Making Of Gay Prostitute 2

Hi, guys, this story is a continuation of my previous story “making of a gay prostitute”. First, read it and you can enjoy this. As mentioned in the previous one, I have been blackmailed by an auto driver and he has been using me.

And after that Sunday, he gave me two weeks break. At the Friday evening, he called me and said to come outside with a pair of clothes so that he needs me for next 3 days. I went outside and he took me to his home where we first had sex and he told me that I am gonna have 3 great days. He is very tired and he wanted to bath and he ordered me to remove my dress and come for bathing as well. I went inside the small bathroom which doesnt have a roof, he told to suck his dick and while I was doing that, he started to the bath. After he completed the bath, he told me to get my bath done and come inside naked and I went naked after my bath. He hugged me as soon as I enter and he kissed me passionately. He put me in doggy position and he started to enter me. He started to bang my asshole slowly and he increased his pace. I just started to love gay sex and being dominated by someone. He fucked me that night.

The next day, he took me to a big hotel and asked me to go to room no 16. I went inside and after 20 mins, two Africans came. Two men are tall and a little bit lean. One of them asked me to remove my dress and they started to remove as well. One man put his cock in my mouth and started to ram it, while the other started to fuck my asshole. Both the men cummed and they interchanged positions and started to bang me even more wildly. One man dressed up and he went outside while the other laid on the bed and asked me to suck his dick and after 20 mins, he cummed again in my mouth. They left me in the evening and the driver took me to a bar where he drank and he offered me too but I refused. Then he took me to a house in the night and he knocked the door and we went inside.

There was a middle-aged man and he looked at me and told to come inside. I went inside and he asked to remove the dress and he took a saree and started to wear on me. I asked whats happening but he told just to do what I said. He put blouse and petticoat and put saree on those. He gave me a ladies wig and asked me to wear. He now gave me two sponge balls and put it in blouse and those fit for my boobs. And he did make up for me and when I looked in the mirror, I became a lady with big boobs.

When I came down, the driver took me and I start asking where he is taking me but he didnt answer. He stopped at a small house and asked me to go in. I went inside and there were some 5 men drinking. When they saw me, one of them stood and said here comes our gay in girls dress.

He Said to the rest okay fellows, we will follow the same order and he took me to the room and locked it. He removed his dress and he asked me to bend. When I bent, he lifted the saree and petticoat and he started to bang my asshole. His cock I so big and I cant handle it. He enjoyed me for 20 mins and he went out and some other person came to enjoy me. Likewise, 5 men fucked me for 2 hrs. Finally, all 5 men came inside and made me naked. I am done for that day after so long fucking sessions. They tied me to the bed and one man brought a candle. He started to put the wax on my ass cheeks and it started to pain heavy. Later one of them beat me with a belt and they sat on the sofa and asked me to suck their dicks till the morning. In the morning, one of them took me to the public toilet while I am still in saree only. He asked me to kneel down and one man came for pissing and after he completed that he asked that man whether he need dick cleaning. The other said yes and he started to put his dick in my mouth and started to fuck it. While seeing that, the other 3 men also started to join in the line.

Like that whoever enters the bathroom, they put their dicks in my mouth and started to fuck it. One of the people asked if I am available for night and this person replied yes and you can take him Now. So I went with him and sat in the front seat of his car. He said dont waste time you fool, bend and start to suck my cock. It took 30 mins to reach his home and I have been sucking his tool. He took me inside his home and asked to remove my dress and finally I got rid of that saree. He also became naked and he kissed me on lips. We kissed for 5 mins and later he took me to his bedroom and asked me to be in doggy position. He slowly started to enter my ass and he increased pace meanwhile. He asked me whether I fucked someone or not and I replied no. He said you can fuck me and he started to suck my cock. It was a great pleasure and at that moment I felt how good it will be to get sucked instead of sucking.

After some time, he put himself in doggy style and I put my dick in his ass and started to ram it. That was my first time but I felt great and after so many people fucked me, finally I got a chance to fuck someone. After that, he asked me to lick his ass and I did it as ordered.

After that, we had dinner naked only and again we had a fucking session in the night. While he was feeling sleepy, he told that you have to suck my cock whole night. In the middle of the night, I fell asleep by having his tool in my mouth.

In the morning, the driver somehow found the address and took me to his home. He said I think you are having a great time, today there are no customers for you. So today you will be free and in the evening, you can go to your college.