First Encounter With A Man

The year was 2008, I guess. I was in my early 20s. It was a really crowded general compartment on a train that took me from Bangalore to Kerala. Kanyakumari express if u need details. Started at 9:45 pm. 12 hours journey and there was not even a place to stand. Only the luckiest got a place to even sit on the floor. I was not so lucky and I was among the hundreds or thousands who were standing. To add to my bad luck I got a place near the toilet. With the prospect of standing for the whole night with no sleep and so many people crushing against each other and the natural stink of the toilet nearby, I thought this was going to be the worst journey ever. But I was wrong and the whole journey changed in some time.

When the pushing and crushing became worse there were few quarrels and arguments. I took the opportunity to slide to a better place. It was the last compartment and because of that, there was no passage after the toilet. It just ended with a wall. So to avoid the fights I went to the corner n was peaceful.

After a while, people was getting tired and desperate to sleep. We were all resting on each other or supporting each other. A lot of people dragged themselves to the floor and sat on whatever small places they could find, even in the shoes of people who are standing. I was not lucky to find such small space too. And I felt it better to keep standing than sitting all crushed. I hope you guys can imagine and really understand the scene. People who have traveled like this will understand.

Anyways, there were hundreds standing and an equal number of people sitting in between. All of us perfectly sandwiched. I was among the standing ones and there was a guy sitting at my feet. After some time he was leaning on my leg and resting his head on my thighs. I didnt mind at all thinking he is sleeping. After a while, his head started shaking in the rhythm of the train. His head was bobbing side to side. And soon started moving toward my inner thighs.

Once in a while, his head would jerk and touch my limp dick in my jeans. I was alarmed but thought it was by accident as I was thinking he is asleep. He would go back to normal and pretend to be asleep with rhythmic movement to match that of the train and the people around. And I continued to ignore him. This continued for a while and his head brushed against my groin more frequently. Now my body started naturally reacting to it. By and by my limp dick started to grow longer and harder. I was feeling awkward. I was afraid if he wakes up and finds me all turned on by his accidental touches what will he feel or say. I tried to shift my position and point my dick in a different direction.

But somehow again after some time his head would again come and touch my private part. Now I tried to move his head away from the area. But again he would come back at my dick. Now my dick was ready and was really hard. It was a very noticeable bulge and it was hurting lo have such a hard on in my undie. All my efforts to avoid this going further failed. Now I started to feel that his head would move to my dick and keep on brushing and it didnt go back soon. Now I started to realize the real scene here. He was never asleep and was doing this on purpose. Now I was a bit scared but the same time my body was excited and wanted this to continue.

I decided it was not a smart thing and decided to stop. I tapped his head and said softly ” stop it please”. He got bold and looked up at me and smiled. He just showed me with an expression ” its ok, nothing to worry, just enjoy”. Without words, even l told him” please no!”. L was also worried if anyone would see whats going on here. He went back to his activity. Now that he knows I am ok with it he became more aggressive. He realized lam enjoying it because I never stopped him, slapped him or shouted at him.

He now started rubbing his face on my dick. Over my jean but still, he was very furious. The hard dick was stuck in the dress and formed a long bulge which he was biting like he is eating corn cob, biting all along the length of my shaft. It was hard for me to control. I started making ecstatic expressions and some sounds. Which I quickly realized and stopped. Thankfully no one noticed. Most of the people wee sleeping. He didnt even bother. He continued to rub his face and bite and now even took his hand started stroking.

L was in heaven. The obvious pleasure of someone playing with my dick. The excitement of doing something like this with a man for the first time. The fear of doing this in public. And at that age l was not very experienced in the matters of sex. After the first experience with my maid which I explained in the first story, this was the most excitement I had until that point.

His games continued. He pressed and caressed the length of my rod softly as if measuring it. And he looked up at me and smiled. With his eyes locked onto mine, he started to unzip my jeans. Now that would be crazy. I held his hands and stopped him. He gave me a confident look but l was sure this time and was not ready to take risk of being caught in such a position. There were hundred of people still around us. Many of them might be sleeping but l am sure the standing ones would not be fast asleep. He begged with his eyes and pleaded with his looks. But I did not let him. L wanted him to finish what he started but how could I do it in open.

Finally, he got up and stood in front of me and I guessed he had come up with a new plan. He was very smart. As he got up pushing around everyone around, he softly apologized to the people nearby for disturbing their sleep and their comfortable position. And without anyone really noticing he was shifting his position and grabbed my hand and slowly moved me along with him. And just for people to listen, he was saying softly “This is crazy sitting like this. Better to go inside the restroom and stand peacefully. Might be stinking but at least need not be crushing against each other. If anyone wants to go to the toilet please just knock” and then he looked at me and said for everyone to hear, “Come, little brother, we will go inside and stand peacefully”. Without waiting for me to think about it he slowly directed me inside and closed the door.

We had an awkward moment looking at each other. That is when I noticed him for the first time. He was not very young. Must be in his 30s. Not so charming looking and all. Just a middle-class average man. He smiled and I said Im sorry. I dont know what u r planning to do. I have not done anything like this before”. With his joyful smile, he said “Nothing to worry. Just relax and enjoy”. With that, he came closer and rubbed his hands over my dick. Its starting to get limp and the renewed action brought back the heat and hardness. He unzipped and pulled down my jeans. Every move was scary for me and exciting at the same time. He saw my undie had a patch of a wet spot with my precum. He was getting eager and didnt wait any longer. By the time I was thinking what he was going to do, he had pulled down my jockey and had my hardness in my mouth.

Woah. That was a jolt to my brain. His gentle suck, the occasional touch of his teeth and the constant cushioning by his wet tongue. Wow. I almost shot at once. I dont know if I screamed or made any noise. My brain concentrated only on the head of my dick which was being sucked and licked by this stranger.

He did a lot of ways of sucking. Straight from the front and then a bit tilted to touch my dick head to the inner cheeks of his mouth. Then just open mouth licking while he breathed. And my dick was smoothly going in n out as he constantly made it wet.

I was in heaven. I held on to something, I think the plumbing in the toilet and arched my back and looked at the ceiling and enjoyed the whole event. It was all too crazy for me and I shot without warning. And he took it in his mouth. Dont know if he swallowed. At that point, I didnt think but later when I thought back about the incident I dont remember seeing him spit or wash his mouth or anything.

When I looked down he was licking my head clean and slowly stroked to see he could get it hard again. But I was done. The whole thing was going on for a while and hence I shot a lot of cum and I was tired of it all too. The moment I shot the excitement also came down and my brain rebooted and realized the situation. And it felt awkward and I wanted to escape from there before we get caught. I opened the door and got out. I didnt even look back at him or thank him for the pleasurable moment. I was scared. Getting out back into the crowd I squeezed through and disappeared behind the people and away from him.

His station arrived early morning and on his way out he did glance back in search of me and when he found me and smiled and with his eyes said goodbye.

That was my first real encounter with a man. Even though I have modified few details of the story to make it interesting, the incident is real and true. That incident introduced me to the world of bisexuality and have had few more experiences with guys which I shall share later.