Divya Ek Teacher Kee Sex Story Part IV

Next day school opened. I was normal and both driver and conductor behaved and talked normally. In evening I told them about next school holiday .. It was just after 7 days .

Now conductor became more aggressive. He used to press thighs, finding opportunity pinch choot and caress hips. 7 days passed. I reached at corner and to my surprise they came in a car. I sat between driver and conductor…

“Kisi aur ko nahi maalum naa..” I was afraid that they may share me with their friends..
“Nahi rani…” both pressed thighs and said ..
“Itna badhiya maal koi kisee-se share nahi karta….” They promised me that I will not be defamed.

After drive of about one hour they took me to a house. One elderly lady opened door and driver introduced her as his sister. I felt ashamed .

“Beti daro mut….kisi ko kabhee kuchh pata nahi chalega…” lady assured me . She served us hot tea and thereafter both took me to a room..

It has a double bed, there was wine bottle, soda , ice and fried muttons and cutlets.. I did not move and within minutes we three were nude. Their lunds were in semi-limped condition. I decided “jub maza lena hai to khulkar maza lo…” I held both lunds and said …”mujhe dheela lund pasand nahi hai..”

“Arrey rani …buss eise hee pakri raho….chodte-chodte rula nahi diya to aaj jaan se maar daalna..”

Driver boosted and he laid me flat on bed. He began kissing me and like my father-in-law , conductor began to suck and lick choot.. I was unable to control double impact. Conductor parted legs wide and began chewing choot and driver was pressing chuchi, kissing and fondling …After sucking licking of choot for about 10 minutes conductors pushed two fingers inside and began fucking…

“Raja lund pelo…fingers nahi…” I was already ecstatic has lost all control on self

Lekin conductor ne choot mey itna fast finger andar -bahar karne laga kee mai apne aapko rok nahi paaee …chillane lagi…jor-jor se siskaari maarne lagi…chuttar uchhalne lagi…conductor ne anguli se chodkar mujhe paagal kar diya aur uske baad bina kuchh bole ussne lawda choot mey pel diya…

Now driver released my body and watched chudai of conductor. But I held drivers lund and enjoyed hard and fast pumping of conductor..i lost count of time and breath and he pulled out . but within few seconds drivers lund was inside choot. My choot got tightened , friction on choot wall was prominent than before. Certainly this lund was longer and thicker and I had hot spray of cum of conductor on my face.. I licked cum and enjoyed.. this chudai which was certainly much better.. I could make difference , it was even better than chudai of kaka of tea stall…and finally he filled my cunt..

Conductor opened room and that lady came in..

“Beti , dhai ( two & half ) ghante ho gaye…kuchh khaa pee lo phir agla round karna ..”

I was exhausted…

“Kaki ..mai mast ho gaee …maza aa gaya …”
“Mujhe maalum hai beti…” lady said that she is taking drivers lund for over last 20 yrs.
“Bahan ko chodta hai…?” I exclaimed ..
“Beti, choot ko badhiya lund aur chudai chaahiye …phir chaahe wo lund kisika bhee ho..”

She caressed conductor and said that no man can satisfy a woman like him..

“Saala bina lund pele ..thanda kar deta hai…”

I also experienced conductors capability of satisfying a woman by tongue and finger . We had meal, talked and next round I watched how both fucked that lady.. She was elder than both.. Before departing from there driver and conductor both took turn on me in doggy pose and both ejaculated inside . On way back I thanked both of them and told them to make such program once every month…

“Meri choot pasand aaee ho to har mahina mujhe eisee chudai chaahiye …”
“Arrey rani…biswaas karo .. jo maza tumne diya wo pahle kabhee nahi aaya.. both took vow of their children and said that after that lady, their wife I am only 3rd women in their life.
“Ab humey aur koi naee choot nahi chaahiye….”
” Divya , hum tumhe apne bus mey chodna chaahte hai…” conductor desired …
“Arrey to pahle kyo nahi choda…” I caressed their lunds and said that I liked them both from first day I saw them and had I known that they do such a nice chudai I would have fucked them on first day…

“Tum logo ne 2 saal barbaad kar diya ..” I said ..” bus mey jab chodna hai bol dena …”

On the way conductor gone out of car and I told my real heart felt desire to driver …

“Oral sex thoda bahut theek hai….lekin mujhe sirf tumhara lawda chahiye , conductor kaa nahi…”

I took his hand and requested , ” mujhe tum sirf akele chodo..” I told him to get duty of conductor shifted to other route where he can not even see me..Mujhe buss tere jaisa asal mard kaa saath chaahiye …”

Drivers face gave a big broad winning smile ..

