Na Modati Kalayika

Dear friends, I am Suhasini, 31 years from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. I am very new to this site but very exited and enjoying the stories. But I felt very disappointed looking at the contribution from A.P. so decided to write one story. Pls bare with me I am not a writer at all. I am trying to write one of my experiences. I am a working woman. I started working after my Post graduation. I am a beautiful gal. I am 5’ short but well built with all the well shaped parts. My +ve points are I have a very beautiful face and naughy eyes. Welcoming smile. The sexy parts are I have big lower part. Which looks sexy, and ppl don’t know that I have big boobs becoz I always cover them with chunni. When I was working in east godavari Dist. I was staying alone in a rented house. I am working in the head office and there I have some friends who are working in the field of that district in our company only. Normally when they visit head office they used to visit my house, we all used to cook and gossip together. One day one of my field colleague visited our office and he was supposed to go back to his place. But fortunately or unfortunately our chair man had meeting with him and he lost his last bus also. Then we both left at office and it was 8.30 in the night. So as there is no option I have to invite him to my home. But I never invited anyone to my house during night times. Here I have to tell about him a little bit. He is Rajesh, 28 years old, 6 feet with well built body.

He is the dream boy for all over lady staff and he never gave chance to any gal to come near him. He is the person whom ladies talk most of the time in the ladies room. As I am not from the field and I never had that type of feelings for men in my life till that time I never talked to him much except for some official talks. But I know all the male staff in our office admires me. I don’t have any idea about this Rajesh becoz people say he is a very reserve type. So I hesitatingly asked him to come to my house for that night. He looked stunningly at me becoz he knows it is a daring thing to invite any person to home when a gal is staying alone. I understood him and said as it happened unexpectedly and you don’t have any other option I am inviting you, pls don’t mind just come with me. He looked into my eyes. That look gave a shiver in my heart. Still I don’t understand what his eyes were telling but I felt they said “thanks/ I love you/ I am so happy or what?”. We started to my home. I had a kinetic Honda so I am riding it and he is sitting back to me. We did some shopping on the way for dinner and he bought some toilet kit for him. By the time we reached home it was 9 pm and he appreciated my taste as he looked my house. It’s a small 2 room house. One kitchen and one living room cum bed room. One small balcony where bathroom cum toilet is there and I used to grow some roses and jasmines there .

I asked him to get freshen and I will prepare dinner. He said “ nothing doing, I am a real good cook and I will cook for us today” I am surprised to see him talking like that becoz I don’t know that he talks that much. By the time I came from bathroom he prepared egg curry and some thing with curds. He kept cooker on the stove. When I came out from bath, he is staring at me with his eyes opend wide. Becoz I am wearing a T-shirt and pants which exposing my structure. I know he might be surprised to see my big boobs. I felt shy. He understood my uncomfort and said he will go for bath and I have to see the cooker. After 10 min he came fresh. We had dinner and I felt some sexual tension begninging between us. So I thought it would be better if we talk for some time sitting out side. We sat in the balcony for some time Talked about all our collegues and talked about us, how we thought of each other. He said “I have never seen you nearer and never talked so close to any gal. But I am feeling very friendly with you” . I felt very happy to hear that. I said nothing. I am struggling with some tension inside which is new to me. I don’t understand why I am feeling naughty, I don’t know why I feel like touching him. After half an hour I don’t know what to do so I told him we will go for sleep now. As I have only one room. We have to sleep in the same room. I don’t use bed. So I gave a mat and blankets to him. And I had some. We made our beds exactly at the both ends of the room. We were sleeping calmly. I am not getting sleep. Only the breathing sounds are audible in the room. I felt that his breath is pulling me towards him, I don’t know whether he is feeling the same way. I have all the mixed feelings, I am nervous, I am exited, I am so happy, I am so sad, I am …….. I don’t know what …. Suddenly Rajesh said, Suhasini are you able to sleep? …I don’t know whether I should answer him or just pretend to sleep. I felt I was caught. I felt he is also feeling same like me. Slowly I said “ No”. He asked “ I too, why?” . I said thinkingly “ I don’t know”. He said “ will u come near me ? Or should I come near you?” ……… every thing is clear, everything understood. But I don’t have answer.

I can hear the sound he stood up, went near the switch board. Switched on the dim lamp. I stood up and sat silently. He came near me gave his hand to me. I looked at him. I gave my hand to him. He took my hand in his hand and pulled me up. He leaded me out side the room. We again sat in the balcony. But now hands together. He is looking into my eyes. We are not speaking anything but eyes are speaking so many things. Telling so many desires. Making so many promises. He stood up and sat on the floor near me. Took my hands in his hands and kissed them slowly. I felt the some 1000 vots current passed inside through my hands. We are looking into each others eyes. I bent slowly touching his forehead with my forehead. We were sittling silently like that closing our eyes for 10 min. Like that. Slowly he kissed my forehead. I felt so much secured. He kissed my eyes. I felt I m loved. He kissed my cheeks, I felt pampered. He slowly coming near my lips I felt his mustaches tickling me. He is hesitating to kiss my lips. He is slowly rubbing his lips around my lips. I felt uncontralable and I gave my lips to him. He suddenly became violent and he puuled me from chair and made me sleep on the floor in his hands he is kissing me so strongly on my lips. We became mad. We both felt we want everything. Kissing all over. I am biting him kissing him. After some time we felt calm. We both sleeping on the floor looking at the sky. He turned to my side, by that time my T-shirt went up lit bit. He touched my stomach, seaching for something. I catched his hand and stopped him smilingly.

