Office Romance Part 2

Office Romance continues in this part of indian sex story

Before I could react or say anything he continued, “I am done in 2 minutes then you can use this cabin. Or”

Me: “or what?”

Pawan laughingly turns towards me and says, “Join me.”
This is a very bold invitation or could be just a joke but I pretended to be natural and before he could justify any further I dropped my towel on the floor and jumped in the shower.

I was still wearing my underwear but had a hard-on. I was pretending to be shy and was trying to hide my boner then he said, ” Do you got an extra pair of undergarments. I dont have thats why I have removed them. why dont you. ” He hesitated a little saying this but covered by saying, ” only if you are comfortable. I mean I am also naked.” He ended his proposal with a wink.

Without any moments delay, I removed my Kevin Clein sexy trunk and swayed it in the air. I slowly walked towards him as the floor was little slippery. My dick was rock hard and even with my both hands I wasnt able to hide that. I entered the shower and then Pawan turned and looked into my eyes.
He said, ” have you had a shower with someone naked before.”
I said, “I am afraid if anyone might come and see us like this.”
He said, “Well invite him too.” And before he completed his last statement he pulled me into the shower where water now has turned to be little cold. He pulled out his tongue and licked my neck moving up to the left ear. he exhaled slowly and that gave me goosebumps. He was licking my cheeks, ears and intermittently lips.

I was little scared of this place and wasnt sure how Pawan felt about it but now I got the confirmation and confidence. I made him stop and stepped into driver mode and licked his pink lips. He invited my tongue with his tongue and we went into a hot kissing session.

During kissing I was exploring his smooth body. I started with his shoulders and started playing with each and every part of his body. I squeezed his butts and tried to find his hole. I moved to the front and had his dick in my hand. His dick was rock hard and balls too tight. I played with his balls till the sack became loose and dick became harder. I could feel the shivering as I touched the tip of his dick after removing his skin. I took some shower gel and applied on his naked cock and with each jerk, he was shivering more. Then I went to explore his backyard again and played with his hole from the outside. I inserted my index finger into his hole and that made Pawan break his kissing meditation.

He looked at me and said,” Do you want to do it here.?
I naughtily asked, “Do what.? but from the inside I was screaming yes but as a courtesy, I told him its his call to make a decision. He said,” I dont know if it is alright to be here. If we get caught then.”

As soon as he finished this I made him turn and bend over and insert my iron rod up his ass. he moaned like a virgin and requested me to stop. I took a small pause and then slowly and swiftly entered his hole. he was surely enjoying while I was creating a vortex up in his hole. he then requested a pause and I took out my dick and turned him around and hissed his lips..

He said he got his apartment nearby and there would not be anyone at this time, we can go there and continue the fun. I had this jwalamukhi bursting inside me and did not want to discontinue the fun but I agreed to this only if he gives me a good blowjob right now. He smiled and nagged a bit but in a couple of seconds he sat on the floor and made himself comfortable.

I started mouth fucking him and was enjoying every tissue of his tongue touching my rock hard and in few minutes I came on his face. I was really sorry for not informing him of my cum but to my surprise, he licked my cum over his face and tasted it. He smiled and I licked my cum from his face and then we cleaned each other and stepped out of the shower.

His dick was hot hard anymore and mine was ready for second round. lol. we shared the same towel and did clean each other’s back. I inserted my finger into his ass again while wiping his back. He said ouch. I laughed and then asked if he’s a virgin or he’s faking the orgasm. he told me that he’s a top and always fucks. but when he saw my body and my dick he said he got the urge to get fucked.

I smiled and told him that I would also want to try to get his dick up my ass but he would have to stop whenever I’d say. I don’t want to walk funnily in the office tomorrow. we laughed and then we kissed each other. I complemented every time he used his lips and tongue and sometimes teeth to make love. No doubt he’s a great kisser.

Suddenly we heard some noise from the corridor and we came out of the shower. we went to the locker room and found there’s another hot guy undressing.

I pinched Pawan’s ass and winked him and told that we had perfect timing. A minutes delay would have had us caught. he smiled and opened his locker. I also pretended to sort out my clothes while ensuring that the new guys leaves the locker room. As soon as he left I dropped my towel and started wearing my clothes.. I didn’t realize when this new guy came back to ensure if he locked his locker properly and he saw both Pawan and me butt naked changing clothes. hahaha
We got dressed and left the recreational area immediately.
We entered in the shower as colleagues and came out as sex partners.

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