Strangest Sex Experience Of My Life Part II

Hello to all readers. Ive been a visitor of this site for quite long now. I like reading these hot stories whenever I am horny as hell. I must say some of these experience make me so horny to fuck anything that comes around. I am straight so my personal favorite on this site are stories of straight and virgin couples, but strangely enough my first publication to this site is of a Gayish experience. Let me narrate that experience to you.

I am Rehan from Faisalabad, a city in Pakistan. I am presently 26, while this story goes back around 8 years, when I was some seventeen, eighteen years old. The other person in my story is my friend Asif. He was my closest friend since childhood, and we were very very close since ever. We used to study and play together. With the passing time, we grew young, and had those little sexual feelings arising in ourselves.

We being too open to each other used to share many things, and it was common for us to watch porn movies together. However, quite obviously, there was a slight wall in between us in terms of sex, as it should be. We knew we both were hot and horny enough after watching those dirty movies, however our rising dicks and masturbation sessions afterwards were our private secretes only.

Before moving on, let me describe before you our physical appearance. I was a medium heighted guy, could be called long heighted, slim according to my age, with a fair complexion, but my friend was a real knock-out. It sounds bizarre to call a guy like that, but he sure was a very cute and handsome guy. I wasnt too bad myself, but whenever we used to roam around, girls eyes were all over him.

Even he was found attractive by many of the boys around. He was almost of my height, had milk color skin, a cute baby like face, had slim but quite handsome body and perhaps best feature of him was his cute ass. It looked just too cute and hot over the clothes, that one would wonder howd it like in there. It was just enough curvy, soft and perfect. Later on though I got to know that he had a cute dick too, but let me tell you about it as the story moves on.

This story is of the period when we both had our admission in Punjab University in Lahore for our graduation. been unable to find a seat in hostels, we found one room in a private hostel, which was good enough for us. We were quite happy, being out of our homes for the very first time in our lives and living freely in a entirely new city and that too like Lahore. So our early time there was just passed in hanging gout, roaming around, and enjoying ourselves. As we were just about the age, sex was a big part of our enjoyment.

We, though, never had any big experience regarding that, our enjoyment to sex was quite limited to dirty jokes, X movies, and hotties of Lahore around us. It was pretty normal for us to pass on appreciative and sometimes dirty comments on curvy parts of girls around us. Both of us had the same taste in this case, we liked curvy but slim girls, and as Lahore was quite full of such kind of beauties, our eyes were never left unfulfilled.

This incident was one of those typical nights. Like most of the nights. we had just watched a hot porn flick. This movie had three different acts, first one of a girl and a boy, then a threesome, and lastly a lesbian act. I was feeling too hot after watching that movie, and desperately wanted a girl to be with. I didnt know about Asifs condition as we both went to sleep after switching lights off, but despite of my efforts, I couldnt sleep. Scenes of that movie kept roaming my mind, and I went on getting more and more hot.

My dick was erect as rod in my trousers and I had to take the matter into my hands to cool it off. I slowly started rubbing my dock, moving it to and fro, and closed my eyes. With that, like all guys, I started imagining myself with a hot and kept on jerking my dick. I was too hot that I even put off my trousers and got my dick out still jerking it restlessly. My friend was sleeping right beside me, but I was too out of my mind at that time that I didnt mind getting nude at all. My condition got a bit better after a while, when I came in my hands.

After collecting my breath, I went to bathroom, washed my dick, came back and went to sleep.  Id thought that fire inside me wouldve cooled down but sometime late at night, I again woke up. I was again feeling too hot. My dick was again at 90 degrees and was constantly asking for a hole. I tried to let go of erection by thinking of something else, but to no help… My dick was throbbing in my trousers making me uncomfortable and horny at the same time. Just at that time, as I looked at my left,

I had a glimpse of Asifs leg and a part of his ass. Winter was just over so he had his leg kept outside of blanket where I could see all its curves. I have to tell you that before that night I never had any gayish thoughts about him or anybody else, but looking on that leg and ass that night suddenly made me a little aroused. Id always admired his figure and in that hot night, his curvy figure started some effects on me.

My condition did not let me think anymore and I thought of touching those thighs. I still cant think how I dared to do it, but I placed my hand on his one thigh. I was acting to be deep asleep along, so as to justify my strange acts if he might wake up. After a while I moved my hand a bit over the length of the thigh. It was soft and silky, just like it could be of any girl. I kept on moving my hand over it and was feeling a strange sensation within me. I was so enjoying this soft touch of his private parts that every fear disappeared.

But instead of cooling down, my heat increased. I was more aroused and getting more horny. Without my knowledge, my other hand moved towards my dick and held it. I was so horny that I could come in no time if i tried to give my dick a single jerk, but I did not want to spoil the moment, and so I kept on caressing those thighs while holding dick in other hand.  Then my hand slowly shifted towards a little above to his ass. Omg!.

