Immeasurable Pleasure Part 3

Marks dick was too big. It was 8inch but the width of it was what I was amazed at, almost 3.5inch. I couldnt take it in my ass, well I couldnt even take it in my mouth. I was trying desperately to fit that thing in my mouth, all I could manage in mouth was only 1/4th of his whole dick, it was truely a monster dick. But I like the feel of it in my hand, I was stroking it desperately. Thinking that maybe he will cum with my handjob and blowjob and I dont have to take it in my ass. I still know the reality though, this guy aint going to cum that soon. I was trying to make my mind to enjoy this whole situation I got myself into. Beside me was steven, the man who took me to heaven last night, but now Steven was sucking Billys dick. I saw that Steven was sucking billys dick with ease, Billys dick wasnt thick as marks but it was long 10inch maybe. That didnt stop steven, he was taking half of it in. That requires experience, so its true that Steven was a sex slave of mark and billy, they told me this earlier.

Earlier after me getting surprised with 3 naked people in front me. They told me that Steven was a sex slave of mark and billy. They fuck him regularly. So basically steven told them about me, billy and mark also wanted to join in.

They then ordered me to remove my clothes, I did as they ordered. Then Mark said he always wanted to fuck an Indian but he never got a chance. Then he lift me in his arms and took me inside my bedroom. He threw me on my bed and came in top of me and started to kiss me. He was really a monster, as he was pressing my man boobs hard. I was shouting with pain and asked him to go slow. But he wouldnt listen to me. He then went to suck my nipples, it felt really good and I moaned loud. He kept on going and fondled every part of me. Then he lay back beside me and commanded me to suck his dick. I was afraid to even touch his dick, as it was first time Im seeing such a big dick in real life. I always wondered how do those pornstars get fucked by these big dicks.

Guess Im going to find out.
After me and steven sucked them for a few minutes, we switched places. I went to billy and steven went to mark. Since billys dick was thin it was easy for me to suck me. Then they both told us to get in doggy facing each other, we did as they told us. This way I can see steven getting fucked with mark and they can see me getting fucked with billy. After we got into doggy, steven and I started to kiss. A few minutes into the kiss, I felt tongue on my ass. I broke the kiss and looked back and saw billy licking my ass. Ooohhhhh it felt too good. It felt like he was almost fucking me with his tongue. I closed my eyes with ecstacy and I was enjoying.

Then steven suddenly started shouting, I opened my eyes to see mark was fucking steven with full force. Hard and fast strokes, I started kissing steven to calm him down. Before I know it billy inserted his dick in me. He almost pushed the whole thing in. A loud shout escaped my mouth. These people where ravaging us. The pain was unbearable, I kept on shouting pleading them to stop. They didnt, its like they didnt even care. They just wanted a hole to fuck and they wont stop untill they cum. After a few minutes my pain reduced and my shouting became moaning. There was still little pain, but the pleasure took over me. I was moaning in pleasure and was kissing steven sometimes. He was also enjoying now, as I could see it in face. That weird expression on his face told me that he was enjoying to the core. We kept shouting and moaning and asked them to keep going. Whole house echoed our moans, I wondered if the neighbours can hear us.

10min after, they stopped fucking. We immediately started sucking their cocks. Mark and billy came close to each other side by side and their dicks where touching each other. So me and steven also went close to each other. It felt like we both where sucking one giant large dick. While sucking their dicks, mine and steven lips touched each other and every time they touched each other we kissed for a minute and got back to sucking. This went on for 5min minutes. They told us to get into 69 position. So I lay on my back and steven got on top of me, so that his dick was on top of me and my dick was under him. I sucked his dick for a minute and he started sucking mine. Since I couldnt see much as his ass was blocking my view, all I saw was a dick come near his ass and I realized it was billys dick, and that means mark was going to fuck me now. I was really afraid on how I can take his thick dick in me. I braced myself and told myself that whatever happens will happen and I cant stop this anyway. So I sucked billys dick for a minute and I spread steven ass cheeks so that it will be easy for billy to fuck him.

