Blackmailing Aunt Showing Her Sex Video

Hi indian sex stories dot net readers.This is a story about me Ramesh and my aunt Karthika.To tell about me ,my dick size is 8 inch, you can mail me if you want it
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and i have a muscular body.My aunt is married and have 2 children.Though she is a ordinary lady she has a well built body of 38-28-40 and a nice charming face.

I always had a desire on her since my teenage.
Coming to the story , My uncle and my aunt live around 2 km away from us and my uncle will roam across the country on business purpose. I will regularly go to their house in the evenings to play with her children (intentionally) and enjoy by seeing her lustful body without her notice.

One day my mother told to give her a package and I went in the morning at around 10.30 . I saw new chappals and got a doubt . As I know their house I went to the window of the bedroom and peeped through the window inside . I did not believe what I saw inside . My aunt is getting fucked by a stranger whom I dont know . I think my uncle didnt fuck her recently . She is behaving very sluttily and uttering filthy words . First I got angry by seeing it . I thought to shout and interrupt them but immediately I got an idea . If I take a video and blackmail her, I can also fuck her . Then I took my mobile and took a nice video of my nude aunt getting fucked by a stranger .
I then went to the entrance and ringed the door bell 2 times . My aunt came out after 5 min and welcomed me in . I waited for the moment to know who the stranger is . I gave the package to her and went inside to the bedroom . A guy is working inside the bathroom ( probably a plumber ) . Now I came to know what happened . The plumber seduced my aunt and she had been fucked by him . I went to the hall and waited till the plumber goes out .

Now I started my game . I showed the video of fuck to my aunt .
A = Aunt

Me : See the video karthika ji

A : Arey ramesh what is this ( with a surprise )

Me : The video of your sex with the plumber ( laughing )

A : How can you do this thing , taking a video of your aunt nude
What do you want , money ??

Me : I have to ask the same question ,How can you be so shameless and cheating towards uncle . I never thought that you would do this . Anyways I dont require money . I want something else from you .
A : What do you want ?? (Asked doubtfully)

Me : I want you to do the same thing you did with the plumber .
A : What ! I didnt expect this from you . It is not fair .

Me : Every thing is fair in love and war . I will give you time of 1 day think and tell .

By telling this I went off .The next day I got a call from my aunt pleading to delete that video . I said no and blackmailed that I am gonaa show that to my mom . She then in a crying voice told me to come the next day moring 10 o clock.

I went to her house and she is alone . I told her to remove her clothes . She again pleaded not to do that . I then focefully went to her and removed her pallu and pressed her boobs above the blouse . She is resisting my action , at the same enjoying it .

I then slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra and pressed her to a wall and licked her boobs and bite her nipples hardly . Now she started enjoying it . I guided her hand to my erect cock of 8 inches and she immediately taken it out and started giving handjob to it . I meanwhile removed her petticoat and lower part clothes and started to finger her pussy . Now she started moaning .
Now I threw her onto the bed and widened her legs and started licking her pussy . She is so tasty .

She is moaning and raising her hips up and i am pushing her to the bed . With one hand she pushed my head tightly towards her pussy and carassed her boobs with other hand .

After this I slept and she started the act . She took the monster cock into her mouth and licked like a pure slut . She drank all the precum . After that I fucked her in all the positions possible , kissing her and fucking her and licking the boobs in the middle .

She had two intense orgasams in the middle and enjoyed the fuck to the full extent . Finally I cummed inside her pussy . She inserted her fingers inside the pussy and licked my cum .

We kissed again and had bath combinedly . She liked my cock very much and since then we fucked numerous times and she never asked about the video .

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