“Divya mai tumhe hamesha khush rakhunga…” he pressed my thighs .
“Lekin ek baar ‘bus mey chudwa lo .. conductor khush ho jaayegaa …

Next day conductor gave me a packet and requested not to get angry to see content. I opened packet in school. I counted , it was 20000/- .On return while conductor was busy in collecting fare I charged driver that I did not expect that they will treat me like that…Driver replied that he tried to persuade conductor against that but he still gave. Driver said that in that in that packet he has not contributed a bit. I returned packet to conductor and did not talked with him.

Next day he touched my feet and sought forgiveness ..

“Aaj bus mey chodo tab maaf karungi….”

Driver heard and said , “aaj nahi …kal kar dunga… ”

They told me to stay in bus with them ..Next day was Saturday . I requested principal for one day leave and he again requested

“Ek baar mujhe gaali de do ..to teri CL bhee nahi lagaunga….” He was certainly falling for me.

I looked in his eyes, and began to say….

“Maatherchod, roj apni beti kee chudi huee choot ko chodta hai… ek baar meri mast bur mey lawda pel kar maza le le… phir jindgi bhar beti se dhandha karayega aur meri choot chat-ta rahegaa.. ”

I ran out of office. I wondered . “whether principal wants to fuck me .. ?”

While returning back I confirmed to conductor …

“Kal bus mey mujhe chodo..”

There was big smile on boths face.

Next day I did not get down at school . Bus reached its destination in another half an hour time. Driver took me to office and introduced me as sisters daughter . I also addressed him mama. They got me cold drink . After we finished drink , driver said that brake of bus has become loose and it needs to be tightened . their incharge permitted him and we three again boarded bus. . Conductor put a seat on bonnet and driver kept driving. I remained laid on mattress for about four hours turn by turn both fucked and sucked me.. Driver fucked me thrice whereas conductor fucked me only once and other two time he did oral magic on cunt and in mouth.. I had three load of cum of driver in choot and three load of cum of conductor in mouth..

We were satisfied and returned back to office and same incharge was there. Avoiding both , that man gave a slip of paper to me and while they were talking I read….

“Tum mujhe bahut achchhee lagi ho… ek baar pyaar karne kaa mauka do…khush kar dunga… ” it has a phone number and name Guptaji..

He did not offer any payment for chudai. I kept that note in my purse.

While returning I dropped at tea stall and had kaka again within 15 days . He was extremely happy seeing me so early. That day Bindu said,

“Didi, kabhi kabhi faltu lund se chudwaane mey jyada maza aata..hai.. ” she said ..
“Sach bolu , ab sasur ke lund se chudai mey naa mujhe maza aata hai naa uski beti Renu ko.. ”

She added that her customers fucks for less time but sometimes gives more masti than kaka..

“Didi, tum bhee hamare ek do customer se chudwaao..maza aayegaa… ” she suggested me to start fucking with others also..

I thought of giving it a try.

“Theek hai, agli baar se mai bhee tum logo ke saath dhanda karungi..”

Then Nandu, our school peon came there . he got surprised to see me..

“Madam , aaj aap school nahi aaee…” he enquired ..
“Lekin tu saala har sanibaar ko aakar chodega hee.. kabhee bhulta nahi…” Renu said.

Nandu blushed . But I controlled position…

“Nandu, jaldi se apna kaam kar le phir mujhe ghar pahuncha do…” he became happy to hear my offer.

He was customer of Renu, daughter of kaka. Two week passed without any happening and next Monday there was another conductor. Driver introduced him to me . Driver said that I am very special person and he should take all care to make me happy and satisfied . I enquired about earlier conductor and new conductor replied that he is transferred to other route that also from bus stand of other city .Driver could see a very satisfying smile on my face. After collecting fare new conductor sat beside me. He was young, may be few years younger than me. I asked his name ..

“Dekh mere gharwaale kaa naam bhee Vinod hai…tu mera gharwaala ban-ne kee koshish mut karna ..” I said and he blushed like a girl..

While getting down I whispered to driver ,

“Bahut pyaas lagi hai…juldi bujhao…” I told him to come with me.

