Sex with Hot Gym partner

Hello readers, thank you for liking my other stories. Your love is the real motivator for me to write more. I am here to present another incident which initial sounds funny but later it turns out to be a very hot experience. This incident is about a hot gym partner whom I met in my gym and I was paired by my gym coach to be his gym partner. Initially, we were gym partners and later we were intimate partners.

This all started when I started the gym and my coach introduced me to this guy called Harman. He’s 6’ tall and already in fair shape. He got beard and the thick mustache and prefers wearing track pants and long t-shirt in the gym.

For the initial few days we were just helping out each other in weight training and after finishing we’d go to the shower area where I would strip in front of him and wrap a towel and then proceed to shower cabin but he prefers not to undress in common area and would take his clothes to the cabin and come back dressed from there.

For a couple of weeks, this was the routine we followed. We’d walk out of the gym together and sometimes go to local shop for some juices or shakes. Gradually we became friends and we started knowing each other better. One evening he asked me how come I have a hairless chest. He asked me if I shave or wax regularly. He continued asking and I continued responding his questions and then suddenly he asked m if I can help him shave his body.

I was getting attracted to him and I was little shocked as I could have only imagined doing this but it was happening in real life. I was imagining and visualizing how I would be to see and touch his body. I chuckled and then accepted the offer and he asked me if I can come with him right now to his apartment. I had nothing planned for the evening so I agreed. I lived very close to the gym so I mostly walk to my home. I told him that I can pick up my car so that I would return by myself but then he insisted I come along with him and he’d drop me back.
We finished our protein shakes and started towards his place. I was already in a very excited mode and trying hard to suppress my emotions. Then on the way, I asked if he drinks then we can grab a beer or two as tomorrow is Saturday and no office. He told me that he is trying to reduce calories intake so he doesn’t drink beer but he got some black label at home which we can have.

I was more excited and started running the checklist in my mind. Liquor- done; hot guy- done and horniness – at cloud seven. We reached his place and it was a very nice and neat place. He had his place designed with unlikely stuff like an archaic trunk as a coffee table and some cushions for seating, a few weirdly looking succulents occupying the empty spaces of the room. He had a guitar and a Chinese lantern that I suppose is not taken since Diwali. His place gave me an impression of his lifestyle which seems to be disciplined and organized.
I sat there on one cushion and he gave me a water bottle and a glass. He asked me if I want to have some coffee or tea or scotch. I agreed with scotch and he opened the truck which was acting as a table and pulled out a brand new bottle of black label. He also had white rum, vodka, and gin in it and asked if I liked something else. I picked up the black label and started opening and he rushed to the kitchen to get some ice and get some snacks.

We started drinking and after first drink, I asked if we can start what we are here for. He said he’s doing it for the first time so little scared and wanted another drink to roll in before we started. I started making another peg and he went inside and got some razors and a bed sheet to avoid floor getting messed up. He spread the sheet on the floor and removed his t-shirt.
I was shocked agape to see his body. He had his body 95% covered with hair and I realized that this is going to be a tough call. I moved my fingers on his chest and asked him if he got an electronic trimmer so that we can trim the bushes first and then shave the smaller ones. He got the trimmer and removed his pants too and was in boxer shorts now. His legs were again another big territory of the jungle.

I told him that at first, we’ll trim the entire body hair and then we can move to shaving. He agreed to it and I switched on the trimmer. He seemed to be very scared as I moved the first stroke on his chest. He requested me to pause and wished to finish the peg. He sat folding legs where he was lying and I could see from the gaps of his shorts how hairy his inner parts are going to be. We completed the drinks and then I quickly completed the chest and now moved to the lower abdomen.
As his fur was getting stripped his fine toned body is coming to shape and I could not control but have a quick run on his body very often. I pulled his shorts a bit till his pubes and completed that area. I tried to touch his tool one or two times but with every touch, he shivered which I assume is making him uncomfortable. I asked him to now turn and lie on his stomach but before that, he requested another peg. I made a heavy 90ml and he gulped it in one go.

He is now back on the floor lying on his stomach. I cleaned his back and started doing his legs. As Soon as I finished his legs back side I pulled down his shorts a bit and now I could see his crack. I asked him jokingly if I can remove his shorts to work on his butts. He waited for 5 seconds to respond because of the alcohol but then said hmm..