I still cant imagine what a great feeling that was. His ass cheeks were too hot to bear with. Soft yet firm. He was wearing his normal night trousers, but still heat of his ass was reaching me beyond those trousers. Fearing he could wake up, I kept my caressing very slow and soft, although I wanted to grab and pinch those ass cheeks, but all I could do was to move my hand slowly over them and enjoy myself.

Still this feeling was beyond this world. I wondered if these Ass cheeks were so hot with clothes, how they would like without them. But that i could only Leave to my imagination.  At this very time, Asif started moving. I got scared and my hand stopped where it was. But it was just a routine movement in the sleep and he tried to sleep other way on his back. I had to get my hand back.  But it wasnt long enough, when my inner desires again made my hand move towards his body. I was going mad with burning lust in my mind, and I completely forgot that these beautiful ass cheeks belong to a boy, and that too my best friend, and what could possibly happen to me and the relation between us, if he wakes up and finds me in this awkward state.

But such things were out of my mind at that time. Only thing engrossed in my mind was this cute ass and beautiful buttocks. If I could get one thing of all in this world at that time, I would ask for this ass without any cloth covering it. Yet I had to be contended with what I had at that time.  Now, as he was sleeping on his back, his ass was too hard to be touched; I rather put my hand on his thigh, rubbing it and feeling its softness. After a while, another strange thoughts came to my mind. What if i try to go within these trousers!

Despite all the fear in my mind, I couldnt stop myself from doing so, and I put my hand on his belly under his shirt. Bare skin had his own magical effect and I was more aroused then before. I slowly started moving my hand lower and lower, until it reached under the boundary of trousers. Oh, I had the strangest and wildest of feeling then and there. I dont know why but a hand there at the start of undergarments, just about to move further, has a strange psychological effect.Most porn photographers use this, and such photos when some hotty is just keeping her hand at string of her panty moving it a little further down, gives one so erotic a feeling, which is impossible to be explained in words.

My hand went further down. His pubic area was quite clean, as we both were quite sophisticated and clean guys, and so as expected, he had that properly shaved and cleaned. A little further, and suddenly my hand touched his thing.  I remained quiet for some time, trying to understand what I was up to, and then slowly started moving my finger over it. Obviously it was limp, but his dick head gave me this idea that its size once grown would be quite big. I moved my fingers a little more so as to touch dicks head and as I touched it,

I could hold it no longer and my dick gave shots after shots of cum. It was one hell of an orgasm. So hard that I couldnt keep my hand out of his trousers at once. After a little while, I took it out and went to bathroom. I had a happy sleep afterwards. Next day was a busy day. Though I couldnt find much time yet memory of last night remained residing in my mind. I simply couldnt forget that sensation that I felt touching that ass n dick.

There was some time when I felt a little ashamed of my thinking and my act, that Ive gone gay, but on the second thought, Id console myself that there was nothing bad and un natural in it. I satisfied myself that it was just an attraction towards my one friend and I do not feel the same way with any other boy, so theres nothing too gayish in it.

Day passed, night came, and we both got to bed. Though we did not watch any porno that night, I was still feeling somewhat hot. The reason was same last nights incident, which was still making me thoughtful at one side, and aroused at other. I at one state, was hesitating, and on the other, wanted to experience it again. Nevertheless, as we both slept, my lust again won over my hesitation, and I again went for his body.

I started up with the same caressing his ass cheeks, sliding my hand over his thighs, and at the same time, consoling my boner with other hand. As last night, it had the same nice and lusty feeling, and I wished for more and more with each passing moment. At last I went for inner of his trousers and his dick. This time, I straightaway went for his dick, and unlike yesterday, I held it in two of my fingers. My God, I couldnt believe the sensation it gave me. The blood in my entire body was just pumping on its extreme, and my dick was just throbbing in my hand.

Suddenly, he moved, and scarily enough, I at once pulled my hand out of his trousers. but this too appeared to be just an ordinary sleep move and he again got still. I, out of my lust, again went for inner of his trousers, and straightaway for his dickhead, but there was a little surprise waiting for me. His dick wasnt there where I left him. It had moved exactly opposite. His dick was in his full swing. Enlarged, and beautified. Fully erect in all its senses.

Unlike before, its head had now moved upward at trousers string side, and heat in it was quite unbearable. I separated my hand from my own dick, because I knew, that this much heat would make me cum and thus spoil all the fun and I just lay still keeping my hand on his erect thing. I didnt mind that at all, but issue there was that why was it erect? It certainly meant that his dick and assumingly he knew, what was going around and his dick actually enjoyed it. But my mind didnt accept that and besides he was again asleep, or at least pretended to be asleep.

