Deflowered A Virgin

Hi…This is my first story in indian sex stories dot net . I have been reading this site for the last 6 months and I really enjoyed a few of them. This is a real incident which happened early this year.

I separated from my wife for a year and after separation, I started chatting with this beautiful chubby Muslim girl Afshan. She used to work for me in Mumbai in the same organization but we shared a very formal relationship. After separation, I enjoyed talking to her more often and gradually we became the best of friends. She is a fair chick with a beautiful pair of tits. Her ass is slightly bigger and fatter than what I would have loved it to be but yet it was amazingly fun to play with and especially without the clothes.

I had to move interstate for my work so we used to WhatsApp and chat over the phone. Gradually from general conversations, it turned to naughty and dirty talks. She being from a strict and conservative Muslim family wasnt very comfortable in sex talks but I often used to instigate her. After a couple of months, I then decided to go to Mumbai to fuck her as I got desperate for her. It took another couple of weeks to convince her but eventually, she agreed. So early this year I booked my tickets and a hotel for 3 days.

Finally, I checked into the hotel at noon and she arrived soon after. Took her to the bedroom and gave her a tight hug squeezing her big fat tush. I just could not resist myself and started smooching her. She was a little hesitant and wasnt responding very well. So I slowed down a little to make her comfortable. She was a little scared as well. According to her, she was a virgin and I had never deflowered a virgin before. I decided to go a little slow so we were just lying on the bed kissing and fondling. Her boobs were big and very well shaped. It was amazing to play with her boobs. Unlike most Indian girls she had small pink areola and not brown. Even her nipples were very soft and pink.

After around 15 minutes she got a little comfy and started cooperating. I then started to strip her. When I opened her bra she was very shy and covered her eyes with both her hands and then covered herself with the blanket. She had a beautiful bodyscape. Her tummy had fats but just enough the way I like. I started to kiss her entire body and playing with her tits. She now started responding and was holding my head tightly against her body. I then suckled her nipples and she started moaning a little and was still trying to avoid eye contact. I wanted a blow job but she was not ready for it and said that she feels yucky. I did not push my luck as I didn’t wanna spoil it. I then strip her undies and started fingering and licking her pussy. She was slimy wet ready to be screwed. She had Brazilian done and was absolutely clean down. I enjoyed every single moment playing with her clit. She held my head tightly between her thighs moaning very softly. My finger went inside her vagina pretty smoothly despite her saying that she is a virgin but then I had no experience with virgins before. I could not resist myself any longer and was rock hard. I looked at her but she had her eyes closed and whispered softly in her ears that I am gonna fuck you now. I guided my cock towards her vagina but she strongly resisted and said that it’s hurting her. I tried yet again but it was still the same so rather than forcing myself I fingered her hoping that it will help. During this session, she said that she has never masturbated in her life which I dont believe is possible but did not confront her at all.

After around an hour she got quite comfortable and came on top of me. I was holding her bums while she was rubbing her clit against my cock and almost suddenly it just went inside and I felt the warmth of her soft and slimy pussy and she sighed and stalled for a quick second. I wasn’t even wearing condoms and she was not on pills either. With my cock inside her, she just fell on me gripping me as best as she could. I slowly started my movement going in and out of her pussy and she was now enjoying it to the fullest. After a few pump, she started swirling her ass and was now verbal as well. I wanted to put on my condoms but she was too aroused and was not at all in the mood to let me out for wearing the condoms. So we just kept going slow and steady. While she was riding me it was a great sight to see her jugs wobbling. I held both her boobs and started to suckle on it. That made her hornier and she increased her speed. I tried to slow her down as I wanted to enjoy this moment but I was a little late and she just orgasmed with her eyes closed and soft mooooaaaaanssss.. Once again she crashed on me with my cock still inside. I still didn’t reach my climax so I was still hard and was fucking her slowly with now her kunt even more lubricated with her own juices.

I think she was a little embarrassed again to look into my eyes and she was trying to avoid eye contact. I was fucking her with slow movements and tried to finger her ass. We had a small discussion, in the past, about anal sex over the phone and she mentioned it is “Al-Haram” in Islam and that it’s a felony. But I guess she was badly seduced to stop me from doing it. She was really tight in her ass. I turned over with me on top of her with my cock still inside. I was very close to my climax and now was biting her softly all around. Her nipples, her neck, her shoulders with continuous thrust. I wanted to end it now so with very strong pushes I started ramming her pussy and in just a few seconds I loaded my spunk in her.

I was completely satisfied and overwhelmed with joy. I think this entire session took around 15 – 20 mins but it was one of the best fucks of my life. I deflowered a virgin. After a few minutes, we got up to wash and had a lot of sessions for the next two days before I flew back from Mumbai.

This is my first story in indian sex stories dot net . Please feel free to give me your feedbacks at [email protected] Any ladies in Kolkata are free to contact me for a discreet relation. Cheers.