I pulled down his underwear and said, “ wow, you are really a warewolf”. He laughed very badly and turned to lie on his back… now his underwear was already down and he tried to sit while laughing.. I was laughing too but getting seduced as well seeing his naked body..

He turned and I saw that he had a huge bush around his penile region. And in between the thicket, there was his penis in a semi-erect state and huge balls sack below that.. I pointed out to his dick and said that for removing this I need a lawnmower… he started rolling on the floor laughing… I stood up and made space for him to do his play… he said, “I love you brother.. you are too funny and you are telling this as if you do not have a bush..”
I said, “Yes I do have a bush but I trim it frequently and make it look not completely shaved but bit managed”. I was also under the influence of alcohol..

He got up and said, “do you want to have a smoke..”
I agreed and he got up, pulled his shorts and went inside.. I made another peg and he came from inside saying, “ if you trim it in a managed fashion then why don’t you show it to me and I’ll get the same from you” after this he winked which I realized he’s in a mood for some action.

I got up handed him his peg and undressed myself to my undies and quickly gave him a glimpse of my trimmed pubes.. he caught my hard on and said, “ Dude you are horny right now.. looks like you need some help down there”.

I pulled down my underwear and said, “Yeah. I need some serious help down here, would you like to volunteer”. I took a cigarette from his hand and inserted my other hand in his underwear. I removed his underwear and said holding his dick “I think you also need some help”

As soon as I touched his penis the blood rushed to the tip of my penis and became rock hard. He smiled looking at me and started stroking very slowly. I also started stroking his dick which I could feel growing from 4’ to 6’ and now it’s almost 8’. I complemented him on his penis size and took a drag of smoke and blew the smoke in his lips.

I kissed him a little and then I took the scotch glass and took a big sip and went back to his lips again. I transferred the entire drink into his mouth and then he gulped it. We started kissing badly and I was playing with his recently trimmed body…
After 5 minutes he paused and said, “Now the help”. He bent down on his knees and took my rock hard in his mouth… he first licked the entire penis and then started playing with his tongue on my penis tip. I was moaning because of the immense pleasure. I held his head and started fucking his mouth.. while doing this he was exploring my butt and then inserted a finger into it. I shouted and then he stopped and said, “ you ok?” I told him that I am mostly a top and have had not many experiences with bottom roles.

He stood up and took me to his bed room and lit a scented candle by the table and made me sit on the bed. He again started working on my dick and I was moaning too loudly. I had to stop him as I was very close to cum. I invited him on the bed too and we started 69. I first smelled his manhood and then started making circles on his circumcised dick… he was back to sucking my dick… I had his dick so big in my mouth that I wasn’t able to take the entire dick. But surely was giving him a good time.

Then immediately he stopped and said that he wants a fuck. He pulled out a condom from the drawer cabinet by the side of the bed and started putting it on my dick. He came and sat on my dick facing me and I was stroking his dick while fucking him… we had a very good fuck in that position for some time but he got tired so I made him lie on the bed and I started fucking him. He was stroking him too and after 10 minutes he came so badly that the cum came on my chest and a few drops on my face as well. I pulled out my dick and removed the condom. He was lying there as a hungry bird waiting for his mother to feed him in his mouth… I came a huge load and he mixed his cum and my cum and massaged on his chest and said, “ is it the right time to shave the chest”.

We both started laughing and he showed me the washroom and he went to grab towels. I opened the shower and he joined me and we cleaned each other washing each other… I got hold of his dick and found that he’s still hard.. I stroked his dick till it became ready for another round. But this time he requested me to get fucked and I agreed only because he promised that he’s going to take it slow. He went outside to grab another condom.
I was in the shower and turned back and bent to let his dick inside me… he slowly started pushing his dick and I was saying slowly… and then once I had it inside me he picked up his pace and was fucking me like in a porn movie. He did it for 5 minutes and he came inside the condom and then I took his condom out and washed it..

He picked the towel and made me dry first and I wiped him using the same towel. We came out of the bathroom and he requested to have another peg with him.

Later that night we drank the entire bottle and then later we smoked some pot and had fucked for 2 more times. I slept at his place that night and woke up naked seeing him lying naked next to me.
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