I waited in the corner , after reporting in office he came to me and I took him to my house .. Sonia was at home with baby. It was 5.30 and husband would come in half hour.. I told Sonia to make tea and snack for guest. I held baby and asked

“Kab chodoge ..choot mey aag lagi hai…”
“Lekin ghar mey wo ladki hai…” he pointed towards Sonia ..
“Mujhe maalum hai….” And I said what he never expected …
“Mai main door khula rakhungi…..11 baje ke baad aana …puree raat ke liye…”

He kept looking at me in disbelieve ..After sometime husband came and I introduced them . I did not hide . I told him that this driver is taking very good care of me for over two years. After having tea & snacks driver went out without telling me whether he will come or not. I was also not sure that with husband and maid around how can I fuck with him.. Vinod went inside and maid said ..

“Didi, kanha se mila…bahut jabardast , asal mard hai…”

Words came out as a reflex action ” chudwaayegi .?.”

“Haa didi….bur paniya gaee hai …” she said shamelessly. We never talked sex before .
“Theek mai usko phir se laaungi…..” and I expressed false fear just to show my innocence ..
“Tumko chodkar mujhe bhee chod lega to….”
“Mar jaaungi….lekin kisiko kabhee pata nahi chalega…” maid said and gave expert opinion that she already had seen sex and lust in drivers eyes for me….
“Didi ..aap ne usko ghar laakar bahut galti kee …wo jarur aapko chodega …lekin mai aapko akele uss jawan mard kaa maza nahi lene dungi…mujhe bhee mast chudai chaahiye …”

She was correct…

“Vinod / my husband khush nahi karta hai kya ?” I knew her reply…
“Didi ..saab roj khushamad karte hai…iss liye chodne deti hun….” And she said what I already knew …
“Aapko maalum hai kee saab ke lund mey kitna dum hai….” She again requested ..
“Didi ..apne driver ko bolo kee kal hee mujhe chode….”

She liked my driver very much.. it is good. Once driver fuck both of us , I can take help of Sonia in finding new nice lunds. After ensuring that Sonia has taken my husband between her thighs I waited and at around mid night I heard some sound. I came out, saw him . I pulled him inside my bed room .

“Buss koi baat nahi ..pahle chod-kar bur thanda kar do…”

I undressed him and began sucking lund. He undressed me , caressed me and feared that had anyone seen him they would have treated him as a thief and handed over to police .

“Police baad mey arrest karegi , pahle meri choot tere lund ko arrest kar rahi hai….raaja maar daalo mujhe….”

And without oral sex or fondling .. driver did my chudai relentlessely ..baby cried , I fed but driver kept pumping me. Babys eyes met with driver, he caressed and loved baby.. I felt nice and a baby over one & half year smiled at man pumping her mother. Fucking a man on own bed is most satisfying experience ..After I finished second round I told about desire of Sonia and what else she said.. He agreed to fuck Sonia on one condition that I also join them .. I convinced him…

“Kal sirf Sonia ko chodo aur agle din mai bhee leave lekar rahungi phir hum dono ko chodna.. ”

Driver agreed to take two days leave . I released him from clutch of my thighs only at around 6 morning. When husband and Sonia wake me up, I was all nude.. Vinod blushed and went out ..Sonia winked at me…

“Tere driver se chudwa rahi thee.. ” I replied

She took it as a joke ..

“Didi majak mut karo….mujhe uska lund chaahiye… raat bhar choot khuj-laati rahi…”

I told her to be ready .. My maid was equally hungry for lund of my new found lund of driver .

“Theek hai, driver ko mai bol dungi….aur tere jaisee mast maal ko kaun nahi chodna chaahega…wo jarur chhutti lekar tujhe chodne aayega

Sonia could not guess that driver kept his lund stuffed in my choot for over three hours. That day I wore tight slacks and matching sleeve-less top of bright colour. In stead of going by bus , I waited and Vinay braked bike . I sat behind him.. and after he drove few kms ..i sat with both legs on both side, I pressed my pelvis to his hip, crossed my hand across his waist…

” Bibi kee choot itni mast hai…kee randi ko bhul gaya…” I said aloud and pressed breast on his back..
“Mut karo ..accident ho jaayegaa….” He said ,
“Mai kya kar rahi hun….” I pressed chuchi harder on his back. …
” Bahut kadak hai…” he had feel of tight breast …
“Kya ..kadak hai bahanchod…” I asked
“Tera chuchi…”
“Tumko kaise maalum..tumne to ek baar bhee nahi dabayaa….buss uss kutia ke choot ke andar ghuse rahte ho…” I said , he must be getting excited ..
” School kee kitni teacher, kunwaari ladki tujhse chudne ko taiyaar hai aur tum unn sabko chhod kar apni randi ko chodte rahte ho….”

I added …” bibi ko bahut chod liya ..ab naee naee choot kaa maza lo….”

