Aftab & Me : Memoirs Of Gulmarg

I was transferred to Ferozepur Nallah near Gulmarg in Kashmir Valley. My department gave me a small studio apartment near the open market place. It was one room with bathroom/WC and a small balcony. The one room contained a kitchen, one single bed, and two chairs/center table. And a bathroom. Owing to the nature of my duties, I was also provided with a Jeep.

My office Security Guard arranged a servant –cum-cook for me from some village. His name was Aftab. He was a short boy ( 5 ft 2 inches) of around 19 years, a little plump, fair ( like all Kashmiris are), quite attractive to look with a charming smile. Little hairs of his mustache had just started to grow. He was recommended to me by my office watchman. When I asked him about his family, he stated that he hails from a village called Ukri and came to Gulmarg in search of a job. Aftab used to cook for me and do all the required house hold work. It was now a little over three months that Aftab was with me. He used to sweep the house, cook very tasty food, and look to all domestic chores as you would expect a good housewife to do. Aftab used to sleep on the floor near my bed.

The weather was getting to be bad and it was forecast, that it might be snowing for a week or so and all roads to Gulmarg will be blocked. So I took Aftab and we went to the market and stored all grocery, vegetables, liquor and stocked them for 10 days.

As predicted, it had started to snow and there was also a freezing cold wind in the valley. It was impossible for us to move out and could only attend to office work in my laptop. So I was looking forward to a relaxing week of office and relaxation at home. Because of the freezing cold wave coupled with snow, there was hardly anyone on the roads. During the day, I used to attend to my office mails on my personal laptop and during my free time, I had a habit of reading sex stories.

Some of the websites also had video clips which I used to watch. During normal days, I used to send Aftab out to the market on some pretext or the other and masturbate to relieve my urge for sex. One day I had sent Aftab to the market, removed my pyjama and had started to masturbate by putting on a porn video when suddenly Aftab returned as he had forgotten to take money. He saw me naked masturbating and suddenly closed the door and ran outside. I do not know what he saw and how much, but he had definitely seen me masturbating, for sure.

There were one separate bathroom and one separate Western Commode in this small studio – apartment. While the Commode toilet had a door, the bathroom had only one plastic curtain for privacy. We both used to share the same.

One day, I saw Aftab bathing in the nude. The plastic curtain was parted and there was a bulb inside the bathroom. Aftab was bending down to soap his legs and foot. He had a round buttocks which was parted giving me a complete view of his ass-hole. I also noticed he had no hair around his ass and balls.

Similarly, whenever, I went to bathe, I noticed Aftab trying to peep into the bathroom to have a look at my manhood. So I purposely parted the curtain a little to give Aftab a complete view of my manhood.

I was desperate for some sex action. I some how had the feeling that Aftab was also keenly interested. In order to seduce him for sex, I started to wear provocative underpants and occasionally fondled my cock in his presence. He used to gaze at me in amusement and smile. Aftab had nice protruding buttocks, like girls which used to jiggle when he walked. I went inside the small kitchen and brushed my hands against his butt-cheeks and I could notice that Aftab flinched and smiled at me. It was evident that he liked the brushing of my hands. Although we both were trying various methods to seduce one another, neither I nor Aftab was coming forward to remove the mind block and open up with each other.

I got the opportunity for the first time when it had started to snow outside in Gulmarg and it was freezing cold. Offices were also closed because of the snow and you could see nothing except snow. We both were forced to remain indoors. I had 2 / 3 pegs of stiff whiskey. I and Aftab finished our dinner. Aftab finished was washing the utensils.

I knew Aftab was fully interested and so decided to start my plan to engage him in sex with me. There was only one bed in this small apartment. Aftab used to regularly sleep on the ground and covered himself with a blanket. Because of the cold wave conditions and snow in Gulmarg, the floor was ice cold and Aftab started to shiver with his teeth clattering.