Billy started fucking him and steven was still sucking me and moaning. I got back to my sucking stevens dick and I felt my legs being pushed to the top and landing on marks shoulders. Then he did it again, asusual pushed his whole dick in me in one attempt. There was a lot of pain and I almost bite stevens dick. Tears started rolling my eyes and I was stroking stevens dick fast waiting for the pain to subside. They both kept fucking us at the same pace. After a long time or maybe it felt like a long time, I started feeling good. I was moaning and sucking steven at the same time. I dont know how long have they been fucking us, I just lost track of time. All I could see that it was pitch black outside from the window.

Then billy stopped fucking and gave his dick for me to suck, he pushed it in my mouth and took it out and pushed it in stevens ass, he kept doing this for some time. Like he was fucking stevens ass in one stroke and fucking my mouth in one stroke. On the other side mark didnt stop fucking me, he just kept going and Steven kept sucking my dick. I felt like I was about to cum and before I know it I came in stevens mouth. Im sure he swallowed everything. While billy got back to continuously fucking steven, after a minute or so steven came in my mouth and I gladly swallowed his every drop of cum. Then I think mark and billy where also on their verge as their fucking us also became really intense. They kept fucking us hard and hard and hard almost felt like they will tear our asses. Then all of a sudden billy stoped and pointed his dick to my mouth and started cum with load moans.

Spurts of cum coming from his dick, all over my face, in my mouth, on my hair. It felt like he would never stop, he kept on cumming for about 30seconds and I almost choked on his cum. I tried my best to keep up to me and swallow but still a lot dripped and fell on the bed. Then steven got off me and went down and open his mouth as a sign for mak to cum in his mouth, but mark. Oh man that fucker, it felt like he just dont want to stop, he kept on going fucking me. The pain started to hit me again, my ass felt like it was on fire, it was burning too much. I was pleading mark to please cum and stop. I was almost going unconscious and I dont know how long but after a while but it stoped and all I could hear was loud moans of mark, maybe he was cumming in stevens mouth. Through my half closed I could see that I was right. I could only see a blurry image though. Then I slept.
I woke up, I dont know how long I was out. It was morning now. My face was all sticky with cum. In fact my whole body and the whole bed was sticky. I got out of bed, it was hard for me to even walk.

I was limping, I got out of bedroom to find no one. Then the door opened and it was steven. Then he came to me and embraced me. He made me sit sideways so that my ass be accessible to him. I didnt ask any questions and just did as he said. He gave me me a red bull to drink and took a container out of his pocket, opened it and took some paste out of it with his hand and started to apply it on my asshole. It felt good, cold. The pain reduced, in no time all the pain went away. He said they use it after anal sex, it reduces the pain. I asked him about his friends, he said they left after fucking me again at night. I was shocked to hear that they fucked me again and that too while I was unconscious. I was mad at first but then I thought it turned out to be a good one time experience for me and asked him not to bring them again. He said ok.

We cuddled on the couch for some time and kissed a bit. Then I told I wanted to take a shower and I walked to the restroom door, before going in I asked him if he wanted to join. He smiled and got naked in a second and came running towards me. We got into the shower and he fucked me once again in the shower. He stayed with me till my friends return, till next week. He fucked me a lot of times that I lost count. Ever morning after getting up I used to wake him with a blowjob and he fucked me, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, evening and before going to bed. I almost got used to his cum that I didnt stay without it. On the day before my friends supposed to come, I asked him to invite his friends. He gladly did and they all fucked me again. So this is how my holiday went.

Hi, im Rakesh. Hope you all liked my story. And yes this a fantasy story, not a real one. Please dont indulge in any kind of activity with black people. Things could go pretty bad. Keep enjoying sex. Please give feedbacks to [email protected]

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