Grindr Meet-up Turned Into Gay Foursome

Hey, this is James. I am a 24-year-old guy I am a bisexual guy. Though I have a girlfriend I indulge in hot gay sex occasionally. My encounters are always no strings attached.

I am a pure bottom. Once when my girl and I was making out at my home. I was extremely horny and I wanted someone to drill my ass. So I installed an app called Grindr. Its a gay version of Tinder. I always liked old daddies who could take my ass over. And so I started searching for old daddies who are tops and ready to fuck.

I saw a 35-year-old guy and started talking to him. He seemed to be a good gentleman and hence we decided to meet up. He said he had a car and said he will pick me up from my place.

So he came at 7 pm in the evening. He picked me up and we had a small chat in the car itself while he was driving. He told me that his wife and kids were there at his home but there was a friends house to which he had the keys. Then he told me that his friend was out of town and we will have the house all to ourselves. Since I was really horny, I was totally OK with it. He was a tall guy; really muscular and dusky in color.

Finally, we reached his friends house. But instead of unlocking the door, he rang the bell. I was wondering what was going to happen. And another guy in his early forties opened the door. He had a smile on his face in seeing us. I asked him who this man was. To which he just pushed me into the house and locked the door.

Since I was really horny, I didnt protest to this and thought I will see where this was going.

So the man we met at the house his name was Rakesh told me to sit down in the living room. And we talked for a while. The gentleman who picked me up lets call him Santhosh- was sitting next to me.

By this time, I had realized where this was going.

He then told me to go clean myself in the bathroom and come. I went inside the bathroom. There they had kept a black thong for me to wear along with a pair of stockings. They had all the things a gay bottom would require including the KY jelly.

I went inside, stripped myself, cleaned my ass area, applied the KY jelly kept in the bathroom to my ass and wore the thong. I stroked my dick and fingered my ass to make it a bit loose.

When I went outside, the two men were sitting next to each other in the sofa with their dicks in their hands and completely naked. I walked slowly towards them like a girl even though I had a hairy body. I took both the dicks in my hands and started stroking them. Then I started sucking Rakeshs dick first and then I sucked Santhoshs dick, they both were enjoying it.

While I was doing it, Rakesh blindfolded me and as soon as he blindfolded me, I could feel someone touching my ass. I could feel a finger moving in and out of my ass slowly. But it couldnt have been the two of the guys I was sucking since they were in front of me. And then out of nowhere, I could feel a dick in my ass. Thats when I realized there was a third person in the room!

The dick was really hard and big since I could feel my asshole stretching like anything. He was gentle and started inserting the dick inside me. It was hurting a bit due to all the stretching. But soon enough, I was moaning in pleasure with one dock in my mouth, one in my hand and another in my ass. The guy started pumping his dick in and out of me while the other two were taking turns mouth fucking me.

Soon they changed position and someone else started fucking my ass. They fucked me for one hour straight, changing positions in between before the mystery guy came inside my ass. I felt the warm man juice gushing inside my slutty ass. Then soon I could feel Rakeshs cum in my mouth. Santhosh came last. He came on my face.

They removed my blindfold and I saw a black guy in his 30s with a limb dick lying next to me along with Rakesh and Santhosh. I came to know that the strangers name was Fahad later on. Santhosh gave me a naughty smile. I felt like a whore in front of them. All my holes were used by three handsome men to their own free will.

They asked me to spend the night there with them. I was ok with it since I had not cum and so I was still very much horny.

Then I went to the bathroom to clean up. I then came out naked again. Fahad told me that I was not allowed to wear anything as long as I was with them. I was more than happy to oblige.

Rakesh had gone out when I was cleaning myself and bought us all dinner. We all had dinner all the while me being naked.

After dinner again all three of them were in the mood again. But this time they told me they were going to fuck me brutally.

Fahad brought a pair of restraints and tied me up to the bedpost in the master bedroom and Rakesh blindfolded me again. They then made me stand on my knees on the bed. Someone slapped my ass so hard and I screamed in pain. They were laughing to my screams. They kept on beating me.

Finally, someone put a dick in my mouth and started fucking my mouth. And then Fahad brought his dick near my ass again. But this time, he shoved it in in one go. I screamed in pain. I could feel my inside tearing . He then started fucking me all the while I was being mouth-fucked.

But soon the pain gave way to pleasure and I started enjoying it. I started moaning and while this was going on, one of them started sucking my dick. Soon enough I came. A bit later Fahad came in my ass and the unknown guy came in my mouth. It didnt stop there. The third guy then started fucking my ass. It was amazing since my ass was full of Fahads cum. Soon he also came in my ass.

They left me like that and told me to stay there. I slept off like that with my hands tied and blindfolded.

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