Taking Virginity Of An American Girl Part-1

Hey guys. Its my first story or I can say my first sharing. Let me introduce myself my names Rajveer Sehgal Im from Delhi i live alone in Manhattan and m 23yrs I am 6 feet and my cock is 6.5 inch long and very thick.I workout around 2-3 hs a day in my house. This incident took place a few months ago when i just passed out from my college IIT,Delhi I got an internship from a software firm in Manhattan.

It was my first time journey to abroad I was a bit excited about it. The place is quite great the best thing about here is its people they are so great I almost feel like home here. I arrived here couple of days ago of my joining. After I reached here I began to live with Richard, he was my roommate cause its really hard to pay for an apartment alone. He is a real nice guy, It were just a few days and we became like best buddies. She had girlfriend in the outskirts so he used to leave the apartment to me alone and he would spent the weekend with his gf. It was couple of months I and I was getting really jealous of him cause he would just fuck his gf every weekend and I on the other hand would just spend time whacking off my cock. And the day came a girl named Kristine moved next door I must admit it she is bomb shell a beautiful figure of 34-25-36 she had pink cheeks, brown eyes, and red lips and golden hair,she is around 5ft 4in in height and she was 21yrs then now she would be 22yrs. any one would fall for her body and so I did. Days went on we used to meet each other in the elevators and one day I dared to ask her out she said me yes. So that evening we went to a restaurant and had dinner and days passed on and she started to like me.

One weekend we were alone in my apartment and I thought this might be it. So i started to move on and I touched her pink cheeks let me tell you friends that she was damn sexy that weekend. And her glossy red lips were looking desperate to be kissed and then i touched her lips and I pulled her on my lap I was sitting on a couch and she sat on my lap and the next moment my lips were on hers and our arms around each other. I was lost in an unknown world, I sucked her lips like have been starving for weeks i tasted her saliva and then she started to lick my tongue and my lips. I could feel she was sucking my tongue and my saliva it was so great that we kept on kissing for 5 mins when we opened our eyes I could see her dazzling eyes longing for my love. I then caress her butt and then I sucked her boobs from the shirt she was wearing.

She was so horny at the moment that she closed her eyes and she began to moan softly. I then opened her shirt and then I unhooked her bra and now she was topless infront of me she then opened her eyes and said me ”Baby, I love you” and she took my T shirt and she kissed my chest and my neck and this feeling was so great that I got a boner and my boner touched her ass on her shorts. She gave me a naughty smile and said “looks like the little boy is up, does he needs to be taken care of” I said “yes baby he wants your attention and care” . Then she unzipped my pants and took took my cock out of the prison of my jeans and she was surprised she said she have never seen such huge cock other than in porn. She first kissed my glans and then she put it slowly inside her mouth and she could barely have it all and she put it out and sat for a while. She said that its impossible to take that whole monster in her mouth. But she started to take it in again and this time she took it all and this was the best blowjob I have got till then.

After 20 mins I began to cum she asked me to cum in her mouth then I emptied my balls in her mouth it was so muck that few drops began to drip out of her mouth but she drank it all, she said its very yummy and also this was her first time and I was surprised to know that she was a virgin. I was bit surprised but a lot happy to know that I was going to be the first time of someone so it made me more aroused. Now the turn was mine to return the favour so I made her to sit on the dining table and I undressed her shorts slowly and then gave a soft kiss on her thigh then I moved on to her panties and I opened it, It was very very very amazingly beautiful. Pink colour pussy lips and due to her white skin the it looked like a cherry I wanted to taste it madly. She said “lick me baby, show me your love”.

I took some honey kept on the table and I put it inside her pussy and I gave a kiss to her pussy lips and the very moment she closed her eyes and moaned…Aaaaahhh… It gave me the signal she want it very badly and so did I. I put my middle finger in it and the warmth of the pussy and soft walls of her vagina with a smooth feeling of honey It drived me crazy. I licked some drops that were oozing out he pussy and the I put my tongue inside her pussy and I licked it.

I could have licked my whole life it was so good. I kept tongue fucking her for around 15mins and then she came her expressions could have killed anyone she was moaning loudly she didnt care about whatever fuck the neighbours would think she was like….aaah…aaahhhhh.aaaahaahaahhhhhaa…..aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….. these moanings made me so horny that i drank all her cum it was a mixed cocktail like taste salty sour and sweet at the same time I drank it all. She looked into my eyes and I looked into her and we were smiling at each other we could see that we need each other. And I huged her we were both naked and my dick was touching her waist I could feel her boobs pressing against my finely cut body with 6packs and now we were ready for the main action…………

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