I felt pity for him and also wanted him to be close to me. Since he was a decent and neat boy, I asked him to share my single-bed with me. I had a very warm double bed blanket. Initially, Aftab felt shy but the cold was unbearing and so he hopped onto my bed. I asked him to share my blanket and come under the rug. The single bed could barely accommodate both of us and hence in a few moments, we were both warmly snuggled close to each other. I asked him to shed his shyness and come close to me. Since there was only one pillow, I asked Aftab to put his head on my forearms and biceps. He obligingly turned towards one side and because of the small size of the bed, I was forced to put my arm around him. His soft, supple and rounded buttocks were pasted towards my crotch. Gradually I was feeling a hard-on and my cock began to rise and press against his buttocks. We both had our eyes closed but neither was sleeping. Aftab pushed his buttock cheeks back towards my erect cock. I also reciprocated by pressing my cock, which was now wedged between his butt-cheeks.

His pyjama was also parted and his butt-cheeks were sticking to my cock. Inadvertently, I moved my hand around him and let my hand brush against his crotch. Surprisingly, I found that he was also having a hard-on but was pretending to be asleep. I cupped his cock into my left palm and I could sense he could feel the pleasure. I removed my left hand and placed on his soft buttocks and started to feel his mounds. I could sense Aftab enjoying this but he was pretending to be asleep. I even started to press my middle finger between his ass cheeks. There was no objection and Aftab gradually started to press himself backward. And so I removed my hand and pressed my hard cock between his butt cheeks. Now my cock was desperately seeking a way through his pyjamas and the backward pressure by Aftab was pushing my cock further. I was now playing and fondling his cock and balls with my left palm. He had a small cock around 4 (four) inches long and Aftab started to moan.
He said,” Saab bahut achha lag raha hai”. Aftab extended his left hand behind and felt the hardness of my erect cock and said: “ Saheb, aapka lund bahut hi bada hai”. I asked him, “ Kaise jaante ho yeh baat ?” He replied “ “Roz dekh raha hoon ki yeh humesha khada hi rehta hai.aur aapko nahaatey huey bhi dekha hai. Aapka lund mujhey gaand mein daba raha tha ur bahut achha lag raha tha magar dar se maine aapko kuchh nahin kaha. “

I smiled and said “ Aftab “ tumhaari bhi gaand bahut mulayam, mast, sudoul aur gol hai”
We had shed all inhibitions and both were ready. I pulled Aftab close to me and planted a good kiss on his lips. He responded affectionately and so I placed on hand on his buttocks and squeezed it gently. I also pushed my finger towards his anal-hole… His pyjama was in the way, so we decided to shed our clothes and lie naked underneath the blanket. When I dropped my pyjama, Aftab felt my erect cock and said, “ Saab, yeh toh bahut bada aur mota hai. “ I replied, “ Tumhaara bhi gaand badi aur gol hai. Bahut mazaa aayega.” I did not know whether Aftab has had any experience of anal-sex or not and so I brought a bottle of Castor oil and Vaseline from the bathroom, for lubrication, if required.

I asked him to remove all his clothes. He felt shy and so I helped him remove all his clothes. He had a small cock but surprisingly very little pubic hair was just beginning to grow. I pulled him towards me and started to kiss his lips and pushed my tongue . He responded very well and was ardently kissing me. I was kneading his nipples which were taut. Aftab had soft breast like chests and I started to suck his nipples and pinch them . I pulled him on top of me and now both our erect cocks and balls were playing with each other. Our kissing continued and now I placed both my hands on his buttocks and spread his butt-cheeks. With my right hand middle finger I started to tease his ass-hole. I dug my middle finger inside his ass. Aftab grimaced and shrieked a little but smiled. “ Thoda Dard karta hai saab” I replied..” Saara dard mita doonga aur phie majaa hi majaa aayega”. Since there was not too much of resistance, I asked “ Aftab, tumney pehley bhi gaand mein lund liya hai kya”

Aftab, “ Haan saab, do saal pehley mera gaaon key sarpanch Abdul ney meri gaand maari thi. Bahut dard kiya tha. Phir main us gaaon sey hi bhaag gaya. Tab main sirf 15 saal ka tha “

I asked him to reverse his position and go down on top of me to lick and suck my cock. He instantly obeyed and holding my balls with his palm took the entire length of my cock inside his mouth. I started to lick his puckered ass-hole and the musky smell of his ass was quite intoxicating. I pushed my tongue inside his ass, licked all around the ass-hole and pushed my saliva inside his ass with my tongue. After sometime I brought my face near his small cock . I pulled his cock into my mouth and started to suck it. He had a good 4 inch circumcised cock. Aftab started to push his cock and started to face-fuck me His cock was pushed deep down my throat and was pushing it up and down. I was also fingering his ass-hole and my finger was easily sliding inside. Aftab was also vigorously sucking on my cock and balls. In any case, I took some Vaseline and castor oil in my fingers and pushed it inside his ass-hole. My entire finger was easily going inside his ass-hole.

