Taking Virginity Part 1

This incident happened many years back when I was 26 and my wife had gone to my in-law’s place for delivery.

I had not had sex for a few months now and always had a raging hard… I had stopped my sexual adventures with other women & men after my marriage. which were quite a few before.

I used to play football to pass my time in the evening at the local college grounds. I had a good physique then. I started to observe a teen boy who used to come daily to play and normally was pushed around by most of us rough players

His name was Raju and he was 5 foot 5inc fair and soft skin and red lips (more like a girl player than a man) hairless legs and hand and totally clean shave with beautiful eyes.. he used to smile at me often and I too used to cover him when others use to bully him.
One day he told me that his body used to pain badly always after the game and he was not able to sleep properly at night resulting in missing his first class in college. I advised him to take hot water shower and get body massage (malish) from a professional. He informed me that he is a PG and he gets hot water 1 bucket only in morning. I offered him to come with me to my place as I was alone for some weeks now and he can have hot water shower at my home. He accepted my offer and we packed our bags and started on my bike towards home.

As I started he sat behind me and the bags were tied to the carrier, the road was bad and he jumped in the first 10 miters itself and now her hold my waist and after some time put his chin on my back… I started to get a hard-on.

We reached home and I parked my bike and we went to my home, I asked him to freshen-up and till then I made him hot chocolate milk and cleaned my bedroom and sprayed some mild scent to refresh the mood, and put oily oil near the bed for malish. After he had his chocolate milk; He asked for a towel and a fresh set of cloths to change; I smiled and asked him, “Kyun tail malish nahin kervani PURI BODY per?!” and winked at him ;) He smiled and looked down.

(by now I was very much sure he was a gay and I just had to take the initiative to break the ice)

I pushed him towards the wall and took off his jersey and made him topless and took hold of his soft hands and walked towards my bedroom. I asked him to take off his shorts too and lay down, he stared at me eye to eye and then smiled and laid down taking his shorts and his underwear together and throwing it on the side and laid down on his stomach. I took off my top and my shorts and was only in my underwear.

I took the oil bottle and dropped liberally on his back and hips and shoulders. And started to spread the oil all over his back and hips and also to press his back with my fingers moving from up to down and back up with pressure. He was moaning: mmmm ahhhh mmm ….. and taking deep breaths. I then applied oil to his legs and press his pams and calf and thighs; giving special attention to his inner thighs(hairless and smooth like a virgin young girl) but never touched his cock or balls. Then I pored much more than required oil between his sexy round tight hips and started to give massage to his hips and between them and now and than started to circle his asshole and push oil into it. Then I turned him over and applied oil to his hairless chest and stomach. I observed that his cock was already erect and only 4.5 inc and thin, with skin. I spread the oil all over his front and gave a good massage to him and then.. bent and kissed is sexy red soft lips and let go but not before licking his lips with my tongue. Till now he had his eyes closed and was moaning.

I took off my underwear and started to kiss his neck and bite and make love marks all over his neck and shoulders. He put his fingers in my hair and started to play with them. I sucked his nipples and bite and pull them with my teeth. He forced my head to his chest. While sucking and biting his nipples I started to play with his balls with my already wet oily hands and finger his asshole with my first one and then after he had relaxed a second finger together slowly rotating just pushed inside 2 knuckles and rotating to loosen his ass-hole. I poured some more oil over his front and laid down on him and started to kiss him lip to lip sucking his lips and playing with his tongue tasting each other love juices from each others mouth. Our cock wears rubbing with each other hard mine 6+ fat and his 4.5 thin.
I felt his young virgin cock pulsing so got down kissing from neck to chest to the stomach and …. looked him in eyes and smiled.
I took my tongue out and started to lick his hairless balls and then moved up to his hard small thin pulsing cock. I pushed his skin down with my hand and started to lick the hole on the top with my tongue. He started to give jerks to his sexy hips and wanted to sit and hold my head to his cock and push in; but I pushed him back to lying position and started to just lick his cock for some time and then suck his ball totally into my mouth (he had small ball sack) and move on tongue at the bottom. He was almost screaming uncontrollably and when I was sure he was going to shoot I put my lips on his cock top and took his top 1 inc into my mouth and sealed it. He started to shoot into my mouth and scream my name. He pulled my hair and wanted to fuck my mouth which I did not allow.

After he had shot all his cum into my waiting mouth (which was not much) I got up rode him on top and kissed him mouth to mouth forcing his cum in my mouth to his mouth. At the same time putting my cock which was still hard and all oily to his asshole opening. I pined him to bed kissed his mouth and seal it so that no noise can come out and pushed my cock with one strong push into his waiting oiled-up tight virgin ass-hole.

He wanted to scream and push me off him but was not able as I had sealed his mouth with mine and had pinned him down to bed. His body was jerking and his asshole felt like an iron grip on my hard cock. after a few minutes I felt his body going calm, his asshole relaxing and his cock becoming hard again. He started to return my kiss. Till then I did not move or try to fuck him. as soon as he started to return kiss and suck my lips; I started to fuck his virgin ass first slow and then as the oil and his relaxed asshole muscle made it easy to move, increased the speed. After some time and hard fucking us two still kissing I shoot in his asshole and filled him……

This was the first part… let me know how you liked it and if any suggestion, I shall continue the story in the next part
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