The Ola Ride

A little about me, I am a chubby 22-year-old bisexual who tends to try and have gay sex only after smoking up or drinking, otherwise, I love to have sex with my really cute girlfriend. We are currently in a long distance as she is in Pune and me in Navi Mumbai so I sometimes plan on PR for guys to come over to my place. If you like my story and want to have some fun with me ping me on PR “brownbottom10”.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend had called me over to Pune where she stays. I packed my bags and booked Ola to go to Kalyan Station from Palava City. Before the cab driver arrived I had smoked a joint and drank a little, so I was pretty horny. I have previously had gay interactions with other men so I was feeling a little adventurous and planned on seducing the cab driver. I wore my gym shorts without any underwear and a tight t-shirt to show off man boobs.

The driver arrived, I got in the front seat next to him and put my bags in the back. He seemed to be a 40ish man who chewed paan and had a potbelly. I love men who are crude and sort of dirty. I got to my plan, I put on my earphones and started going to indiangaysite and Pornhub. Showing him Im horny. Slowly and eventually I showed my dick had become hard and started slowly rubbing it. He then started a conversation with me, to be honest, I dont even remember what he said, I just agreed and put my hand on his thigh. Thats when the earphone jack came out and the porn video was playing in full volume in the cab.

I just looked at him with innocent eyes and asked is this okay, while slowly moving my hand to his semi-hard dick. He just nodded, then I knew I had the green signal. I started rubbing his dick over his pants, he had a small 4″ fat dick where as mine is 6″ and pretty thick. So I was rubbing his dick slowly and it seemed like he wanted me to let it out, so did I. This was getting me really horny and excited, I always wanted to have an incident in public. I unzipped him but couldnt reach his button, so at a traffic signal he slowly lifted his ass and unbuttoned while pulling down his pants, just a little. I saw the little fat cock, I grabbed it and started enjoying it. I realized were close to the station, I told him to go a little ahead and stop in a deserted lane so I can suck him. While he was searching for a place I kept spitting on my hand and rubbing him.

Eventually, he found a place in between 2 big trucks near an empty building. I looked around if anyone was there and got down to sucking him. I licked the tip first, he closed his eyes. He didnt say much… I slowly put my lips around his cock and used my tongue to play with his opening. He held my hair and pushed me into his pubes, they were well maintained and trimmed, just the way I like. He started squeezing my boobs and I was easily sucking on that little cock all the way.

Just as he was about to finish 2 people were walking from in front of the car, he panicked and held me down into his dick really hard. I was enjoying it, I like being punished a little. He meant for me to stop for a while but all this excitement made me suck him really hard and he came in my mouth, that was a lot of cum. I drank all of it not letting it drop on his pants or the car. Then he left my head signalling me to get up. I got up and realized I came in the time I made him cum. Then I asked him if he can fuck me in the ass. He said he would love to and said I will end the ride now and mention that I am on lunch break or you will have to pay extra for all this time, I was just thinking such a nice guy. I said ok do it and I think we can go into this building.

He finished that on the Ola app and we got out of the car. We went into the building and we saw that it was some old government building, so we climbed up 4 floors and found a small room which was dusty and it had some books all around, I was getting so excited since this is now illegal also becausewere going to have sex in a government building!!!

I told him we can do it here and lets do it fast. He came up to me and started kissing… I was so turned on again because he smelt of paan and was a little sweaty since he had been driving all day. I held his cock and squeezed it above his pants. Then got down on my knees and took his pants off, he was semi-hard. I got to my business and started giving him an amazing blowjob, he stopped me and said he will cum again. Then I stood up and slowly slid my shorts revealing my big fat ass, he spanked it and licked my asshole for a while. I love it when a man does that before fucking me. I was so turned on right as he was going to enter we heard noises of some people coming. I wore my shorts and he also put his pants on and we slowly got out of the building. He really wanted to fuck me, I really wanted someone to break my anal virginity.

He tells me he wants to meet me again, but Im sort of those guys that likes to have one night stands rather than a relationship, in the gay scene. I love to have gay sex when Im not having sex with my girlfriend. I am an anal virgin, if anyone wants to break it please ping me on PR, I am ready for it. I love sucking cock and a man who can control me. Please let me know how was my story, this is my first one. I will upload more, like the first time I had a gay interaction and some crazy sex incidents with my gf and ex.