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Hi, everyone of indian sex stories dot net!! I am Rohit here to share my life incident how I fucked my younger sister Prema.

I am a normal guy of age 22 doing my b.E mechanical engineering 4th year and my younger sister with sexy body completed her intermediate(also called as class 12) of age 18.

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We are 4 in our family. Dad, mom, myself and my younger sister.
The incident happened 2 months ago. Till my summer vacation, I didnt have any feelings for my sister. My sister completed her board exam and was waiting for results.In the mid of summer vacation in one fine day afternoon time I was playing the game on my pc and my sister was watching it sitting nearby me.She was in her pajamas at that time.After playing, I moved from that place and accidentally my elbow touched her breast.At that moment an electric shock passed inside me.Since she doesnt have the habit of wearing a bra in the home I felt her soft breast in my elbow.After some minutes my mind totally got disturbed and I was looking at her breast. She didnt notice me or didnt take care of it because of its a slight hit while getting off from my chair.But I was continuously thinking about her breast and her body.How big will it be?How can I press it? I was thinking about her in her sexy school uniform so that I can grab her and place in bed, lift her uniform skirt up, move her legs wide, remove her panty, insert my dick in her hot pussy

Till evening I was thinking about her. I went into the bathroom and masturbated thinking of her.Suddenly I got an idea.At night we used to sleep in same bed.So I waited until night.

In the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up and checked whether my parents slept or not.After confirming they slept I went close to her.She was sleeping, showing her ass side to me. I slowly placed my hand in her breast above her pajamas.Wow, it was so soft. I cant believe that I am feeling my own sister breast.After some seconds I slowly pressed it.She didnt react. This gave me courage and I placed my leg upon her, my dick raised and I was feeling her ass upon her panty.She used to wear soft lingerie. I started enjoying her other breast slowly. After some time I slept.

The next day everything went normal and I waited until night.After everyone slept the same thing started again. But after sometime enjoying her I thought of feeling her pussy. So I placed my hand on her pussy.It was awesome. I was able to feel her pubic hairs even though she wore pants and pajamas. I was rubbing it above pajamas and it made me harder soon and I was out of my control. I needed her pussy badly. So I moved her pants up and inserted my hand inside and was feeling her pussy in her panty.I rubbed it carefully but suddenly she woke due to irritation or giggles in that area I guess. I removed my hand as fast I can but she saw me.I pretended like sleeping and I was in fear that she may complain it. The next I woke up late. My parents were not there since they went for work.

I left the bedroom and looked what my sister is doing. She was watching tv sitting in the sofa. She noticed me and didnt say anything. I went bathroom refreshed myself and had breakfast. My dick raised thinking of her. I went near to her and sat in the sofa. I was trying to control but after some time I directly asked her how she was feeling yesterday. She asked me ‘what yesterday? she was acting to me which I clearly know. So I replied her that I was feeling her breast while she sleeping. She said ‘what are you talking? Am your sister ‘ but I was not having the mood to listen to her. Since I was sitting near to her I just hugged her tightly.She was trying to escape and I noticed her smile in her face I realized that she wanted to have happened. I kissed her on her lips and was enjoyed pressing her ass.

After some time I pressed her breast for which she moaned.On hearing her moaning my dick was hitting her thigh. I took her to the bedroom and removed her top. For the first time, I am looking at live breasts that too my sister. She felt shy so I just pressed only for minutes.Now I want to go for the main part. I just removed my clothes completely and I removed her bottom and panty. She was in full nude and her pubic hairs covered her pussy. I asked her to take my dick in her mouth. She resisted at first. After I convincing her she said ok. I taught her how to blowjob. She did an awesome blowjob for me. I ejected my cum in her mouth and told her to drink it. After that, I rubbed her pussy and inserted my finger. It was so hot. Since I didnt have condom I licked her pussy, fingered and she ejected her juice in little amount. Now I planned to ass fuck her. So I told her to turn back and kneel in bed. I just bent her body down and stretched her ass. I slowly inserted my dick in her ass for which she screamed. I calmed her and I was moving my dick in and out as fast I can. I pressed her breast from the backside and my dick ejected a load of cum in her ass.

After that, both became tired and cleaned ourselves. After she cleaned and got ready I made her sitting in my lap and were watching tv. While watching I started caressing her hip and played with her breast. I told her that we can enjoy daily when our parents are out and she agreed. During bedtime, I used to hug her or sometimes grab her breast and sleep. Later I got condoms and successfully explored her pussy. After summer vacation I came back to the hostel, now I am missing her. Waiting for some holidays to have sex with her.

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