My First Gay Experience

HI, everyone. Ajay here with the 4th edition of my life experiences. Thanks for all the emails that have come in related to my previous sex story and it has been really overwhelming. Even got a couple of good friends with benefits contacts, which has been real fun over the last couple of weeks.

Well, this is gonna be a gay experience I had when I was in Australia. For people looking for stats, I am 31, 6’4 in height, with a pretty thick 6-inch black tool with a pink tip.

I went to Australia during the winter and when there was snow. From my experience, snow is a beautiful scene if you have someone to share it with, if you are alone, it gives you a sense of loneliness and a state of depression. So this state of depression took me to craigslist where I saw an ad from a guy for mutual masturbation. So I texted him, he was again, we didnt hit it off sexually since he came to know that I am straight and we hit it off as close friends.

He introduced me to the world of Grindr and hornet. So I went about installing it and created a profile. Till that day, I have never seen gay porn and found it expulsive. I got a lot of requests and texts from my profile for immediate sex. But I was more of a romantic who wanted to get to know that person before we hit the sack. I rarely found men who were ready to talk but mostly who wanted to meet immediately and get it going like animals. And of course there were men who were interested in sharing pics. Seeing all the pics shared, I started getting an inferiority complex with my body. I am more of a hairy guy like most Indians, but these foreigner men are so well trimmed and maintained.

So I went about shaving my private parts and my trimming my chest hair and hair in other places to look presentable. A couple of days later, I got a text for a doctor who was around 45 years old, he was a bisexual, named Peter.Being educated and a doctor, he was more of a gentleman who wanted to get to know me.

He was very happy to hear that I havent been with any guy before. He tried to make me comfortable and take it slow. We chatted for a whole day and he asked me to come over to his place, I was a little scared since I wasnt sure if it was a real invite or I was gonna get mugged or kidnapped. I dressed well, put some mint and took the bus to his place. I walked to his apartment using google maps, every step I took closer to the house made my heart beat faster. I wanted to convince myself to go back to my room rather than turning into a bi-sexual or a gay.

Well, all the chats with various ppl, I came to know what is top, bottom, and verse. I had no idea what I was but I felt I was verse but I didnt want anal by any chance. I finally reached his place, with shivering hands of fear and excitement, I rang the bell to his flat. I heard a pretty deep male voice.

Peter: Hey aj, come on up mate, I didnt think you were gonna come.
Me: Hey, which floor are you one?
Peter: Take the lift to the 4th floor and my apartment is on the left once you step out of the lift.

I went into this flat and he had the door open for me and was waiting. He looked smarter than in his pic, felt a little younger than 40 for sure. He had a beautiful apartment with a wonderful view of the city. It was posh and well maintained.

Peter: Do you wanna have something?
Me: no, I am fine
Peter: you look tensed, cool down, we wouldnt do if you dont wanna do it. We can have a beer and have a conversation.
Me: No its fine. I am here, lets do it before I change my mind.
Peter: Hang your coat here and follow me to my bedroom.

I hung my coat, kept my mobile and wallet in the hall and walked over to his bedroom. He held my hands and I followed him like a child. He turned around and asked if I was horny and grabbed my dick over my pants. I was literally not erect and I got embarrassed with my lack of erection and told him I will be erect soon. He said dont worry, dont take the stress, be calm.

He then took me to his bathroom and asked me to piss. He unzips me, took my limp dick out and was holding it till I finished pissing. He then cleaned my dick with some sanitizer and said I am sure your dick is gonna make me happy once its awake. These things helped me cool myself down and my dick started getting some of its glory back. We then started smooching, my first kiss to a guy, it felt weird in the beginning and then it really felt nice getting some body heat. We stripped each other and he wanted me to use my mouth to take out his boxers. I did so and found a really large white dick come out of it. I got very excited and all the experience of watching blowjobs in porn movies by beautiful women took over me.

He asked me to go slow, but I was I no mood to listen to him. I gave him a handjob plus blowjob combo and he came in my hands in 5 mins. He then said I was a little firm and hard with my hands. I said I will be a little soft next time. He took a breather and took my dick in his mouth. I lied down and enjoyed the next ten minutes of magic from his mouth. He was too experienced with all this. He took my dick deep, sucked my balls with passion and love and went for some anal licking as well. I didnt wanna cum as I wanted to enjoy the best blowjob of my life.(Hoping someone can beat this one day). I was about to cum and asked him, where do I dump my cum, he said he wants to taste Indian cum and I came fully in his mouth by holding on to his head and pushing it towards my dick.

We both then laid down on the bed, catching our breath. He went and cleaned his mouth. We both had a smoke each and discussed some personal stuff. We watched some tv and cuddled, and I slept off in his arms. He had ordered some pizza for us, We ate it and got some energy for the next round. All this while, we were just in our boxers, with the pizza guy giving us a naughty look.

We had another round of action with 69 this time, I came faster and I continued to suck on his wonderful dick. This time I was more experienced and did it slowly and he loved it. He later said this is his best experience, not sure how far it was true.

Now I am back in India and I have been in grindr and hornet once in a while but never found the right guy to try out my gay experience. Maybe it not meant to be.

Thanks for reading my story. Keep the comments coming. Will write my next sex story about how I had sex with an ISS reader.