While walking to his hostel, I saw him walk towards me. He was a thin guy, around 59″, maybe 510”, and looked as cute as his photos. However, one thing that wasnt in his photos was his smile — oh when he smiled his entire face lit up and he looked absolutely cute. We hugged and he took me to his hostel room where his roommate was sitting. Madhav told his roommate that Im his distant cousin from abroad (I can fake a good accent) and that I was passing through Delhi so I decided to stop by and say hi. His roommate was packing and said he was going to Dharamshala for the weekend, and within a minute of meeting him, he left the room. Madhav and I didnt waste any more time with the small talk and I pulled him towards me and kissed him.

His kisses were soft at first, gentle and considerate. My hand went through his hair and pushed his face closer into mine and he let out a little moan. With that, my other hand went down his back and straight into his pants so that I was feeling his soft and hairless ass. His hands went under my shirt and he pulled away from the kiss, tugging on my shirt and removing it in one swift motion. I removed his shirt too, revealing his toned body, almost smooth chest, and hard nipples. He pulled me closer towards him and continued kissing me, his hands rubbing against my back and my nipple. Slowly his lips and tongue wandered over to my neck, down to my nipples which he sucked and nibbled, continuing down my stomach and finally landing on the erection underneath my shorts. He bit my hard cock through the jeans which excited me.

I lifted him off of me and removed his pajamas, to reveal his fully erect 5″ cock facing me. I licked the tip of his dick, fondling his balls with my hands, and without notice took his entire dick in my mouth. He gasped in shock as I continued to deep throat him, holding his ass with both my hands as he thrust into my mouth. He removed himself from me and hungrily looked at my bulge.

With great excitement, he opened up my button and pulled down my shorts and underwear, my 7″ dick bouncing out. His eyes widened at my size but very excitedly, he started licking it all up. His tongue went up and down my shaft, making it wet with his saliva. He then flicked the tip of my head with his tongue, licking up the little bit of precum that was oozing out. Slowly he started taking my cock in his mouth until he was deep throating it completely.

He sucked me for a good ten or fifteen minutes, barely pausing to take a breath here or there. I was ecstatic and about to cum.I think he sensed that because he stopped and turned around on all fours, his ass in the air, his hole pushed towards the direction of my face. I knew my cue and went straight for it, rimming him passionately. As my tongue went in and out of his hole, he kept moaning. With one hand I masturbated myself while with the other I masturbated him. He removed his ass from my mouth and went to his table where he picked up a condom and gave it to me.

“Im ready,” he said

I smiled at him and excitedly put on the condom. With enough lube, I kept his ass wet and in the doggy position started to enter him slowly. At first, it was painful for him, he shouted and I paused. After taking a little breather, I continued inserting my cock into his ass until it was fully in and Madhav was panting without any fucking commencing. I was in heaven, his ass was so tight. I slowly started thrusting in and out of his asshole. Hearing Madhav gasp kept me hard and excited and I started fucking him even faster. We kept in that position for quite a few minutes, non-stop fucking. After a while of going at it as hard and fast as I could, I took a break and hugged him tightly from the back, my cock still deep in his ass. We made out a little in this position and I pulled myself out.

Madhav turned around and lay on his back. He put up both of his legs on my shoulders, his ass slightly lifted so that my cock would be in perfect alignment to fuck him. I went back in and started fucking him. We last in this position for almost fifteen minutes before I started masturbating him.

“Oh god Im going to cum!” he screamed

At that point, I went harder than I had throughout our session and he exploded all over his chest, neck, face, and hair. As he came to his ass tightened even more and I continued to fuck him. He started tearing up with the overstimulation after orgasming and was gasping and moaning. I realized that this was almost torture for him so I pulled out my dick and took out the condom, and within seconds my hot cum was squirting out of my cock and onto his body. My cum and his cum were mixed on his body and I lowered myself to give him another passionate kiss. We were both extremely sweaty and breathing pretty heavily after that hour long fuck session, and then we cleaned ourselves up.

“I have to go take a shower,” Madhav said.

“Haha, you go do that, Ill head out,” I replied.

I put on my clothes and fixed my hair and Madhav pulled me back into another passionate kiss. Despite having just cum about four minutes ago, I was getting a hard on again. Madhav felt it and said, “I cant do this again right now haha, my ass needs some rest.” I smiled and said no problem and kissed him a final goodbye.

As I was leaving his room, I got a message from Shashank on my phone saying, “Hey Ill be home for an hour or so, wanna come meet me?”

Knowing Delhi traffic, I knew it would take me just over an hour to reach his place, so my a boner in my pants I replied, “Yes, Im on my way” and headed to his house.