My Hot Sex With Bi-sexual Foreigner Part 1

Hi Readers.

This is Jeeva from Bangalore, going to narrate a True Incident that happened in my life in September 2015. It had completely changed my life. About me, I am fair, good-looking guy, obsessed with sex. I watch porn and got interested in reading and watching gay porn. That is when I started feeling like a gay bottom and wished I had someone to live my fantasy.

Like most of us do, I have created a facebook account with a women’s name, posted sexy pics and all to attract men and succeeded. All the chats I had there didn’t quite work out, as once the men knew I am a guy looking for gay sex, they stopped the conversation. Then comes John, age 53, who actually got more interested in the way I made the conversation with him and showed interest in me.

John is a Bisexual, from Australia, he visits India once in every four months as part of his profession and stays alone in a rented apartment every time he comes here. We shared our numbers and spoke on phone. I told that I am new to gay sex and want to be his bottom girlfriend. He was delighted and we planned to meet at his place next day early in the morning. I was ready for this and wanted to lose my ass virginity to this hot foreigner. We had a spicy conversation, where he told me how he would touch my body, kiss me all over, and make me suck his cock and all. With all that in mind, the girly thoughts in me sprung up and left for his place early morning.

Once I reached I saw a white, tall man standing near the gate in his work out shorts. God, with those silky tight cycling shorts and t shirt, he looked awesome. I went to him and greeted and he greeted back with a hug, which made me feel how much horny he is already. We started walking towards his room, and the way he was looking at me made me feel so hot and I couldn’t stop staring at his body, which looked amazing in that outfit. I could see that his cock already started getting hard. Awesome bulge down there and mouth started watering. He spoke to me very politely and made me feel comfortable. In the lift, he took my hand and kept it on his cock, showed me how horny he is. I was touching a Man’s cock for the first time and that was so hard and I kind of blushed. He felt my ass from the tight jeans I was wearing and gave me a nice squeeze. We arrived at his room and he locked the door. Hugged me tight and started smooching my lips. Oh heaven….that felt so nice. I fully gave in and started kissing him madly and showed him I hungry I was for this. He came back from cycling and I could feel the manly aroma of his sweat, and it drives me crazy.

He took me to his bed room, where I saw a bottle of lube and condoms and thought to myself that this is going to be my day. I let my hands all over his body like a girl and starting rubbing his cock over the shorts. He lifted my t-shirt and stood topless. My nipples were hard like hell and John licked them gently and started pulling down my pants. Now I was nude and he removed his clothes and wow what fair body and an amazing 6-inch cock fully ready for action. I took it in my hand and starting stroking it nicely and kissed him. He wanted me on my knees already, I was ready. I went on my knees and licked the tip, planted a kiss looking into his eyes and then took it my mouth. It was big, and I was so horny for my fantasies came true. I started sucking the cock so good and took it as deep as possible. John was so horny and started making sounds, sssssss…… yesssss….. suck it good honey….. mmmmmm…. Yaaaaehhh… He held my head and gestured to go faster, which I did and fondled his balls as well. I took his cock out and licked his balls and took them in my mouth.

Then he laid back on his bed but I didn’t stop sucking. I kept going like there is no tomorrow. John was on cloud nine and he held my hair tightly and took me on him. He licked my earlobes and that tickled me, felt amazing. Now I completely became his girl and he started licking my neck and sucked on my nipples. He made me sit on him like 69 and I started sucking his cock again. He held my ass tightly and started licking it. Mmmmmm….. yesssssss… aahhhhhhh…..ooooohhhhh… I couldn’t control myself with the way he was squeezing my ass and licking it. I gave loud moans and kept on stroking his cock. He occasionally spanked my ass, and it felt so good.

He then asked me to lay down on my back and went for the lube. I understood what’s going to happen next and my heart started beating fast. He made me lift and spread my legs, took some lube and started fingering my ass. Ohhhhhh…….mmmmmm….. wowwwwww… that was an amazing experience and let 3 fingers in and I felt a little pain, which was thrilling. He then wore a condom and started pushing his hot hard rod in my ass. I bit my lips in pain and he managed to push it fully with one stroke and came forward and started kissing me. With a hard cock in my ass, kissing a horny old foreigner, here I am in his bed like a hungry bitch, who wants to get his ass destroyed. Once we broke the kiss, I looked in his eyes and all I said was, Fuck Me baby….. give it to me…. John started moving his cock in me and slowing increased the pace. He held my boy boobs in and was pressing them as well, while he fucked me.

I started loving all this, literally shouting in joy,, yessssss. Aaah ah ah ah ah ah ….. mmmm mm,,… mmm yessss.. fuck meeeee…. Oooohhhh….. aaaaahhhhh…….. and john kept drilling my ass for 15 min. He then lifted me up and I obliged like a bitch, still feeling that fucking sensation inside my ass. He set me up as a doggy and pushed in cock from behind… that was hard and quick and gave a loud moan and held the bed sheet tightly with my hands. He held my waist tight and started giving me deeper and harder thrusts. No words to express my pleasure. It just kept moaning and shouting in joy like a slut. He enjoyed that started squeezing and spanking my ass. Then he bent forward to press my boobs while fucking me faster. At the same time, he took my cock and started stroking it fast, my precum was oozing out and put his fingers in my mouth and gave me the taste of it. I loved it.

He increased his pace and let go my cock, I started cumming so good and spilled it on the bed, he then held my ass much tighter and started fucking it at full pace. He took the cock out and removed the condom and shot his load all over my ass and back. I felt so good and relieved, also weak due to that drilling I got from him. I stood up and sucked his cock again, it tasted great with the flavor of sweat and cum. He again kissed and we went to the bathroom, took a shower together, where I licked his ass for the first time and sucked his cock again nicely.

We cleaned up and got dressed. John still kept his hands on my ass and squeezing them. We kissed each other and I left the place. John called and told how much great time he had and I said the same. He promised me to meet me whenever he came to India and he did keep his promise, which I will tell more in the coming parts. We still keep in touch. Thank you for your time. Will come back to you with more on this. You may share your response to dravidbilla1990(at)