Priyanka: How It Began Part 2

The events of ALL my stories are true, to the best of my knowledge and have been written down as-is. The names of the people involved, however, have been changed to protect their identities. Most of these stories involve elements of romance, regular conversation before the actual act, for a more wholesome reading experience. Id like to humbly request you to stick with the story.

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The next day, after school finished, I had lunch and went to see Divya Maam, my tuition teacher. When I reached the classroom, she was already there. However, instead of sitting there, she took me through the back door, into the house proper. “You have a beautiful home, Akka”, I said. “Thank you”, she replied, as she went to the kitchen to get some juice. “I hope youre feeling better today”, she said as she poured out some freshly squeezed orange juice. “Yes, I feel much better. I spent the whole night thinking about our conversation and about my feelings. I am feeling less conflicted now”.

She smiled and said, “I want you to know that you can tell me anything and this home is your safe space”. I smiled in gratitude.

Once I finished my juice, Divya Maam said, “Come upstairs. I want to show you something.”

Intrigued, I followed her upstairs and into what looked like a spare bedroom. Right there, on the bed, were some clothes – a red cotton salwar-kameez-dupatta and some womens underclothes. I looked at her, confused.

Divya Maam said, “These are for you. I went out and bought them last night, especially for you. I had to guess the sizes but I think these will fit you.”

I was overwhelmed. I didnt know what to say.

“Thank you”, I whispered, “Thank you so much. I dont know what to say.”

“Dont say anything”, she said lovingly. She held my hand and led me to the bed. “This is my gift to you. Try them out. Ill wait in the other room.”

And without another word, she left the room and closed the door behind her.

I stared at the bed with mixed emotions. I was happy that I finally had someone to share my femininity with where someone would accept me. I slowly stripped myself of my clothes, neatly folded them and kept them at the end of a chair.

I then tried out the panty – the material was so smooth that my little man-clit stirred. The bra was a black sports bra, which was easy to wear and form-fitting. Since I was a little plump, my young moobs projected out and were shaped like lovely little breasts. My nipples were erect and pushing against the fabric of the bra.

Next, I proceeded to wear the salwar bottom and tied it to my waist. It was a little tight, which enhanced the shape of my ass. Finally, I wore the top and adjusted my bra from inside. The salwar top was form-fitting. I looked in the mirror and was taken aback. I finally had a feminine figure to match the girls in my class, and in my opinion, I had an amazing ass. I was apprehensive as I opened the door.

“Would Akka like it?”, I wondered. “Would she hate me? Would she ask me to leave?”

As these thoughts flew around in my head, I called out, “Akka! I finished.”

“Come here, dear”, she called out and I went to the next room.

As I entered, she turned to look at me, and said softly, “Pretty, so pretty”.

“Really?”, I asked.

“Come here dear”, she said and I went to her. “Sit down”.

I sat on the bed. Divya Maam went to her dressing table, opened a couple of drawers and came back with a few things.

“Be still now”, she instructed.

She began outlining my eyes with a thick kajal pencil. Once that was done, she proceeded to apply a bright-red color lipstick. Next, she attached a pair of clip-on earrings. After that, she affixed a designer bindi on my forehead. Finally, she took a comb and styled my hair in a different manner. All this took about 15 minutes. Once this was complete, she held me by my shoulders, made me stand up and guided me to the full-size mirror in the room. I drew a sharp breath as I gazed into the mirror. It was like, for the first time, I truly saw myself. A Feminine, Pretty, Shy girl. Divya Maam stood behind me and smiled.

“My final gift to you”, she said, “is this – you are free to come to my home, whenever you want, dress up for as long as you want, and be your true self here.”

I was overwhelmed. I turned towards her, lips quivering and hugged her in gratitude. I said, “I dont know how Ill repay this kindness”.

“Youre my little sister. Its the least I can do for you.”, she replied. “Come, lets go downstairs.”

We went to the living room and sat on the sofa, close to each other. We talked for a while, about school, about life, about many things. In-between, Divya Maam switched on the TV and switched to a regional channel, where a movie was just starting. We decided to watch the movie.

So we watched the movie. She sat close to me and-and took my hand in hers. Throughout the movie, she caressed my arm and my thigh in turns. Each touch was like an electric current that passed through me. In between, I sighed and laid my head on her shoulder. I could inhale her feminine smell and it was intoxicating.

“Priyanka”, she said, suddenly.

“What?” I asked.

“Priyanka. I think this name suits you. What do you think?”, Divya Maam asked.

“I love it!”, I said. “Priyanka. Priyanka. Priyanka.”, I repeated. “Yes, I like it very much”.

“Hmmm”, she acknowledged and we continued to watch the movie.

After a while, she adjusted her shoulder and my head slipped. I tried to remove my head but she said, “No Priya. Dont lie down on Akkas shoulder. Lie down on Akkas lap”. I blushed as she called me “Priya” and complied. All the while, she continues to caress my arm with her hand.

Slowly, as I was lying down, she turned me to face upwards, away from the TV. As I looked up, she bent down and like yesterday, kissed me on my forehead, as I lay there on her lap. Her hair covers my face completely and the aroma was intoxicating. I sighed in pleasure and closed my eyes. She moved a little lower and gave me a quick peck on my lips.

