Young, Dumb And Full Of Cum Part 1

Hey guys, my name is Karthik, working guy and 23 years old. This incident happened when I was 21 or so. I had just finished college and started working in Chennai. It was not my hometown and so I got myself a room near my office, I had 2 roommates. I had night shifts so I had the house to myself all day.

Just like any other guy that started living on his own, I was alone and horny, all the time. I knew I was bisexual. No one in this town knows me. I had no fear of having a casual encounter, guy or girl, it didnt matter. I was fapping and fingering myself nearly every day, utilizing my alone time.

Then I created an ad on Locanto because Grindr was useless to me. I mentioned in the Ad about myself. I was slim, fair skinned and had long hair. Also, I mentioned my age and that I had no place. I made this Ad on a weekend and hence I got a few quick replies. After ignoring all the trolls, I found this guy, Prashanth.

He was an older guy, 27 years old, dark skinned, had some facial hair and was a bulky guy. But I didnt see all this at first. At first, he sent me his dick pic. I thought it was just a troll but I kept talking because it was a nice picture. 7 inches easily, with veins and hairy.

After I got to know him a little better, I found out, he was just a normal guy that was horny. I talked to him for that weekend and gave him my number on Monday so that I could text him from work. I told him I had no experience but he was nice about it. He told me that he wanted someone like me.

I was only being less eager because I wanted to be dominated, be treated like a slave. But I cant tell all that to a stranger, so I acted less into it. We wound up setting a date on Friday which was an off for me, giving me a three day weekend and my roommates were gonna go to their hometowns.

It was a Friday afternoon and my roommates were already gone as they left Thursday night. I told him to be there at this coffee shop near my place. I met him there but it didnt go well. Thinking back now, maybe it was me being nervous, giving up at the last minute but I told him that I will invite him home some other day. He was being really pushy and I got up and left saying sorry and walked back home.

I regretted it the moment I got home, thinking about wasting this weekend. I was thinking about this meet up all week and I gave up at the last minute. So I decided to watch some porn and play with myself to make up for it. But within like 15 minutes, there was a doorbell and it was him. I saw it from the peephole and I was really confused. I was creeped out because he followed me home but I did stop regretting.

Then I opened the door, acted like I was pissed off but also I wasnt sure if I was gonna invite him in. He was saying a lot of sweet nothings. He said I looked good and what not. I was too scared to piss him off further because he was so obviously bigger than me and could very well barge in and do what he wants with me and I wont be able to stop him.

Also, we did spend the whole week talking to each other. We did know each other a bit. It was rude of me to walk out on him like that. And the coffee shop I met him at, you can see my house from the shop. I realized he didnt follow me like a creep.

So I invited him in and sat him down on the living room. I put on the TV and sat next to him. We chatted for a while and he started touching me while speaking. I didnt mind it but it kept progressing to caressing and massaging my thighs. I got really into it now so I started touching back.

Suddenly, his strong hands grabbed mine and placed it on his crotch and I started playing with it. It was really big and hard through his jeans and he immediately removed his t-shirt. He was a bit hairy and beefy with a little belly. My hands went to his body immediately and I was rubbing it while asking him if he worked out and other stupid questions like that.

After about 5 minutes of this, I got up quickly and went to the door. He looked shocked but I had just forgotten to lock the door so I locked it. Seeing me do that, he unbuttoned his jeans and looked at me. I was too nervous to look at him for long so I went to him and did the rest.

His pants were really tight but I knelt in front of him and got him out of it. His legs were like twice the size of mine. He was wearing boxer briefs inside and he had a hard-on, very visible from the briefs.

I slowly removed his dick from the briefs but didnt remove it completely. He was uncut and definitely looked bigger than 7 inches. Both the shaft and the head were dark-skinned, thick like a Pepsi tin can and he had a little hair.

I asked him to sit down while I got in between his legs on my knees. I was giving it a handjob slowly, slow because I was still looking at his dick. Since he was fully erect, the handjob was being rough on his glans and I noticed that. I asked him if I can use my spit and he said okay. It felt like he was giving me permission. I used my spit and it got a little better.

The smell of my spit on his dick made it okay for my mind to allow me to suck it. I again asked permission. I was being completely submissive to this guy, so obvious. He replied by gently guiding my head to his dick and leaving it there. I had watched a lot of porn videos, blowjobs especially, always imagining myself as the girl. So I started giving him a blowjob.

Soon, his underwear which still wasnt completely off started to get wet from my spit and I told him to remove it. He just got up from the couch and stood up, expected me to remove it for him, which I didnt mind doing.

I finally uncovered his balls. They were huge, each almost the size of a ping pong ball. Since he wasnt clean shaven, it held a lot of scents which I liked. I put my face on his sack, licking the base of his dick. He really liked that.

He then sat down, I crawled closer to him and licked it from the base to tip up and down a few times. Then I did the same with my tongue sideways. He started responding well, telling me it felt good and grabbing my hair.

I then took his entire head in my mouth and licked it while he was still inside. My mouth started producing more spit, it was slobbering all over his shaft.

By now, his dick was slippery and shining from my spit. I started doing the regular in and out with my mouth, I was able to take about 30-40% of his dick inside comfortably.

I started jerking him off at the same time with both my hands. He really seemed to like it, so much that within about 30 seconds, his thighs were shaking and his dick was twitching in my hands. His hands were grabbing my head in place. In that moment, my nervousness showed up again and I took it out of my mouth to avoid a strangers cum but I didnt stop jerking him.

He was grunting so hard as he came in 4 spurts. The second one was so huge, hit me right in my forehead, and the rest all over my face. It was really warm and creamy, little blurbs covering all my face, dripping from the forehead. It smelled weird. However, later I found that this guy drank a lot, probably why. But I did taste it a little from it being on my lips.

He stopped his grunting, let go of my hair, relaxed back into the couch and I went to the restroom to clean my face up. I played with his cum in front of the mirror, checked its texture and rubbed it between my fingers.

I came out and saw him putting his briefs back on. He looked at me and signalled me to sit next to him. He put his arms around me and started kissing me hard. Now, I thought he would be ready to leave since he was done. But he was making out with me really hard. He removed my shirt and started touching my body. I tried to pull away from him, I couldnt.

He asked me where I was going and called me ‘baby. I was getting really turned on by all this but I wasnt going to let this go any further. However, I was nervous again. I told him that we should do this slow, not everything today itself. He was being really pushy and eventually, I agreed to a date on the following day, Saturday, at my home.

He agreed, after which I couldnt stop kissing him. We made out while walking to the door, spent a few minutes there and I sent him off. I told him, bye and shut the door.

I did go through with it the next day, I will talk about that later.