The Boy Realize His Love For Dicks Part 2

Hi indian sex stories dot net readers, this is Neha your nurse. I work in a hospital and go to the private patients who need to be taken care for. Those who have read the last story know that how I was introduced to the gay affair. Now, my classmate, Hardik knew about my preference for dicks. The lecture got over and we went to his room, on the way he asked me where were my girls clothes. I reluctantly said at my room. So we took a detour and I packed some of my clothes in my college bag and we went to his room. It was the duplex house where there was a family living on the ground floor and the first floor had a big room and a small store room. He took me in and closed the door. He told me to go in the store room and wear girls clothes. I turned to him and said please dont do this. He said pulling my boobs do as I say now you are my GF.

I silently went to the store room, I had bought a short white tank top which was tight for me and a khaki short which was the length of my underwear only. I wore it, the tank top was so tight that my boobs were getting pressed by it. I adjusted them and brought them together to make a cleavage. I was afraid that was excited to show someone my girly side. I saw water bottle lying over there so I spill some water on my tank top which made it see through.

I then came out doing cat walk in front of him. He was sitting on the bed with his shirt unbuttoned and saw me lustfully. I walked to him and bend doing a sit up in slowly and sexy manner. I winked my eye while doing this. This made me so erotic that he pulled me on himself and we were on the bed. He started kissing me and pressing my boobs. He bit my lips then my neck ad my boobs were getting milked by him during this time. I was leaving moan and saying to go slow but he was not at all in the mood. He tore my top and told me to go in doggy style. I obeyed him and he stood in position and inserted his dick in my ass. I let a scream but he pressed my mouth with his hand. I was in doggy style getting pumped by him my shorts were on my knees and my top was hanging on my shoulders in torn condition. It was paining a lot and then I started to enjoy it. It took him he held me by my waist and continued fucking me. He then cummed in me and took out his dick. My ass was full of cum and we slept side by side.

After half an hour I was asleep when again I felt his hand on my boobs.I smiled and asked still hungry? But I am tired. He pulled my hair and threw me out of the bed near his legs on my knees. He made me look at his face and said. Dont take me for granted bitch you are my slut and you spread your legs for me whenever I want it to. I said yes, his dominance had something. Then he guided me to his dick. I took his dick and started giving him blow job. I was sucking his dick his balls and he was sleeping on the bed enjoying each and every bit of it. He was getting excited that he pushed my head on his dick and spilled his cum into my mouth. I took it all. Then we went for a bath and had a bathroom sex session. From then he became my bf. In college, we used to sit together with me giving him handjobs every now and then.

During off college, I would dress up as a chick and we would roam the city. I started reaching home late nights. So my guardian told me to search for another place. This was a boon in disguise, I shifted with Hardik and then I was nehal outside the room and inside I was Neha.I used to wear nighty and sometimes used to do an erotic dance for him and all. Once he invited two of this gay friends and they all fucked me for a week. I went all sore in my ass. I was used to them one by one and all together. They gangbanged me. One of them had a car so they took me on the highway. Parked it on a deserted place and made me sleep on the backseat and they took turns in fucking me with me in the car and they had drinks outside the car. I could hear car gushing near mine and the black glass protected me. I started wearing mini and micros sometimes when he used to go his home I would get dressed up and go the pub and hit on boys and sometimes if I was lucky would have one night stand too. We had a sexual relationship till we graduated and then he had to marry a girl.

But I was not ready to marry, so I would always give some or other excuse to my parents. When I got off 28 both my parents had died, now I was free of responsibilities, I shifted to Rajkot and there no one knew me. I started living like a girl and took a job in private hospital. But the money was less, so I told the doctor I want to do some other work. One of his friends was a teacher so he gave me his contact for work. And then started a new phase in my life. To be continued. If you like my stories please comment below and rate it and email me on [email protected]