“Akka”, I whispered.


“Are you sure?”, I asked.

“I want my little sister to know what it feels like to be loved, really loved for who she is”, she replied. “Love without restrictions and boundaries.”

She continued to kiss me gently on my lips and parted my lips with her tongue. From there we engaged in a full french kiss for the longest time. Simultaneously, her fingers fluttered over my tiny breasts. I moaned in pleasure. After a while, Akka broke the kiss and came up. She gently lifted my head from her lap, got up, held my hand and made me stand. She turned and went again up the stairs, taking me with her. We went to the guest bedroom where my clothes were initially. She sat on the bed and made me kneel down in front of her.

“My pretty, pretty Priya”, she said, as she gave me the best kiss of my life. I reciprocated with equal passion and fire. Divya Akka broke the kiss and slowly removed her salwar top.

At this point, let me describe Divya Akka. She is tall, about 5′ 9”, very fair and voluptuous. She has very large, firm, round breasts but a very slim waist, followed by a big round bottom. A proper hourglass figure. She is also quite strong, physically. She has long, thick jet-black hair until the small of her back.

I openly stared at this Goddess body. She untied her salwar bottom and nodded to me. I gently, reverentially, pulled it down. She turned around and asked me to help unhook her bra, which I gladly did, freeing her glorious breasts. She took the bra from me, came towards me and put the inner side of the cup on my face – I inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet aroma of my Goddess breasts. After that, she threw her bra away and pulled me forward towards her ample bosom and guided my lips to her areola. I licked it gently at first and then increased my speed, and then started sucking it. She guided me to her other breast where I repeated the process.

All this time, I was still dressed and my man-clit was throbbing inside. Divya Akka brought my face out of her breasts and kissed me passionately. I melted in her strong arms. So aggressive. She whispered in my ears, “Remove my panties, dear”. I broke the kiss, moved down, and removed her wet panties. She was already leaking and the smell of her panties drove me mad. Gently, she guided my head to her glorious, shaven, puffed-up vagina. As I started licking off the liquid from outside, Akka started moaning and grunting. She sat up a little and spread her pussy lips with two fingers.

I continued to lick deep and hard. Id located her puffy clit and licked and sucked it alternatively. Akka moaned and thrashed around and-and then, with an almighty cry, started bucking her hips violently. I felt a little bit of additional warm liquid being secreted, and I guessed she had cum. Her hip-bucking slowed down, though I continued to lick and suck her clit. As I came up for air, I saw her face, streaked with tears.

“That was amazing, Priya”, she sighed. “Come here”.

I crawled up and we kissed again, slurping loudly.

“My baby did so well”, Divya Akka said. “You followed my lead perfectly.”, she continued.

“Now my turn”, she said.

I had no idea what she meant. I didnt want to have sex with a woman. But I was being an idiot again. She was my Akka – of course, she knew that and knew what I wanted.

She laid me on my back and slowly removed my salwar bottom. She caressed my man-clit with her shapely nails. She pulled my panty down. Then, using one finger, she wiped the precum off the top of my man-clit and gave her finger to me – I was hesitant, but she insisted and I sucked her finger. She continued this, till all the precum was cleaned up. She proceeded to kiss my inner thighs and came towards my tiny balls. She licked my balls and I shivered violently.

To my surprise, Akka raised my legs and told me to hold them. I lay on my back, raised my legs and held them behind my knees, exposing my hole. Akka licked her finger and said, “Priya, baby, relax okay. Tell me if you are uncomfortable.” She slowly started fingering the outer rim of my ass-hole. It was odd, it was sexy, it was incredible. I began twitching and moan.

“Looks like my baby likes it”, she said as she inserted half of her middle finger into my bum and stopped. I shook hard but was not in pain. I could feel my bum muscles relax. Divya Akka then slowly, pulled out her finger, added some saliva and pushed it slowly back in. She continued this rhythm and I was in heaven.

Simultaneously, Akka began to touch my man-clit with just one finger, rubbing it very lightly. She increased the tempo of her fingering in my ass and finally, her whole finger went in, I saw stars in my head, I was moaning like a bitch and squirming in pleasure on the bed. She continued to stimulate me, all the while, whispering my new name to me and calling me her sister.

At last, I felt the build up, cried out and for the first time in my life, ejaculated without stimulating my cock. I kept shooting streams of cum onto myself and Akka didnt even have to touch my cock. Once my orgasm subsided, Akka asked me “Priya, do you trust me?”. “Hmm…”, I responded. She scooped up some cum with her fingers and fed it to me. It was odd but nice. She did this again, she covered 3 fingers with my cum and put the 3 fingers in my mouth – I sucked the cum off her fingers.

Divya Akka then crawled up the bed and laid beside me, holding me tenderly in her arms, as I continued to whimper and moan like a girl – it was my first time, and Akka had taken my virginity. I melted in her arms and buried my face in her ample bosom. This was the safest place on earth. Me, with my Akka, forever. I slowly dozed off in her arms, with the smell of her divine body in my nose, with her voice in my ear.

To be continued in Ep. 03.

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