Anyhow, I was still amazed at this erect dick. It was hard and hot. And it was one hell of a beautiful thing. I was sure that my own dick was quite cute enough, but his dick passed it all. It was pretty fat at base, and relatively, just relatively slimmer at his head, thus giving it a cuter look My sexual urges were going mad. I didnt know any further. I didnt know what to do. I was a completely straight guy and I was holding a cutest and hottest dick in my hand.

Finally I could hold it no longer n I touched my own dick with my hand, and as if it was just waiting for my call, it erupted loads of semen. I stayed there unmoved, still, trying to hold my breath and then took out my hand, got to washroom. Seeing myself in mirror there I could not believe what I just did. I couldnt believe my senses that a guys dick could give so much sensation to me, but the fact was, it just did.

I got back and went to sleep. Next day both of us had to go to our homes, as it was the weekend. We got back after two days, met ordinarily like nothing had happened. I probably did not disclose before how we were mad about Hollywood movies. Those were the days before dsl and torrent and so we had to get movies on rent mostly. We used to rent porn too. Normally Asif was the one who brought a bunch of movies with him or copied in his hard drive on our journey back to Lahore after weekend. This time too, he brought a number of movies along, including porn too, that were quite enough to pass our next month here.

In evening, Asif wasnt there in the room and I went on to check that stuff he brought. Other than the Hollywood movies, there were one or two pornos which were quite good. One was of two lesbian girls in fishing net, which aroused me then and there. But strangest of all was a gay flick that was among other movies in there. I had never watched a gay movie before so it felt a little strange to me, and more strange was this fact that why did Asif bring it?

I never had felt he had any gayish thoughts in his mind, and my mind kept on taking me to this conclusion that it had anything to do with our incident at night and his erect dick afterwards. With these thoughts I moved around that gay porn for a little time. It didnt involve any intercourse; yet it had guys sucking each others dicks. Strangely enough, it did not arouse me at all, rather it felt a little disgusting watching guys with dicks in their mouths. I shut it down and moved on to do other routine workings.

However, Asif came, and the night came; the night which suddenly changed each and everything. The strangest and strangely quite a lusty experience of both of our lives. It happened when we both went back to our room after dinner, and decided it was movies time. As I told you, these were our horny days, so we started with surfing around porn he brought. We started with a regular porn that involved three girls and three boys, but one couple at a time.

It was a regular porn, that involved kissing, boobs sucking, blow job, pussy licking and then fucking in different styles. It was enough to make our dicks go straight up, but as I told earlier, these things were our private secrets so our talks were limited to comments on the tits and the booties in the movies. After that movie ended, Asif went on and started that gay flick on computer and then came back to be and we started watching it with our backs with the wall, and legs stretched on floor.

I did not utter any word off my mouth and nor did he. There were two guys in that movie. Slim and cute, but having muscular bodies. They two were bare chest and were only in their pants. They started off with hugging each other, kissing and caressing each others bodies. Then the caressing and touching moved on to the lower parts of their bodies too. They were now pinching and caressing each others asses. Soon enough they got out of their pants and held each others dicks in hands. They caressed it, and then one started sucking others. Soon they got on to 69, and sucked each others dicks for quite some time.

I told before, that watching this porno alone before did not have any effect on me, but watching it with Asif, whom I just had a torrid session with, I was getting hotter and hotter. I was not aware of condition of him, as I did not pass any look on him, but my dick was erect at 90 degrees in my trousers. I was getting mad with heat in me, and I was thinking on to why Asif brought this. I was having this conclusion that he enjoyed all that touching last night, and therefore he wanted to experience more today. I was all in favor of such an experience and

I was just waiting for any call from his side. I was now quite sure that he is horny as hell too and he is too looking for what I am. My boner was up in my trousers and I intentionally did not make any effort to hide it. It therefore was making a tent in my trousers. I slowly looked towards my left; there was another tent in adjacent trousers too. I kept my hand on his thigh. He looked towards me and there was an unspoken consent in both our eyes. I started caressing his thigh.

He Too kept his right hand on my left thigh, and started caressing it too. With this, we got bold enough, and I suddenly put my hand inside his trousers down on his ass. He was sitting on his ass and so my hand was between his ass and ground. He moved a little bit so as to allow my hand to move freely on his ass. I caressed and grabbed his ass and looked towards him. He had stiffly closed his lips as if there was a sigh waiting to get out of mouth, and his eyes were closed. He too brought his hand inside my trousers and started caressing my naked thighs.

Our eyes were still there at movie, and our hands were busy exploring each others private parts. We couldnt hold longer and converged our full attention towards each other. Now both of our hands were on each other. He lied down and I went above him. He lied down and I went above him. Both of my hands were on his belly under his shirt. I was caressing his milky soft skin and was pulling his shirt up slowly. His both hands were on my ass cheeks, and he was rubbing them slowly. I put off his shirt completely, and he was completely bare chest now.