He said now no one in this world can stop me, no one can separate up now or never. I found the answer which I wanted. Now nothing can stop me. I don’t need any words now to express his love. Now my hand leaded him to my naval. But he sat down and made me sit. He pulled my hair band. Now my hair is flowing on me. He separated my T-shirt from me. Now I am in bra and pants. He took off his shirt. I am looking at his hairy broad chest. He is looking at my boobs he made me sleep on the floor again. He took my boobs in to his hands and felt them. Started pressing them. My tension build up again. Now we are kissing and eating each other with lips. He is kissing me on my neck and pressing my boobs under bra. Now he is on me so I am feeling some thing hard from him touching me between my thighs. I have never seen a man’s cock or not even imagined. I felt it is big. And now I am not able to control myself to see that. He is wishpering in my ears that he had never seen woman boobs so he want to see them naked. And trying to open my bra. I found that he donnt know how to open the bra, so I helped him and showed him how to open. Now boobs are free, he is staring at me, I felt shy, and tried to cover them with hands, but he didn’t let me do that. Now he started kissing them. Slowly and licking the nipples as if a small boy is gifted with ice cream first time in life. He is looking at my boobs and licking and kissing them. It made me very hot, I felt some moisture at my pussy. I told him I want more. He smiled and slowly came down to my naval. Again he stared licking my naval for some time while doing that he did not stopped pressing my boobs. I am now shouting slowly, I am not able to control. He is going down. He pulled my pants while licking my naval. And pulled my panty also. By this time I became full hot and closing my eyes. I have not noticed when he opened his pants. He started kissing my legs….. Ohhhhhh its soooooo good. I am sheviring with desire, he is kissing my thighs now and pressing my boobs. I m shouting and closed my eyes.

Suddenly he separated my two legs and kissed on my wet pussy. Its real shock to me. I never heard or know that we can kiss on pussy, its first time in my life, I shouted heyyyyyyyyy, and tried to throw him, but it is too late that he inserted his toungue some where and I licking. I felt I am in heven and felt very light. I am not able to do any thing,I lost control over my all strengths. I laid down and screaming in pleasure. And pushing his head towards me. While licking inside he continued pressing my nipples. I felt I am dying. I screamed stop stop, becoz I felt some thing blasting inside me. He suddenly lifted his head. By this time his eyes became red with desire, and his face looks different. I then noticed his big one, he is naked and I am staring at him. He found where I am looking and asked me whether I want that. I got doubt how this much big thing can go inside and I asked him the same thing. He said let us explore that. He laid on me, I am feeling his big one naked on my pussy, its also lit bit wet and hot. He started kissing on my neck and pressing my boobs. His lower part is trying to go inside. He wishpered in my ears to hold his cock and show the way, my hands shevering and im exited to hold a man’s cock. I holded it my hands its soooooo good eventhough he said to show the way, I did not do that. I wanted to play with his cock. I started pressing it slowly he started moaning, I found that he liked it. He said slowly do that up and down. I did like that now he is biting my body and he parted my legs and put his cock inside my pussy, as my pussy became so wet it was not very hurting.

It went inside with some struggle. The feel it is going inside was like heaven. And the feeling of his cock inside was something which I cannot explain in words. Its sooooooooo sooooooooo good that I started giving strokes, and moving my lower part round and round. He is also giving strong strokes from up and whenever im moving my lower part and tring to pull his cock inside with my lower part he is moaning louder. I understood that he liked that. So I did that again and again. We both are like mad people giving strokes in the lower parts and licking and kissing the lips, nipples, neck. He is licking me and im licking his nipples also. He is feeling so good and moaning. I am feeling too much good and trying to pull him Deeper and deeper. Nothing but our moanding and shoutings , ammaaaaaaa, shhhhhhhhh, ahbbbbaaaaaa, ayyyyyyyyoooo, abbbbbbbbaaaa, ohhhh, inkaaaaaaaa (moreee), gattiiiiiigaaaaaa (harder), lopalikiiiii ( deeper), abbaaaa, champey ( kill me), pisikei ( press me), shhhhh abaaaa….like this are continued for 20 minutes and finally I felt his cock is jerking and my pussy is blasting we both jerked at the same time, I holed him very tightly piericing my nails on his back, and biting him on his shoulder, pressing my two legs tightly around his lower part, and he pressed me very tightly to the floor with his lower part. He is biting very hardly on my boobs and his hand pressing my ass towards him. We both had very strong first cum at the same time. That was the most beautiful love making under the moon in the open air on the floor. After that we noticed so many cuts and wounds on our body. But that doesn’t matter is ints it????If you like the story then only I will write again. Pls mail me at / / I will be waiting for the responses.