And he said what I wanted …

“Pahle tum chodne do….phir jisko bologi chodunga….”
“Theek hai ….jaldi chudwaayegi ye randi…..” and I warned him that if he will try to defame me I will made police complain.
“Ek baar chodne do…jindgi bhar tera gulam rahunga….” He desired to fuck me…
“Mai jis-se bolungi , uss-se mujhe aur apni bibi ko chudwaaoge….” I dont know how I was talking so slutty to a man against whom I made complain last year….
“Bola naa ..chodne do phir jo bologi sab karunga … meri bibi ko jis-se mann karey chudwaana…”

He was desperate to fuck me..

“Theek hai raja ..lund taiyaar rakhkho, aaj hee chudwaaungi…”

Before school came , I changed position and while getting down he said ..

“Eisee dress mey duniya kee sabse mast randi lagti ho….chhote ladke bhee tere naam par hatthu maarenge…”
“Unhe hatthu maarne kee kya jarurat hai… lawda mast hoga to kisi-se bhee chudwa lungi…”

I entered school and saw young girls and lady colleagues envying me seeing me and laughing with Vinay.

“Lagta hai Vinay ne chod liya ..” my closest colleague Hema asked ..
“Nahi re … abhee nahi…” I looked around and asked ..
“Sach bol…kisi se nahi kahungi….”
“Kya ?” lady asked ..
“Apne principal saab kaisee chudai karte hai …tujhe khush karte hai naa… ”

Last nights drivers chudai had made me very free. Instead of countering me that middle aged lady blushed and looked here there..

“Dekh tu nahi bolegi..to mai bhee Vinay ke baarey mey kuchh nahi bolungi..tujhe kabhi uss-se chudne nahi dungi…” I insisted …
“Divya ” lady replied that she tried her best to seduce principal some 8 -9 years ago when he was only a high school teacher ..
“Lekin bahanchod ne daana hee nahi daala …”

She opened fully…

“Mai bahut chudasi rahti thee…. Ghar mey husband se mann nahi bharta thaa. Ek baar ek padosan ne mujhe tatola aur mai taiyaar ho gaee.. wo mujhe ek hotel le gaee aur wanha ek aadmi se khud bhee chudwaaee aur mujhe bhee pelwaaya.. phir mai regular dhandha karne lagi.. har week 2-3 customer mil jaatey thheye aur mere kimat badhne lagi.. ek hazar se shuru kiya thaa aur saal beet-te beet-te mera rate 5000/- ho gayaa . ”

She looked here there and said that one holiday our school peon Nandu came . she was alone at home and they had chudai without any one trying to seduce other .

“Aur Divya , puchh mut Nandu ne mast kar diya … agle sham ko mai uske ghar gaee aur ussne apni bibi ke saamne mujhe choda aur bibi ko mere saamne.. kuchh dino baad wo mujhe mere husband ke saamne bhee chodne laga…”

She smilingly said ..

“Kal ghar mey bachche thheye aur dono , husband aur Nandu ne mujhe teen ghante tak choda.. ”

So Nandu was right .

“Ab dhandha nahi karti ho…? I enquired..
“Khub karti hun.. ” she replied ” pahle khud gahak dhunt-ti thee aur ab Nandu dhund-ta hai… , har gahak kaa ussey 1000/- deti hun aur mujhe kareeb kareeb roj chodta hai…..”
“School mey tere jaisee aur kitni randi hai…” I asked .

She gave name of other four teachers .

“Lekin kisiko 5000/- nahi milta .. jyada se jyada 2000/- aur uss mey se 500/- unka dalal leta hai…”

She said ” Gupta ji ( male teacher ) khud namard hai.. lekin school kee ladkiyo ko patakar dhanda karwaate hai… apni bibi se milkar….” She added … ” apne Nandu kee bhee bahut see ladkiya randi hai… aur wo bahut ladkiyo ko chodta hai….” She said what Nandu informed me ..” kal 2 ladkiya khud usske ghar jaakar chudwaaee aur Nandu ne mere aur unn ladkiyo ke choot, chuchi aur gaand par lund se apna naam likh diya hai… jaldi nahi mitega.. ”

I took her to toilet and I smiled at seeing ‘Nandu written on her vital parts..

“Aakhir kya hai Nandu mey…?” I enquired ..
“Khud chudwa le , pata chal jaayega.. ”

I talked with two girls who had chudai with Nandu on Holi. My God, what my MIL said is correct that prostitution is rampant among teachers and students even in schools.

