Immeasurable Pleasure Part 2

The hot water felt really good. I was lying in my tub, rubbing my body with soap. After waking up and not finding Steven. I called Steven and he told me he had some work so he had to leave and also told me he was going to bring his friend this time and they we will be here evening. I didnt know what to answer and I said ok and cut the call. Ive never done a threesome before, I was in a deep dilemma on what do I do. Many thoughts flooded my mind. Will they do me at once? Or will they take turns one by one? How will stevens friend look? I was more concerned about his race. What if he is a black? I know how dangerous blacks are.

At the same time, on the other hand, I was getting horny thinking of taking two dicks at once. One in my mouth and one in my ass. Or maybe two in my ass the same time. Two guys kissing me, playing with my man boobs, handling my body, rubbing it, licking it. The feel of two muscular guys in my bed almost made me cum. Then I went in the restroom, filled my tub hot water. My ass really was sore from last nights fucking, I can feel it.

As soon as I started relaxing in the tub, all the incidents from last night started coming back. I started to jack myself while remembering. The way Steven fucked me, he was really wild. He gave me great pleasure after a long time. I was so much engrossed in ecstasy that it was hard for me to remember the incidents of my second round. In the second round after I gave him a nice blowjob, steven and I got out of bed. He pushed me to the wall and started fucking me hard and fast. That time he didnt even wait for my ass to adjust to his dick. He fucked me in one go. I didnt feel much pain as it was already fucked a few hours ago. I giggled at his excitement. I told him to not stop and fuck me to his hearts content. He kept on fucking and slapping my ass in between. I kept moaning his name. ‘ steven ohhh steven, please dont stop fucking me dont stop, dont stop yeah dont stop, just like that. He pushed my face on to the door, it was really cold. My mouth was being rubbed on the glass and my breath formed vapour on the glass, it felt so romantic. ‘ ahhhh please dont stop Steven, make me your bitch, your dick feels so good in my ass. Dont stop Steven, dont stop. I felt my dick getting harder again and in a second an intense orgasm hit me. I felt spurts of cum coming from dick and hit the door.

Then he stopped, I turned around kissed him on his lips. It was such an intense kiss that it looked more like we were eating each other. I ran my hand on his sweat filled hard chest. Then I slid my hand down onto his hard dick, it was really hard and wet because of our love juices. I started stroking it while we were eating each other. All the while he kept on doing his thing, he was moving his hands all over my back and my ass. He was squeezing my ass and spanking my ass. Every time he spanked my ass hard, I moaned an aaahhhh in his mouth and continued kissing. The whole scene felt so erotic. After a while, he pushed me down to his cock gesturing me suck it. I got the cue and went down on my knees.

His dick, the head was thick and big looks just like a mushroom, his shaft was smaller than its head and veins on both sides of dick running all the way back his shaft. Looked just like a lollipop. His balls were unusually huge, filled with cum. I fell in love with his dick. I began my duty of returning the favour. Took the whole dick in my mouth, sucking it like this is going to be the last dick I will ever suck. He suddenly caught my head and pushed his whole dick into me till my throat and didnt release me for a few seconds. I tried my level best to keep it in and kept trying to control my breath. Then he released me and took his cock out, in just a few more seconds before I could fill my lungs with fresh air he put his dick back and this time he started moving it in and out just the way he would fuck my ass. He kept on fucking me and gagging me a lot. His whole dick was filled with my saliva and it was dripping down to my chest and carpet below me.

Then after a few minutes of exploring my mouth, he pulled me up and kissed me. With me facing him he lifted me in his arms, I jumped and embraced him like a kid. He caught hold of both my legs and spread them with his muscular arms. And I caught the back of his neck for my support. With my ass facing his dick and my back to the glass door. This position made my ass realy accessible to him because if comes forward his dick will enter my ass. I gave a smile to him and gestured a kiss with my lips, he got the cue and came forward and started kissing me. While kissing he entered me again and continued his fucking hard. All I could do was catch him tight and not to loose my grip as I was afraid of falling down. He was giving loads of pleasure and I moaning in mouth while kissing him. After some 10min he said he was about to cum. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, I told him that. He let me go and I went on my knees and spread my tongue out. He was shagging his dick vigorously, and in a few seconds I saw the cum coming out of his dick .

It fell on my face inches below my eye to my mouth. And the next wave fell completely in my mouth, he kept on shooting cum on my face. My whole face and mouth where filled with his cum. There so much cum, I thought maybe this is because of his huge balls. With my hand I swiped and pushed all the cum into my mouth and I swallowed it whole and showed him my mouth stating that I swallowed it all. I was too tired to even get up. So he lifted me his arms and made me sleep on the bed.

I came to my senses with me having an orgasm inside my tub. I came hard again. Uff this man is making me go wild I thought. I washed took a bath and had some breakfast. The rest of the day I watched the tv and I was also having trouble sitting because my ass was still paining. And the same time I was excited about the evening. At around 6.30 my doorbell rang, I went to answer the door and my heart began beating fast thinking of what is about to happen. I opened the door and it was only steven, no one else was there. I immediately dragged him in with his t-shirt and started kissing him. After we had enough kissing, I asked him about his friend. He said his friend is on his way since he was coming from a different place. I asked some details about his friend. He said he wont tell anything as he wanted to surprise me. He got a phonecall and he talked for a few minutes and told me that my surprise is here. My heart started beating faster I dont know why.

Then he reached out to his pocket and took out a cloth. He said he will now blindfold me and asked me to trust him. I said ok, I was feeling nervous. Then he did blindfold me and made me sit on my couch. After a minute I heard the door bell ring. I heard the sound of door opening and closing and also a few footsteps sound. I was calling out to steven and he said me to stay calm and I did as he ordered. After about few minutes he told me to remove my blindfold. I removed it and opened my eyes. What I saw blew my mind away. They were not one but two new people in front of me. Both of them where blacks. And all three along with Steven where naked with there dicks hanging and already hard. They were stroking their dicks. The two new peoples dicks where almost 8 9 inch each.

More to come in next part.

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