His chest had absolutely no hair on it, and it looked so sweet and divine in its presence. I felt an urge of kissing it and I planted a small kiss on his hairless chest. He uttered a small sigh and pinched my ass. I couldnt help giving a small moan myself. He was appearing to be too horny and he just grabbed my trousers and attempted to pull it down, but it was tied above and so it didnt go off completely. I helped him by pulling off my trousers strings and he at once pulled down my trousers to make my bottom absolutely naked.

He threw off my trousers and I pulled off my shirt myself. Now I was completely nude with my dick standing up. He just gave a little smile and looked towards his trousers. It was his turn to get nude. I got my hands to his trousers string and opened it up. He moved his ass a little up and I pulled his trousers all down. His dick stood up in all its glory and God, it was too cute to bear with. We both were quite fair and so were our dicks.

Now both of us were fully naked and hot n horny like anything. We again mingled, with I kissing his bare chest and belly, while other hand exploring soft skin of his ass. He was appearing to be contended with rubbing and pinching my ass cheeks. In between, he once put his small finger to my asshole, and I cried. He moved it away and continued with rubbing and caressing. Now he started kissing my body too. He made me lie on my belly and started kissing my ass. He seemed to have liked it a lot. I loved it.

He kissed all over my ass and then pulled me over again. Now he started kissing on my chest, and his other hand went down to my dick and he finally grabbed it. Ohhh, it gave a great sensation to me, spread all inside my body. He looked right in my eyes and then then with one hand started massaging it. I was in heaven. I looked for his dick and he himself put my hand over there and I happily grabbed it and squeezed it greedily. He uttered a slight Ohhhh, and slowly said in my ear, “ganda bacha”. I smiled and started to and fro movements on his dick. With the increase in our sensation, the movements of our hands were getting increased.

Suddenly he stopped and left my dick. He got a little lower and brought his face a little closer to my dick head. I knew what he was up to now and there was a strange sensation in my body anticipating that. He lowered his face and planted a little kiss on my dick head. It throbbed then and there and I uttered a slight Ahhh. He brought his tongue closer to my dick and touched it a little so as to taste it.

He might not have liked it because he moved his face away from my dick. For a second, I thought he is not going to do that and therefore I grabbed his hand and without saying a word, pulled him towards me. He looked into my eyes, and I just uttered a small Hmmm!! to him. He thought of something and moved other way. Now we were in 69 position and his dick was right in front of me, same as mine would be in front of his tongue. I was quite hesitant myself to do so, but I got my tongue out and touched it.

It had a strange, and dirty taste, and for once I thought it was too much for us to experience, but then the lust got over us, and I started moving my tongue over his dick head. I could hear slight moans from his mouth along, and it was not long much that he too started licking my dick. Soon both of our dicks were in our mouths and we slowly started sucking them. It would never have felt nice but the condition we were in, it felt like heaven and we sucked each other long. It would be no less than

15, 20 minutes that we sucked each others dicks and it felt we both were going to cum. We got separated and lied beside each other, without dicks in each other hand. Other hands of us were on our ass cheeks, rather almost in our assholes, where we were almost penetrating each others holes with our fingers. In between that, we sometime looked each other and gave a little smile but no words were exchanged. It was not long enough that we could hold our orgasms and we shot them almost together. Semen went up in the air and then got back and rested on our thighs and belly.

We laid there silently, hushed, unspoken, motionless. Perhaps what just passed was too hard to imagine. Two perfectly straight guys just experienced a gayish sexual encounter, and both enjoyed. No one of us would have thought it before this day that things could reach this much extreme, but they did. After a while we grabbed our clothes and went on to bathrooms one by one to wash ourselves and went to sleep afterwards.

Tomorrow was an ordinary day for us, and like there was an unspoken bond between us that no one of us would speak anything about this incident. Things are still like this and we never have talked about it, nor have experienced it either obviously. We did not feel that urge to do it afterwards either, because as I told, we were straight enough to do so. Those two, three nights were though an exception when I dont know why we indulged in this act.

Later on both of us had our share of sexual experiences, to satisfy our ultimate horny desires, with girls obviously. Yeah, you could expect that the guys horny like us would have them much to our satisfaction. We are still very good friends, though busy in our own lives. Jobs have replaced studies; money filled wallets have replaced empty pockets; own cars have replaced public buses; still we are close biddies like ever.

I would like to have your comments on this experience of mine. You can e-mail them on / / I would like to know what the readers think of me. Do you think this incident qualifies me to be gay? And if there are any girls reading this, I expect them too to take a few moments from their lives and write me on this address with their honest comments about me and my experience. Without your comments, it would not be possible for me to write about any other experience of mine. Stay Cool. SeeYa. BaBye