“Jab teacher hee randi hogi to student hongey hee. ”

I smiled . ” mai khud bhee to randi hun..”

While returning back from school ,again I sat with Vinay. I stopped at tea-stall . Kaka got surprised to see me with Vinay after a gap of so many months. I sent Vinay inside room and whispered to kaka , he smiled . I entered room, pushed door shut.

“Vinay teri randi saamne hai….chod mujhe ..jitna chodna hai….”

And like a randi I undreesed fully and laid on with legs wide apart…

“Divya jitna dikhti ho uss-se jyada sundar aur mast ho…” he said and began undressing … He was nude , certainly a debonair handsome man..any women , girl even my mother would like to have sex with him.. he began slow fisting of lund.. seeing him , I began caressing choot and chuchi.. it had desired effect . Man was not only handsome, his lund was good , over 8 inch , of good thickness and looking heavy and handsome..I opened cunt lips wide and wider. He came over me…

“Saala kab se taras rahi thee iss lund ke liye aur tu maatherchod 3 saal laga diya wo jab mai khud randi banker chodne ke liye boli….”

He held shoulder and lund began to slid in choot..more pressure ..more deeper ..

“Ahhhhh…Vinay…..chodo…pelte raho……..”

Ussne jor daar dhakka lagana chalu kiya.. jawan aadmi thaa wo bhee achchhee body structure kaa..aur sabse badi baat ussey koi jald-baazi nahi thee.. aaraam se lekin khub takat se pel raha thaa… masti aaney lagi….mai siskaari maarne lagi…jor jor se aawaj karne lagi lekin Vinay aaram se pelta raha … lekin wo kaka nahi thaa.. Kareeb 25-30 minute mey ussne choot ko bhar diya…..

“Ohhh Vinay… maatherchod ..pahle kyo nahi itna maza diya…. Harami apni maa ko chodta thaa ..mujhe iss randi ko chodta so nahi….

Vinay got up and as I directed kaka , he was over me with throbbing tight lund ..instead of me Vinay exclaimed …

“Baap re itna lamba mota lund….”

“Kaka ..kya kar rahe ho….mai teri beti hun…..chhee bahar jaao……2 saal se beti-beti bol rahe ho…..kaka nahi….nahi mar jaaungi….beti ko mut chodo…..paap lagega….”

But kaka had held shoulder very tightly and in 4th push entire lawda was inside… I enjoyed it quietly for some time ..but then I shouted…..

“Ohhhhh…kaka…..ahhhhh..bahut maza aa raha hai…..betichod pelte raho beti ko….maar daalo….randi bana do…..ahhh ahhhh…. ”

I was enjoying another chudai by Kaka and Vinay was fucking Renu, daughter of Kaka….he discharged in choot… Both Bindu and Renu aroused him again by sucking, licking and finally Vinay had third choot of day of Bindu, bahu of kaka.. again he discharged and got up… But kaka kept banging me….it was longest chudai by kaka and finally he also ejaculated.. I was exhausted , tired and retired..

“Didi ..utho….customer aaney waale hai…” Bindu said

Kaka pulled me up and both girl helped me to dress .. Finally we came out . it was already dark… we ate whatever was available and Vinay took me directly to his house. His wife was really very beautiful and attractive as well. He introduced me as I was. He said that on the way back I had some problem so we are late.. His wife went to kitchen and Vinay said ..

“Divya , Usha ( his wife) ke saath kabhee eisa maza nahi aaya … pl ab jhagda mut karna.. tumhe khush kar dunga….”

I looked smilingly ..” chinta mut karo…mujhe bhee maza aaya ..” but I wondered ..

“Wo to itni pyari hai, sundar hai…phir bhee ..”

” Haa , bilkul thandi hai.. chudai ke samay bilkul paththar ho jaati hai..”

Vinay added ..

“Jitna maza tumhe chodne mey aaya .. uss-se jyada maza aaya tumhe kaka ke 11 inch ke lawde se chudwaate dekhne mey… ” he liked my chudai with kaka…

“Saala tu bahut lucky hai….ek randi ke badle 3-3 randi ko chod liya…”

He wished to see my chudai with kaka again…

“I also liked that long lund.. chudai dikhaungi ..lekin promise karo .. kabhee kisiko pata nahi chalna chaahiye ..”

He promised …and said what I had desired ..” Divya , Usha ( his wife) ko kaka se chudwa do…” He wished , ” shayad tera kaka meri bibi ko garam kar sakey.” “jaldi chudwa dungi… telling this I went to kitchen .