His Huge Cock Part II

Hai ISS gay lovers, this is in continuation of my earlier story His Huge Cock. That day I narrated How Mr.Baba Khan made me suck his long dick in the theatre seeing the malayalam movie. He ordered me to come to his house the next day at 6 a.m. I went to his house by 5.30 a.m. His mother REhana begum opened the door. She was in a nighty. She was pure white with long nose like actress Sarada.

Rehana: who are you bastard?

Me: Madam, I am Balu. Mr.Baba Khan told me to come

Rehana: {holding my nose}- oh. are you the slave who sucked my sons cock last night?

Me: yes madam. I am his complete slave.

Rehana: Stupid, come in, he is sleeping. In the mean time go and wash bath room and latrine with phynil. After that you can go to his room.

With those words, my rod erected. I went in side. Rehana begum gave me phynil. I cleaned the latrine completely. By that time Baba khan came in full nude. I think he had no shy being nude in front of his mom. Rehana smiled and said to baba khan: your slave has come. enjoy him. I am going to my lovers house. I had to fuck with him at least 6 times today. BabaKhan laughed and kissed his moms nose and said : enjoy mom as u like. I will enjoy with this bastard today. Rehana laughed and went away.

Baba khan held my nose and twisted.

Baba khan: Come on, put my dick in your mouth.

It was mind boggling. about 10 inches with circumcized. It was like iron rod. I first licked tip of cock. after licking for 10 minutes Baba khan released urine in my mouth as drops. In that emotion, I swalloed his urine and started licking. Baba khan held my nose tightly and made me stand.

Babakhan: tell me rascal, which heroines u like?

Me: Jamuna, Vanisri, Sarada, Laxmi, Jyotilaxmi,Jayamalini, Manjula, Sangeetha.

Baba Khan: (slapped onmy cheeks) good: which part in Sarada?

Me: her long nose.

BaBAKHAN: (twisting my nose) good. In Laxmi?

Me: Her nose.

Babkhan: twisted my nose further and slapped)Vanisri?

Me: her nose, boobs, ass.

Baba khan: He further squeezed my nose . come on sit.

I sat.

Babakhan (slapping on my back) stand u bastard.

I stood.

Then babakhan ordered me to sit and stand continuously. While i was making sit ups, he was squeezing my nose with laugh. At that time, his cock was swinging like pendulam.

Khan, I am your slave, I am your cock slave. I will lick your cock,

I was murmering. After about making 200 sit ups baba khan pushed his cock in my mouth and started fucking. I held his hips and put my finger in his ass hole. Baba khan was laughing and pushing his hard cock. His cock went in to my throat.I was unable to inhale and exhale. Baba khan was laughing.

Babakhan was murmering; nose queen sarada. I will crunch your nose sarada. I will put your long nose inmy mouth sarada.

At that time his cock was further hardened.

After onehour he cummed in my mouth. It was like drops came out for 10 minutes.

Now you have to eat my shit. Then only I allow you to lick my dick. he said.

I just nodded my head as I could not leave his cock.