Teens Hot Gay Intimacy In Boarding School

Hi, my name is Zafar. I am 21 years old and this is my Indian gay sex story that I am divulging on this site. So I was a student in one of the reputed Christian boarding schools in our country.

At that time, I was 18 years old and in class 12 and at the height of my sexual desires. But since I was in a boys school and had no inclination to indulge in gay sex, I was masturbating at every chance I got. In those days, my batch mates and I would often get up after lights out to irritate fellow sleeping friends and juniors by any means possible. Sometimes it got ugly and tense.

It was on one such night that my chance encounter happened. We had gone to a neighbouring dormitory to create chaos and in the middle of that, I saw Raman (name changed) sleeping peacefully, in just boxers.

I dont know what urged me to go to him. But I went there and saw his round ass. I paused a second and then spanked him hard on the right cheek. He didnt budge. So I proceeded to do it again. This time he turned over and sat straight up. I froze on the spot because I didnt expect him to get up. It was still pitch dark so I hoped that he wouldnt see me.

There was an eerie silence that seemed to last forever. Then I felt a hand poking around my thigh. I could feel my heartbeat rising. The hand was slowly meandering upwards towards my groin area. I dont know why I didnt run away at that point. Maybe it was because I needed a sexual release, in any way.

I was excited, thrilled at that moment. His hand clutched my now erect dick and started squeezing it. I was feeling things I had never felt before.

But there were still some people in the room who were awake. I decided not to risk it. So I whispered to Raman that I will be back after it was all clear. But he was unwilling to let go of my dick. So I thought, fuck it. Whatever happens, happens.

I pulled down my shorts to reveal my dick and he was now giving me a hand job. He started slowly and then picked up the pace, occasionally spitting on it and rubbing it. Then he brought his face forward and gulped my dick down his throat. He sucked it so hard that I came right there in his mouth. I was in bliss.

He didnt seem to mind my cumload in his mouth. Now that I had been satisfied, my selfish mind told me to make a swift exit. But he wanted more. He wasnt done for the night.

He undressed in his bed and pulled him towards him. We started smooching and I started to get horny again. I took off my top and we lay on each other kissing and licking each part of our bodies. I was in two minds still. Even though I was enjoying this unparalleled sexual pleasure, I was still afraid of getting caught by anyone and what would be repercussions of it.

But I decided to not give a fuck about anyone. I then felt for his dick which was huge and started playing with it. After some time, we went into 69 positions and started sucking each others dicks. His rod was about 9 inches long and thick. I had never seen anything like it. So I took it all in.

I was swallowing and licking his dick as well furiously as fondling his balls at the same time. He came within 5 minutes but I did not drink his load. He was disappointed but when I came again in his mouth 10 minutes later, he drank every drop of it.

Then I heard a student getting up from his sleep to go to the toilet. I panicked and hid under the bed to avoid getting caught. After some time, I got up and told Raman that it was enough for today. He said that it will over only when he say so.

I asked him what else was left to be done because I was clearly not ready for anal sex. But he said that he wanted me to fuck him like a whore that he was.

After some discussions, I gave in to his demands. First I inserted my index finger into his ass hole and started fucking him. Then I added my thumb and he started moaning loudly. I put my left hand above his mouth and kept fucking him with my right hand. After 10 minutes, when I felt that his hole was big enough, I inserted my dick slowly, feeling along the way.

It was tight and it hurt my dick the first couple of times. But once I got accustomed to it, I was feeling exhilarated. I picked up the pace and fucked his round shapely ass for about 20 minutes non-stop. I was on form and he could not stop gasping. He bit my hand so many times, I couldnt keep count.

Then I reached my climax and asked him I could cum inside him. He said that he wanted me to come inside his mouth. So I took out my dick and he sucked onto it until the hot sperm shot out into his mouth. He drank all of it for the third time that night.

We both lay in his bed for some time and talked about random things. Then we engaged in another smooching session after which we decided to go to sleep as we had morning games the next day.

We didnt talk about the incident for the next couple of days and I could not get his dick out of my head. I used to fantasize about it during classes.

We did eventually have sex again that month and kept doing it for the next 2 years.

Until that point in my life, I didnt know that I had a gay side to me. I am in college now and I havent had gay encounters since. But I dont regret these experiences as they have been learning curves in my life.

Thats it for my first story. Please leave your comments if you liked my story or not. I have some more stories of the same kind.

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