Sex With Friends Mother Part I

Hi friends. I am from Kanya Kumar. This is my first story. If find any mistake don’t mind. This is a real story.

It’s usual in the village were many used to take bath outside. When I reached Babu’s house, his mother was having bath. She saw me. I enquired about Babu. She said that he went to the town. I said I needed his memory card it’s urgent. She told me to go inside the house and search. I went his room but I could not find that. So I went to the window which side she was taking bath. Until there I didn’t have any bad thought. But the scene I saw through the window is made me hard. She was applying soap to her body. She was applying soap to her buttocks. Wow that’s a wonderful site. I stay there and watched. I could not control; so I take my cock outside the pants and shake it looking that seen. I just melted in that situation and closed my eyes and jerked off. I didn’t see that she is seeing me. When I open my eyes she was looking at me in an angry way. I just paused there. She came inside the room. My whole body was shaking with fear.

When she came inside; I apologized to her. But when I see her angry face I had no hope. I just feel on her feet begging her for apology. But no sound has come from her. Few minutes later I felt a wet cloth fell over my head. When I try to look up; she used to cover face.

I removed the cloth and looked up she was fully nude. But still her face did not change the expression. Then she extended her hand to me. I got up holding her hand. But no words were exchanged. I just looked her eyes like questioning. She took my hands and put it over her boobs. I didn’t do anything for some time. I continuously looked into her eyes. She smiled at me. Slowly I stated moving my hands. Once it got the pace I took another hand and used another boobs. Now she hugged me. I also hugged her. I bent down and put my mouth on her breast. I sucked wildly like baby goat milking from the mother goat while I was holding my two hands on her buttocks. Then I kissed her lips. I sucked her lips. But she was not active on that. She was not giving the lips properly. So I made her to lie on the bed and try to lick her pussy. The soap was not clearly gone from her pussy. The foam was there on her pussy hair. I licked her clits for that she giggled a lot.

Then I undress myself; my erected cock was hanging in air. I looked at her. She told to put it inside in gesture. I pulled her to the end of the bed and spread legs and I tried to put my cock. It was already wet. It was not very tight. I slowly started the motion. Few times it came out from the hole due to inexperience. Then I continued within five minutes  I came in her. Then I fell over her and rolled to the side. We didn’t speak for 10 min.

“Sorry aunty” I started

“Yallam mudichathuku appuram sorrya (after completing everything asking sorry)” she replied and pinched my cheeks.

Then I got up and sit on the bed and leaned to the wall. She came near me and laid on me.

“Yapadi iruthuthu(how was that)” She asked.

I remained silent.

“ Nee nalla pannurada. Oru china payaloda ipo thaan panren. (You have done well. This is the first time I am doing with a younger man)” she said.

“Aappo periya all kukuda vera panirikinkala( so have u ever done other older men)” I asked in a hurry looking at her face.

She said yes.

I asked her with whom. She said that with different four men other than her husband.

“Yarellam (Who were they?)” By the time I asked she turned towards my penis and try to take it in her mouth. I felt very cold in the tip of the penis when her tongue touched that.

“Athu yathuku ipo piravu solluren inni oru thadava yanna podu(leave that now and fuck me one more time now)” she said.

I reminded about the Babu’s arrival. She got up from the bed and gone out from the room. I was thinking about my activities. Guilt and pleasure hit in the mind same time. When I thought that she was my friend’s mother it gave more erotic feeling. She returned with some water and gave it to me. She then came back in the old position on my thighs. In other hand she had a mobile she started to dial a number then she hold it to the ear.

“Mone yapo vetuku varuva(my son when will u come to home)” she asked over the phone.

Realizing that she was talking to my friend; resting on my thighs made me feel erotic. It made my penis hard again.

“Pathu va makale(come safely)”. Then she ended the call.

“Avan varathuku innunm oneara maniku akkumam( he will take more one and half hours)” she said to me and looked at my hard cock.

This time I fucked her in the doggy style which I felt more comfortable. I fucked her really fast. She let out a lot of moans. I enjoyed that.  Her hanging boobs were swinging on both sides. Some time I tried to hold that while fucking. Twice I beat that from side. For that she looked into my eyes. But she enjoyed that. Now the intimacy became stronger. We enjoyed ourselves. We really enjoyed the fuck. In the mean time she came with a moan. I continued and increase the speed. Then I came in her within five minutes.

We fell on the bed. She turned to me and kissed me. Then she got up and went out of the room. I also wore my cloths and said bye to her. When I reached near the door she came by running from the kitchen and hugged me. We kissed there for five min. I crushed her boobs in my chest.

Then I bid good bye and get outside. She asked my phone no. I gave that. I reached home. All day I thought about her. I masturbated twice at home thinking about her.

After few days she called me saying that Sabu has gone to town. That day we made four round sex. After some days Babu went to Chennai to work there were his another brother was working. After that I fuck her in night also because her husband is a drunkard. I fuck her in the same bed while he sleeps next to us. We do sex outside their house during midnights. That gives very diff feel. This incident happen when I was 24 and now I am 26.

I have more of experiences to share with you friends. I will send you more and more stories once I get comments on this story. M y email address is / /