Fucked the aunty

I am maddy(my pet name)24 years pld.I am Hyderabad.I am a regular reader of ISS.

This is my real story happend last week.

I am very much interested in fucking and watching porn movies.

Near to my home rani aunty house is there.I am watching her regularly

She look so nice silm with good shapes.her breast r so good if anyone had a look then it is a heaven only.so i waited for a chance.

She is married and had 2 childrens.i stared to speak with her regularly

Within a short priod v became very colse.some time she will sit behind me while watching movies.i will touched her shoulders at that time.i am waiting for a long time to fuck her.i got the chance on that day.

In my home all went to banglore for a function.At the same time rani aunty hubby also went a office tour.I got a cood chance.

On that day in the evening i went her house she know no all of our family r went to a function.so she said to take the dinner with them.

I saw her breast she is in a nighty without a bra.while v r in a dinner I saw her breast twice while she bended . My machine started to grow.i controlled a lot.Later she came near to me for serve the dish that time I touched her breast twice with my shoulder.

She gave me a small smile.i was shocked.

After dinner she asked stay here in the night with them.i also agreed for that.

I sit in the hall and waching movies she went inside with her kids whe came to

The hall after 5 min.then sit opposite to in the sofa I am sting on the floor.

V both r watching a movie.she was watching me for a long time……..

She slowly lifted her legs and placed on the sofa … I was shocked to see her legs

And a small gap to watch her panty it was in a red color.she also know that I am watching

Her .she came near to me after 5 min and just chatted with me abt my girl frinds

I told that for me no girl frinds.then she came very near to me and touched my hands

Me hands r shivering a lot.full body in a heat.she slowly said that come on maddy

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.i did not got her.she taken my hand and placed on her breast

I was so happyyyyyyyyyy and I got the situation and I kissed her directly to her lips

Then v both hugged and roled on the floor.slowly I placed my hands on her breast

It was a heaven soft milk boobsssssss.

She moanedeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh

I slowly kissed her on her neck and stared to remoce her nightyyyyyyyy No bra on her breast so felt so happey She removed my pant and touched my penis She slowly taken my penis into her mouth And she put it into her for 10 min I got a liquid out She taken into her mouth And she told me enjoy now with her breast and pussy a lot I started to play with her breast it is like a heaven her nipples r so good I played a lot and I want to see the pussy…………..

I never seen a pussy directly(onlu on viedeos) I was so happy to see her pussy it is nice shaved one with wet.

She told me to take her pussy in my mouth.when put my mouth in her pussy she told me to put the tongue on that and asked to roll I did the same with in 3 min she gaved me the juice with white color.it is good.

Then she asked me to put my penis in to her pussy It is the first time for me I don’t know in which hole I have to and how She helpd me a lot taken my penis(6 inch) in to her hand and guided in to her pussy

Ans asked to fuck her.i did it for a 10 min later she guided with different angles

She enjoyed a lot.i came ot know everything clearly.

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