After 10-20 thrusts by Aftab, he started to shoot his semen into my mouth, hot, sticky and salty. His cock started to become limp and he pulled it out and lay down. I wiped his semen but my cock was still rock erect. Both of us were hot and now it was my turn.

I got up, removed the blanket and asked Aftab to turn his back towards me so that I could fuck his beautiful ass-hole. He pushed his face down on the bed, put the pillow below his tummy and raised his buttocks. Although my finger was easily going inside his ass-hole, I took some more Castor oil and pushed it inside his ass and asked him “ Aftab, sach sach bataana… pehley kiya hai tumney yeh ?” He answered sheepishly…” Haan Saheb…Merey gaaon ka Saarpanch ney mere saath raat bhar mein doh baar gaand maara tha. 2 ya 3 saal pehley ki baat hai. Shuru mein bahut dard kiya tha, phir baad mein bahut masti thi”

I felt that I had done enough lubrication to his anus and so I put the head of my thick cock on the hole of his ass and gave it a gentle push. Aftab screamed in pain “ Arre Baap re. Saaheb jara dheerey sey karna” I took some more Castor Oil and poured it on my cock, took some Vaseline and spread it on my mushroom size cock-head. I poured some more castor oil inside Aftab’s anus and rotated my finger in a circular motion inside the walls of his ass-hole and then placed my cock on his ass-hole and pushed.

Nearly three inches of my cock slid inside and the screaming of Aftab had also subsided. Aftab had started to enjoy the act and he started to push his buttocks more towards my cock. I pushed a little bit more and the entire length of 7 inches cock had gone inside Aftab. So I asked Aftab “ Mazaa aa raha hai?; He answered, “Saheb bahut mazaa aa raha hai.” I started to gradually pump my cock inside his ass holding onto his waist. Then I lowered myself gently onto Aftab and started to kiss his cheeks and earlobes while continuing to bang his ass hole.

After 15 minutes of continued pumping his ass, I changed this position. I asked Aftab to get off the bed, place his elbows on the bed and keep his legs on the ground and raise his buttocks. This position was very comforting. I then circled my arms around his waist and cupped his balls and small cock in both my hands. His cock was still limp. . I was now pumping Aftab just like a dog and bitch.; Aftab kept saying “; Saheb aap kya mast gaand maartey hain. . ;aapko apni Biwi ka yaad bhi nahin aayega. Merey ko aap apni biwi samajh kar roj gaand chodna”

I was now ramming his ass like a piston. My hips were baging his ass like a dog ramming his bitch. My thick long cock was embedded inside his beautiful soft ass and Aftab, kept on moaning and uttering, “ Saab, aur jor sey dhakka deejiye. Khoob chodiye meri gaand ko. Phaad deejiye meri gaand ko…aapka lund bhi kya mast hai Saab… aaahh… hmmmmm… aur jor sey saab…”

I kept on fucking him and said “ Haan Aftab,…tumhaari gol aur mulayam gaand ab sey sirf meri hai… aur main tumhey roj gaand maaroonga. Aaj sey tumhaari aur meri pyaar ka khel shuru ho gaya. Tumko mera lund ke saath jo karna hai, tum kar saktey ho… yeh lund absey tumhaara khilona hai… aur tumhaari gaand meri hai. “
He kept pushing his ass towards my cock and with one hand from below was fondling my balls which were also banging him. Slowly I was nearing my peak and I increased my speed and started to kiss Aftab behind his ears. He was also moaning in delight and ecstacy. Suddenly, I was nearing my climax and splurged my hot sticky semen inside his ass-hole. The cum never seemed to cease as it was coming out in short bursts for almost 60 seconds.;.
This was just the beginning and I and Aftab started sleeping together, fucking together.

It was still snowing and the news was that this situation will continue for almost ten days. Hence, I had the complete opportunity to fuck Aftab during the day and also at night. Our fucking sessions were rollicking and we tried in various positions and places. Aftab was bottom gay and he relished my cock and pumping.
However, this lasted for about 6 months whereafter, I was transferred back to Pune.

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